Son of Death Chapter 251

Son of Death Chapter 251

"Do you guys see that? Those whose cultivation levels are below the Combat Soul realm are not allowed to step onto the Blissful Island in advance. Even those from the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan aren't excluded from this rule, even they do not dare break the rule."

"The Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger is far too unruly. This business can absolutely not be let go like this." Qin Wutian snarled, fury emerging from his body.

"As Saint Rulers, they don't even need to bother fighting one of us. But below them is the rest of the Flame Mercenaries, do you think they'll send them after our sect to eliminate us? With our strength, we stand no chance of fighting them."

The winner of this match was clear to see to anyone with eyes. So even though Ming Dong hadn't heard the cry of victory, a Space Gate opened up to let him out.

Zhou Bei Zhen, the fat and skinny old men replied, turned around and left.

The once chaotic and noisy battlefield was no dead silent. Everyone were looking at the young man dressed in white. There were only three Pirate Lords left, and it was easy to imagine that their ending would be no better than that of the others.

The two other Great Saint Masters that were fighting with the man earlier were clearly experienced with fighting the leader. They matched each other's movements and tried to break the man away from his concentration.

Wu Cong threw one last glance at the magma pool underneath. After that, he flew toward the altar.Chapter 342 ÿ Heavenly Saint Sword's Rebirth!

"Grandfather!" Bi Lian called out obediently. Meanwhile, her clear gaze which was full of complicated emotions examined Bi Hai. As for this grandfather, she had heard about the situation in detail from Bi Yuntian long ago, and already knew that he had been missing for several years.She just never thought it would actually be his older brother who would find him again.

His gigantic head collided with the Dimensional Creature's palm, instantly producing a metal clanging sound, and a large amount of sparks.

Bi Yuntian had a complicated look on her face as she gasped, "Your mother is fine, but Xiang'erai." As she spoke, a myriad of expressions were shown on her face ranging from sorrow, sadness, and even pain.

The crowd got angry, no one could stand it any longer; this was clearly a daylight robbery. Only an idiot would be fooled by him!

Eldest Mang yelled. He was so angry it seemed like a fire was going to ignite within his eyes. Without and hesitation, he shook the huge blade in his hand and drew a circle with it, then he forcefully slashed at Jiang Chen.

Every single portion of Jian Chen's body was covered by Chaotic Force, pushing his defenses to their limits. Thanks to his clothing, the gray glow from the energy was concealed underneath. Using the Illusionary Flash, Jian Chen was almost able to teleport place to place like a ghost to fight the Saint Ruler.

Guan Yiyun let out a long sigh.

If the two mercenaries had wanted to resist while Jian Chen wished to kill them, he would have had to expend a little more effort, and they could possibly have even escaped from Jian Chen if their luck was good. Unfortunately, they had already been intimidated by Jian Chen's might, which had been demonstrated when he killed their two companions with a lightning fast speed. This blew away any notions of running away or resisting, making it easier for Jian Chen to kill them.

Suddenly, someone within the crowd cried out. Everyone turned to look only to see the violet and azure sword above Jian Chen's head gradually dim before completely disappearing from sight.

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