The Chaotic Human Chapter 791

The Chaotic Human Chapter 791

Just as Jian Chen approached the giant gates, the guards at the gates blocked his path with a cold look and a loud shout.

Yan Cheng Yu's big eyes were glowing.

"Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Today I will ensure that you pay a heavy price for your actions." Chang Wuji exclaimed as he brought his sword flying toward the other man with a swift motion.

Within the palace, Jian Chen had commanded the servants to move away so the two could have a talk in private. Congratulating Jian Chen on his promotion to become an Imperial Protector, Qin Ji had truly felt happy to see Jian Chen's status go up.

"Chief Jiang, what should we do now? Is Wang Heng in any danger?"

From the touching appearance of the two, it seemed as if they were a happily married couple on the verge of being broken apart while they tried their best to find a way to resist.

Tiangang Yi couldn't keep calm any longer. He knew just how strong the two emperors and Yuan Long was, even those ordinary Golden Guards were all frightening existences. But now, they had all been killed by someone, and their heads were used to form a character.Chapter 434 ΓΏ Intimidation

There was a glint of light in Qian Yun's eyes as he flew into the sky to evade the sword aimed at him. Transforming into a streak of white light, he charged straight at Jian Chen.

"Hey pretty girl, what's your purpose for coming to the Black Sect? Big Bro here can help you!"


Jian Chen allowed the soldiers to rise before turning to the confused Heaven Saint Masters. "Did something happen for the Qinhuang Kingdom to be this nervous?"

"Then let us be off now."

"Very good, Jiang Wei, you've done a good job! I'll reward you with something later."

Big Yellow descended next to the body from the skies. Laughing heavily towards the skies, he said, "Kakaka! I'm the invincible master dog!"

Jiang Chen said.

The other four weirdoes unleashed their strongest attacks at the same time. At this moment, devastating attacks and colorful energies could be seen everywhere, wreaking havoc in the entire area.

After going through Heavenly Tribulation, even though Jiang Chen had just broken through to the Combat King realm, the Heavenly Saint Sword had become the highest grade existence among all King Weapons; just one grade inferior to ordinary Emperor Weapons. And, following the improvement of Jiang Chen's cultivation base, it would sooner or later become an Emperor Weapon.

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