Perfect World Chapter 622

Perfect World Chapter 622

The five Imperial Advisors did a friendly salute to Jian Chen as well before exchanging several words of greeting. "For the Imperial Advisor of the Qinhuang Kingdom to come here, this is an honor for our Dazhou Kingdom. But considering this is quite the important manner, if we may, could sire please show proof of his status?"

Xuan Yuzi was furious right now. Although he should be standing together with Shangguan Yiqing and fight Jiang Chen, he was feeling a strong desire to kill Shangguan Yiqing right now. It wasn't difficult to imagine that if Jiang Chen was killed now, it would be his turn the next moment. This wicked plot caused Xuan Yuzi's hatred of Shangguan Yiqing to become stronger than his hatred for Jiang Chen.

"Little Chen, those people won't let us go easily."

Xuan Ye walked into the room. Daoist Black didn't follow, he just closed the door for them. He was extremely excited right now, he had no idea who this Xuan Ye was, but he knew that this man was a powerful Combat Soul warrior, and he was Jiang Chen's friend. If the Black Sect could have a Combat Soul warrior as a friend, it would be incredibly advantageous.

"Buddy, Firethorn Savage's body is like a treasure trove! Aside from his demon soul, the fur is priceless as well!"

"Eighth Elder, just what is this object?" Jian Chen couldn't help but ask curiously.Chapter 345: Cultivation in the Holy Land

"What, fifty purple coins?!" Jian Chen's eyes widened as he cried out in shock. This was no longer a matter of expensive or not expensive anymore, this healer was trying to cheat him.

"Don't forget about that Zhang Yang! I'm really curious about what kind of great legacy he has found, as it helped him break through to the Late Divine Core realm yesterday. After that, he immediately crippled Luo Song, who is also a Late Divine Core warrior. I heard he destroyed Luo Song's Qi Sea with a single kick. So, although he's an arrogant guy, his strength is formidable."

A grieved look appeared on Kai Er's face, "Captain, it was all because of our inabilities. The strong mercenary group you left us with is now reduced to these several dozen members. A year ago, Duo Kang, Seth, and Weiss came across an accident that marked their eternal departure from us. From the seven of us, only four remain."

Of course, in the minds of these people, it was still unknown if Jiang Chen would truly be able to defeat Lord Nether. Although Wu Ningzhu had told them so, none of them had ever witnessed what Jiang Chen was capable of, after all. The gap between the Combat Soul realm and Combat King realm was extremely huge, and it was nearly impossible to kill someone who was one realm higher.

The buzzing sound seemed to never end, and Jiang Chen was surrounded by flying dragon shadows. Two hours later, he had finally formed a total of 100 Dragon Marks. At this moment, a deep and subtle dragon roar sounded out from within his body, making Jiang Chen look like an ancient beast that was about to awaken.

A huge explosion reverberated after the huge golden finger collided with the long sword. Even after Liang Dong retaliated with all his abilities, he had still failed to defend himself against the powerful Six Solar Fingers skill.

Those who bet with Big Yellow and were getting ready to witness Jiang Chen make a fool of himself were startled. Especially those who claimed that Jiang Chen would never make it to the 10th or 20th step. They started to doubt their decision when they saw Jiang Chen's outstanding performance.

Lee Chang Ming instantly started screaming. Jiang Chen's sword didn't require any sword skills. Most importantly, his sword, while strange and tricky, was fast. A real sword was one that killed. It would always consider killing its only objective. Besides being fast, it was cruel and accurate. It had to be fluid, so that the enemy couldn't predict it.Chapter 53 ΓΏ The Little Demon Lord

Big Yellow said.

"Oh my my, Jian Chen. I beg you a thousand times over, don't be depressed! You're so young, you can't go kill yourself! You absolutely must continue to live!" The fatty fretted as he looked at Jian Chen, thinking that he had done something foolish in his moment of depression.

The Light Wind Sword accurately penetrated the poisonous scorpion's other eye without resistance.

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