Grim Reaper and Evil Soul Chapter 1866

Grim Reaper and Evil Soul Chapter 1866

Guan Yi Yun started interfering. He wasn't helping Jiang Chen; he just wanted to make sure that this competition was fair. Jiang Chen could blow up their faces, but they still needed to take care of the four big sects' dignities.

"Qingfeng of the Zephyr Mercenaries!" Upon hearing the final person's name, Jian Chen's eyes revealed a look of shock. This name was the exact same name as his sword, how coincidental!

Liang Xiaole's face became miserable as she realized that she would need to depend on Jian Chen. Imploring, she said, "Senior, please let me go with you, this was my first time seeing a magical beast and the first time I've been here. That's why I was scared initially. But I guarantee you, the next time we come across a magical beast, I won't cry out loud." After experiencing Jian Chen's and Tie Ta's strengths, Liang Xiaole wouldn't have to worry about getting into any trouble with those two around. Plus, Liang Xiaole had clearly that the four teachers all said that the 2nd region of the forest had nothing that they couldn't handle. So with such good protection, there was no way she would give up that easily.

Changyang Ba expressed a trace of a smile, and he looked at Jian Chen with a gaze full of gratification.

After talking with the second sister for a while, Jian Chen left the pavilion to continue toward the training grounds.

Fan Zhong Tang glared at Jiang Chen fiercely. The meaning contained within the look was obvious, he would never let today's matter be resolved easily.

Right at this moment, many people had gathered in the sky above Mount Wufu. Outside the main gate, six powerful men were sighted, and all of them were Late Combat Soul warriors. The two leading men were in their forties. The one with the domineering energy surrounding him was Shangguan Sheng, and as for the other men, he was wearing green clothes with a white belt. His eyes shone brightly, and his body was skinny. He was none other than the other Jian Province's big shot, the Myriad Sword Sect's Sect Chief, Tiangang Yi!Chapter 366 ΓΏ The Mighty Ninth Emperor

Jiang Chen shouted as he unleashed an enormous Fire Dragon from between his palm, forming it into a huge Fire Dragon Seal which then arrived in front of the Devil King at great speed.

The Barbarian Earth Bull kept yelling out in disbelief. It couldn't understand at all how this dog could be so powerful. The Earth Jail had never failed it before, and even when facing an existence that was one grade higher than itself, it could still cause severe damage to the opponent with this sneaky trick. But today, this dog had actually broken its Earth Jail in such an easy manner.

The library had a total of 7 levels. The first two levels could be accessed by anyone below the Saint level while the 3rd and 4th levels would be opened to those who broke through to the Saint level. The 5th level of the library wasn't open to any student except for the Freshman Champion, so for those who wanted to read the books from that level, they would have to be a teacher from the academy. The 6th and 7th layer of the library was protected by very strong bindings, and only the headmaster and vice headmaster could enter. For those who wanted to enter, they would need the strict approval of either the headmaster or vice headmaster first.

Duo Kang and the other Great Saint Masters were undoubtedly the experts of Wake City. Each one of them was a leader of a hundred man strong mercenary group which could be considered quite powerful within Wake City. Although they were not seen on the streets often, since the five of them had shown their faces at the same time, such a thing would naturally cause everyone to look at them. Jian Chen leading at the front was the focal point of the attention as everyone began to wonder who he was.

"Chief, what happened?"

"What a marvelous decision, captain. This matter is over then, our group will definitely flourish. Ten thousand purple coins, ah, even after splitting it, this will be enough for our entire lifetime." One person sighed happily.

Wu Jiu who was standing next to them didn't say anything. He didn't feel any discomfort when watching this blood scene. He threw his gaze at Jiang Chen, then he silently nodded his head. This attitude and approach shouldn't be found a young man who was only 15-16 years old.

"I wonder what you two are feeling right now."

Jiang Chen had sent out a powerful kick right after reappearing. The kick was surrounded by waves of golden energy, and it struck the center of the Hawk King's crotch. It was a kick containing almost all of Jiang Chen's strength, and it could easily shatter a mountain peak.

"Oi oi oi, brother, don't leave so hurriedly. For you, I've waited outside for the entire three months. I haven't even left there for food, shits or piss. Even if it's not meritorious, it's still hard work. How can you treat me like this?" Quan Youcai immediately chased behind Jian Chen in a fashion that did not suit his status, chattering away beside Jian Chen.

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