The Diary of The Koi Prince Chapter 2311

The Diary of The Koi Prince Chapter 2311

Gone!He was gone!

At the same time, Jiang Chen unleashed his True Dragon Palm. With the combination of the Firethorn Combat Armor and the True Dragon Palm, Jiang Chen leaped forwards, throwing himself directly into the three incoming Intelligent King Fists.

Unfortunately, he had spoken too late. The one named Uncle Yun looked at his fist as it struck Jian Chen's chest precisely.

Jian Chen began to attack every part of the man's body with quick precision. Using his Light Wind Sword, it was already like a blur that was impossible to see the blade move. And with it, Jian Chen continued to quickly attack the man to the point where resisting was becoming a challenging task.

Jiang Chen's tone suddenly changed. In a ghostly manner, he instantly appeared right in front of Shangguan Yiqing. He thrust the longsword in his hand forward, penetrating Shangguan Yiqing's body. He didn't want to waste any more time.

Jiang Chen said.

Right now, the Palace Master, Lord Zhanlang, and the Second Palace Master, Lord Baoju were both completely enraged. The two remaining guardians and a few dozen Late Combat Soul demons stood behind them, holding their breath out of fear.


Many people focused their attention on Jiang Chen. There was basically no one at the bottom of the Stairway to Heaven, therefore the sudden appearance of Jiang Chen was pretty obvious.

"Jian Chen, you wouldn't do something so senseless like this without reason. Do you have a hatred of some sort that required you to use the Class 5 Monster Cores to draw them out?" Ming Dong asked out of curiosity.

"Where are you going?!"

Tomorrow was the marriage ceremony, and if his guess was correct, Jiang Ru Long will come to try and kill him tonight.

Jiang Chen unleashed his Divine Sense and went inside Liang Xiao's storage ring straight away. After a person dies, his Divine Sense would disappear as well. The Divine Sense Liang Xiao had left in his storage ring was gone, so anyone who got his storage ring would be able to open it straight away.

"This really is an action that that will give him a quick death. Now even an immortal will be unable to save him, as he has challenged the dignity of the Green Sanctuary Sect."

Even this was considered to be a good opportunity for the prince to get to know people. It was with that excuse that they could make a foundation for political support when the time came to fight for the throne.

"Of course, if the honorable Wu Yun were to sell a Class 5 Monster Core, then our Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion will become your friend. If you were to come across any problems, then our Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion will definitely help you resolve it. Will the honorable Wu Yun agree?" Zhou Tong stood on the rooftops with a faint smile.

All the people of the Nangong family were talking amongst themselves, talking about who was the stronger one. In any case, after Nangong Wentian broke through to the Combat Soul realm, this duel was finally fair. If he came here as a Divine Core warrior, he would definitely have died today.

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