Then comes spring when winter ends Chapter 2356

Then comes spring when winter ends Chapter 2356

Also included were two puppets with cultivation bases equivalent to the fifth level of Qi Condensation, who cared for day-to-day affairs for Bai Xiaochun. Every room in the immortal's cave had a spell formation, as did the main hall. Once activated, the stone walls and ceilings would vanish to reveal an image of the sky above. At night, it was even possible to see the moon and the stars. There was a larger spell formation that covered the entire immortal's cave, and once activated, not even an early Foundation Establishment cultivator would be able to break in.

This person surprised Qing Shui greatly. So much that he forgot to retract his hands. It was Di Qing. It was actually her. The last time he left, she was still in the Central Continent. But now she was actually here.

Cang Wuya looked at their expressions, and knowing Qing Shui's character, if he said that it was not bad, it was definitely very good.

After Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he cultivated a cycle of Ancient Strengthening Technique. His injuries were also almost recovered. He picked up the Demonic Beast's tendon which looked a lot like a Demon Binding Rope.

Bai Xiaochun was instantly startled out of his good mood. Irritated, he burst out of the back room just as the angry voices of Sima Tao and Sun Yifan rang out.

Hai long just stood there, looking intently at Qing Shui, who had already donned all his equipment, and ignored the youth.

"Spiritual connection?" Qing Shui gave a puzzled look at the white-haired man.

In spite of everything, Qing Shui was still confused about his current cultivation realm - he didn't know which level he had reached. Nevertheless, he was quite fond of the pool of blood and essence, which had increased his strength by about ten stars, as well as strengthening his blood and bones by several times.

They practiced the Back Connecting Fist which Qing Shui taught them, they could practice it with some maturity now.

Obviously, they were Blood Stream Sect disciples. Their killing intent was raging, and they didn't seem to care about anything except the kill. They didn't even care when one of their fellow disciples was suddenly killed.

"Greetings, Eternal Mother!"

Although he had not been able to see Bai Hao's final moments clearly, he could sense that his apprentice was now no more¡­.

"Miss Hai, please take my guard duty at the entrance today. I can't be disturbed today, I leave this matter in your hands." Qing Shui said after eating.

In fact, not only was there a rift, but there were numerous crashing sounds like thunder. Apparently, the necropolis was collapsing! Even the shocking crocodile skeleton was beginning to sink down into the earth!


Looking out at the tide of souls and the soul emperors, Bai Xiaochun decided to make his words even more persuasive, and to truly convince them that he wasn't afraid. Therefore, he had to take some action. Slapping his bag of holding, he produced a Soul Convergence Pill...

"The most difficult part of the Violet Qi Heavenspan Incantation is the first step," he murmured. "Water from the spirit river descends like a meteor falling into the mortal world. Flesh and blood become threads that hold up the stars. The body becomes the heavens, and the stars exist inside of it, never to descend!" He waved his right hand, causing a jade bottle to fly out of his bag of holding.

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