The New World Chapter 1859

The New World Chapter 1859

Guan Yiyun let out another horrible cry, then he passed out instantly. When a man was relieved from a long, tense situation, he would immediately pass out.

Without hesitation, the girl took the Earth Restoration Pills from Jiang Chen and said, "Young master, welcome!"

With this slam, Lord Baoju's head was instantly ripped open. With great speed, after Lord Baoju's head was split apart, Big Yellow opened his mouth wide and pulled the demon soul out.

"I don't think so, it seems like he slipped away."

Jiang Chen said.

Not long after that, Yan Meng came back together with 6 men. Jiang Chen scanned these men with his Divine Sense and found out that they were all warriors at the Mortal Core realm. The strength of the Yan family was truly strong. No wonder they were one of the strongest families in Red city.

"Guard Yun, what is going on now?" Suddenly, the soft sound of a lady could be heard from within the carriage.

Already the amount of people killed by Jian Chen had reached somewhere in the two hundred range. Among those, there were 10 Saint Master experts, the rest were all Great Saints. With a disastrous loss like this, even for the Tianxiong clan, it would be hard to recover from since they had been damaged down to their roots.

After all, for a 28 year old to reach the level of a Middle Saint Master, was almost unheard of. What was even more surprising was he had accomplished this by himself. Only the children of those who were born in a wealthy clan or had some sort of treasure would be able to reach such a level so fast.

"Captain Kendall, forgive me££ I couldn't fulfill your final wishes££"

Find out next time on Dragonba££ Dragon-Marked War God!Chapter 96 ÿ Frenzy Mode Activated, Kills Directly

Just as Jiang Chen expected, the news had been spread around everywhere in Fragrant Sky city.Everyone was talking about the written challenge.

His opponent looked at the azure and violet Sword Qi with a startled look. He knew by now that he couldn't block it and could only dodge the attack.

Therefore, in the Southern Continent, the Wu family was an exception. They didn't have the strength of the Nangong family, but they held the same status as the Nangong family.

"I'll handle that dog, the young man is yours. Don't kill him, after capturing them both, we'll torture them slowly. Those who dare challenge the dignity of our Green Sanctuary Sect and kill our disciples, we can't let them die easily."

Late at night, a buzzing sound could suddenly be heard from the Black Sect's secret room. A golden light fully covered the surface of Jiang Chen, and his energy was like that of a barbarian beast awakening. Blood red dragon scales had emerged on his palm, and were blinking with light.

Tian Yishan asked.

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