C: Summoner And Magic Chapter 2012

C: Summoner And Magic Chapter 2012

Strength at seven countries, defense at ten countries, speed at seven countries. Only his perverse recovery stats was over 10 countries!

In the secret chambers!

What remained of the flames began to swirl toward him, surrounding him.

The ground was made up of either sludge, or puddles of bubbling water. When those bubbles popped, they released turbid mist that swirled in the area.

Tan Yang fired his first arrow, and its target was actually the Firebird that was in the midst of battle with two of the Iron Spine Falcons!

However, he could not comprehend why the Elder would say such a thing.

Qing Shui wanted to question Elder Lin, but who would have thought Elder Lin initiated the conversation. "After you are done with the four books, just toss them directly into the trash, you need not bother to send them back."

The spirit beast guardian of Sunset Peak was a black, three-eyed raven. It was fully six meters long, surrounded by swirling blackness that distorted the air. It didn't come out very often; Bai Xiaochun only saw it twice in an entire month.

"Du Lingfei doesn't want to see me," he murmured to himself. "However, I already have the answer to my question." He shook his head. The fact that he had been formally installed as blood master indicated that no one in the Blood Stream Sect was aware of his true identity.

Sitting next to the stone was a pock-faced woman. As soon as she caught sight of Li Qinghou, she rose to her feet and clasped hands in greeting.

"Divinity Protection!"

Both Qing You and Qing Hu wanted to go as well, but were denied their requests by Qing Luo, who told them to stop their nonsense and to treat this seriously. Qing Luo silently sighed to himself, "Qing Shui has already disrupted the original rules of the Qing Clan. This trouble was caused by his strength." Afterwards, Qing Luo could only laugh along.

He must push on!

"Thank you!" Shi Qingzhuang smiled sincerely.

Soon, enough time had passed for an incense stick to burn. Finally, a long-faced servant struggled up the path, gasping and wheezing. When he saw Bai Xiaochun and the others, he immediately sighed. However, his eyes burned with an unyielding light. This was his ninth time participating in the trial by fire, and this was the first time he'd even come close to winning. But then, along came the people from the Ovens.

Now, not only had the Blood Stream Sect's cultivators been suppressed, more than half of the power at their disposal had been taken away from them!

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