Young Love Chapter 1139

Young Love Chapter 1139

It wasn't just the devas who were starting to get suspicious. The other Dao protectors were starting to feel uneasy. All eyes were focused on the Necromancer Kettle as more time ticked by. Anxiety mounted. After all, the chosen who were inside the kettle were all very important people.

It wasn't his first time seeing something like that. He'd seen a rabbit earlier that had ambushed him with raving madness. When he realized that the situation seemed familiar, his scalp suddenly went numb.

Yet again, the onlookers were completely taken aback, and the male disciples began to cry out in distress.

He looked like he might explode at any moment, to the point where the little turtle's scalp tingled with anxiety.

"Fuck it! This is clearly a stone and you still want him to believe you?!" someone scolded out loudly.

Yu Chang at sixteen years old looked a lot like Mingyue Gelou. She was only half a head shorter than Qing Shui at the moment and had exceptionally good looks and traits. Qing Shui looked at Yu Chang and Luan Luan, he was forced to be a father because of them¡­..


A worthy mention was his very own Big Dipper Sword, which had completely outperformed its so-called grade, but he believed that the Cold Moon was stronger than that.

"Are you an immortal?" Bai Xiaochun asked cautiously. Still unsure about what exactly was going on, he slipped his hand behind his back and grabbed an axe.

The technique he had comprehended from the Black Flea Monument was unleashed to its utmost limits!

The second morning, Qing Shui met with the members of the Greenwolf Gang. This time around, Qing Shui was very pleased with their performance. So after exchanging a few rounds of polite pleasantry, Qing Shui decided to lead them to the Yu He Inn to have a good meal.

After confirming what he was looking at, Bai Xiaochun carefully retracted his divine sense. Then, he sat there, heart pounding, looking at the crystalline soulhoarding pagoda he held in his trembling hands.

"Stop kidding. Qing Shui, I'll do my best to help you." Ye Guyan gritted her teeth and said determinedly.

"Why are you crying again? We're bringing you home to see your big sister. Don't you miss her?" Qing Shui reached out to ruffle her little head.


That was especially true when it came to powerful people like the Heavenspan emissary. The less he understood about this situation, the better. Furthermore, when he heard about good fortune that would help him become a deva, his eyes immediately shone with bright light. Were any other person to make him such an offer, he wouldn't believe it, but this was a promise from the Heavenspan emissary! As such, he completely and utterly trusted the young woman's words!

"No wonder this little brat dared to issue such a proclamation. It seems like she wants to use the pressure of a psychological battle in combination with the insights she grasped to thoroughly crush Lan Yan`er." Qing Shui came to this realization as he watched the small frame of Qing Bei delivering strikes with the pressure of Mount Tai, as she slowly pushed Lan Yan`er back.

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