The Wayward Prince Chapter 1749

The Wayward Prince Chapter 1749

After the members of the Wuma Clan had taken action, Old Man Tantai quickly waved his hand, signalling a few of his clan's members to go up and join the massacre of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan. The other clans followed as well after the members of the Tantai Clan moved towards the sky.

"Someoneˇ­ is becoming a celestial!"

Looking just as anxious as Li Qinghou, Patriarch Spirit Stream added, "Xiaochun, they're pregnant! And considering how the two of them have been acting around each otherˇ­ you have to be the father! I'm not sure why they've been pregnant for so long, but from what Junwan told me, she's definitely bearing your child. Go, save them!!"

Then a boom echoed out, and Shangguan Tianyou staggered backward a few steps. As he did, his robe was shredded into pieces, drifting away in the wind to reveal his naked body.

"Shhh... keep your voice down! Do you know why Elder Zhou likes to raise birds...? There's a very tragic secret involved. The truth is that for his entire life, Elder Zhou has never had a Daoist partner! Ahem... you know what I mean, right?"

Time seemed to slow, causing Bai Xiaochun's heart to pound. Then, the starry sky beneath the Mortal Renegade's feet suddenly shattered like a mirror!

Canghai Mingyue nodded at Qing Shui soundlessly. She found herself numb and could only quietly accept Qing Shui's unintentional and vague words.

Virtually everything in the area was connected in some way to the Blood Stream Sect, and Bai Xiaochun soon found that it could all be suppressed by his aura.

Seeing that the two sixth level cultivators were fleeing, Bai Xiaochun performed an incantation gesture, then waved his finger. His little wooden sword instantly flew through the air, slashing across the neck of one of the cultivators.

The four peak lords all gasped, and their eyes shone with strange light.

The following morning at dawn, he got up early. Using the jade slip as his guide, he flew here and there in the jungle, observing the animals. Time passed. Soon, Bai Xiaochun had been on the north bank for half a month.

"I'm serious! Ask them. I wasn't impersonating Bai Hao at all. And this is my first time seeing you here in the Wildlands. I'm not joking! It's the truth!" As he spoke, he didn't blink even a single time, making his words seem very sincere.

After the gravekeeper consecrated him, he came to the Eternal Immortal Domains and achieved a bit of progress. But it was slow to the point of being almost nothing. At the moment, his Live Forever Codex had reached the point where it was holding him back. He was basically at a major bottleneck.

Ka Cha!

Qing Shui's eyesight was exceptional, so aside from the small tree, he was able to spot a demonic beast just beside it. The beast seemed comparatively larger when it laid on the ground beside the ˇ®fruit tree'.

This medicinal pill could heal its wounds, but as he turned to look at the Snow Lion King, he could see a strong resistance in its eyes. A sheer force of determination lit from the lion's eyes, it refused to give in even if death were to knock on its doorsˇ­...

"If that's the case, why don't you give me what's most precious to you guys?" Qing Shui grinned and said.

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