A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 191

A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 191

Right after Wu Cong finished speaking, some pieces of stone began falling off from the stone door's surface, and nine holes revealed themselves in front of the crowd. Each of them was about the same size as a human's palm.


"Captain, the soldiers from the lord's mansion have brought over the Class 5 Golden Fur Tiger King's corpse. Right now it's just right over there, what does the captain wish to do with it?" Kai Er spoke out from the side.

"I, Jiang Chen killed them to save people's lives, not to harm you. Don't worry, since I've involved myself in this, I'll solve this problem once and for all. Tell me about the Demon Palace, I will help you eliminate them."

"That's right, the disciple of the Green Sanctuary Sect will have to train in the Misty Mountain once every month, and every time they will deny the public access, blocking all from entering it! Many caravans were chased out from it!"

A disciple from the Myriad Sword Sect couldn't bear these guys any longer.

Those disciples who were following Wu Yan were ready to attack, but when they saw Wu Yan hurt by the opponent, the immediately backed off. If this guy was daring enough to beat Wu Yan, if they truly attacked him, they would end up in much more miserable states.

With the youth holding up Dugu Feng, Jian Chen had quickly caught up. Standing twenty meters away from Dugu Feng's back, he smiled at the black robed youth.

"Elder, just who are the four people who just left?" Jian Chen asked softly. His tone was very indifferent, without any signs of emotions.

Jian Chen's mind suddenly thought back to several years ago right in front of Wake City. He had been washing himself carelessly when he had come across Huang Luan. Afterward, he had fought with the two strong individuals Huang Luan had called uncle Feng and uncle Yun. Weren't these two men right in front of him the same men from long ago? Despite the time that had passed since then, Jian Chen could still recognize them.

The Heavenly Saint Sword was hovering around Jiang Chen's body, greedily absorbing the lightning energy. There were three broken pieces of a whole residing inside of the current Heavenly Saint Sword, giving it the foundation of a Great Saint Weapon. Thus, it was not afraid of being destroyed by Heavenly Tribulation. In fact, if was using the Heavenly Tribulation's energy to temper its body, which greatly increased its quality.

Mu Rong Ying answered without any hesitation.He didn't even listen clearly to what the bet was about.In his mind, fighting Jiang Chen was like stomping an ant, so it didn't matter what the bet was.

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"I need none of your concern, Jian Chen!" Situ Qing's eyes flashed crimson, "Do you really think you're safe yourself? There's no way for you to escape today's fate!"

As soon as the entire story was recounted to him, the king sighed. In that sigh, he seemed as if to have aged years in a single moment.

Yu Zihan moved his foot away from Fan Zhongtang's face, then he grabbed the collar on his back and pulled him up from the ground.

Seeing Jian Chen's eyes flash, the elder snorted and continued, "Wu Yun, you should hand over the battle skill. This old man won't be as easy to deal with as those Great Saint Masters. Against an Earth Saint Master, you have no hope of escaping from me with your Peak Saint Master strength."

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