Rented by the Heiress Chapter 1219

Rented by the Heiress Chapter 1219

"Are you afraid that I am not their opponent, that I would implicate the Hai Clan?" Qing Shui gently smiled.

After the old man in green was taken care of, Qing Shui breathed out a sigh of relief. Among the people that came, only three of them were difficult to handle. Without those three, Qing Shui felt that the opponents wouldn't be able to stand a chance against them because he was also knowledgeable in formation techniques.

Bai Xiaochun knew that a disaster like that was simply too much.

Qing Shui knew that the reason this lady appeared like that was because her parents were present. If not, Qing Shui knew that she would definitely be the same person she was without any desires. Something might change after today.

Di Chen stood there blankly. She understood what her master had said, but how would she worry? In the past, she had only thought of him, and could not wait to just rush to his side. But now, that impulse had completely disappeared. It was a strange change. Just like how someone used to only think about a person, but now that person had turned into an insignificant pedestrian.

She could already use it so smoothly despite this being her first time using it. This surprised Qing Shui greatly. As he attempted to thoroughly sense her, he realized that not only had her strength doubled, there was even a mysterious strength filling up her body. Not only did it make her feel intimidating and mysterious, it even aided her in ?adapting to the speed and strength increases that she temporarily had.

In the blink of an eye, he redoubled his speed. Furthermore, instead of retreating, he switched directions, passing Chen Yue toward his true target... the two sixth level Luochen Clan cultivators.

"Hold on, Li Linsen, I--" His opponent completely ignored him, unleashing a magical technique before Zhou Chenwu could even finish speaking. Zhou Chenwu anxiously dodged to the side, but that motion apparently put pressure on his abdomen, and as he moved away, a shocking phhhhhhrt sound echoed out.

"She must not have known that I have become trash¡­"

A faint yellow gas was released with his every strike. His punches were unsophisticated yet powerful. As time dragged on, Qing Shui who had only been thinking about breaking through, gradually immersed himself within this feeling. It was just like having sex with a woman. Being slow and gentle gave a different feeling compared to being rough and wild, even though both were equally wonderful.

Neither child was the least bit afraid of him. Conversely, they were terrified of Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo. And Bai Dabao, who wasn't afraid of anything else in the world, was most definitely afraid of his older sister.

"One out of a thousand!"

Occasionally, smaller sects and cultivator clans were visible on the shores of the river. Clearly, such organizations had unique relationships with the Sky River Court to be permitted to establish themselves so close to the river itself.

"Sure, it didn't matter how long, as long as you remember me. Even if you were to forget about me, I will still make you say that you want to marry me on your own." Qing Shui softly knocked Wenren Wushuang's forehead with his.

The shockwave was like an invisible blast of fury that swept across everything in its path. It flew onward for about 30,000 meters until it seemed to hit an invisible obstacle, whereupon cracking sounds filled the air. Suddenly visible was a mirror-like object which shattered into countless pieces.

Feeling more thrilled with every moment that passed, Zhou Yixing proceeded onward, keeping an eye on what was happening behind him and even laughing at the situation.

"Heavens! He has two deva corpse troopers, nine half-devas, and an army 5,000 strong!!"

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