Flash System in Marvel Chapter 2743

Flash System in Marvel Chapter 2743

Qing Shui once again pushed Tan Yang back with one hit. A trickle of blood flowed down Tan Yang's lips. Qing Shui felt that Tan Yang's armor definitely had some special effect.

As the Saint-Emperor's face fell, the lizard began to emanate a murderous aura, and shouted, "Nobody can stop the Revered Extermination from awakening!"?

Eventually, word of Plaguedevil spread far and wide....

Hai Dongqing smiled gracefully, sending Qing Shui off. It was only after she couldn't see Qing Shui anymore that the smile on her face had disappeared.

However, it was only a moment later that his killing intent erupted. As the little turtle closed in, he reached out and waved his right index finger!

AST 620 - The Evolved Primordial Flame and its terrifying power!

"Ninth Tideflow!" he howled. Outside, Ghostfang's face flickered as he saw a ninth vortex spring into being in the sky above.

The instant he completed the third level of the Undying Live Forever Technique, rumbling sounds filled his body, and golden light spread out, piercing through his clothing to fill the area.

Chen Yueshan's heart began to pound as she looked Zhao Tianjiao up and down, her face flushing. Some of the other cultivators present were looking at Bai Xiaochun, curiosity rising up in their hearts.

When Heretic used what appeared to be a divine ability of teleportation, the other cultivators were shocked, and Chen Yueshan's eyes flickered with a flash of light.

Qing Shui used a wet towel to wipe her face and hands while the usually ice-cool face of Shi Qingzhuang was filled with a tinge of red from her shyness.

Mu Qing moaned and raised her blushing face to look at Qing Shui. She looked extremely pretty.

"Qing Shui, are you coming too?" asked Di Chen as she turned to face Qing Shui.

A month later, the little turtle took 1st place on the sixth stone stele!

Soon, tens of thousands of disciples were streaming toward Mount Daoseed, fists clenched tightly, murderous auras raging.

"Don't just think about yourself, Bai Xiaochun. You have to consider the other disciples of the River-Defying Sect. They've been fighting for a long time as it is. There really isn't a need for any more fighting and killing¡­."

"Nv`er Hong? How can it smell so good?"

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