The Love That Remains Chapter 863

The Love That Remains Chapter 863

They opened a pint of "Flowerain Wine" and a strong fragrance flowed out. This was a mellow wine which had aged at least 100 years. Qing Shui did not take out his treasured collection of mellow wines, each of which had an age of 1,000 years. It was just that it was not appropriate to take it out now. Moreover, it was still better to try the local wine available when in a new place and he wanted to store some in his collection. After all, there was sufficient space in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

After losing her left arm, her cultivation base had dropped, making it difficult for her to control the bone galleon. Even worseˇ­ without the sealing power available in her left arm, she couldn't activate the Devil-Conquering Mirror to draw upon her most powerful divine abilityˇ­ her Three Ghost Flags!

Bai Xiaochun's heart was pounding as he looked around at the other cultivators and then nervously asked, "Senior, which hall are we?"

As Ouyang Jie watched Li Qinghou leaving, his voice rang out to the surrounding disciples. "Split up and do everything you can to locate Bai Xiaochun. Whoever finds him will receive a reward of merit points from me personally. If you encounter any surviving Luochen Clan cultivators, kill them!"

"This Saint-Emperor is a complete bully!" the Giant Ghost King said angrily. "Xiaochun, you just performed a great service, and now, only a few months later, he treats you like this?"

"Is this enough?" Qing Shui smiled at Ye Guyan.

The reply he got was Qing Shui's sword hacking down. It was an intolerably tyrannic stroke. ?

Bai Xiaochun would usually refrain from killing if he could, but once he startedˇ­ he wouldn't hold back! As of this moment, his murderous aura had combined with his frustration and madness, exploding out in unprecedented fashion!

As the Saint-Emperor and Bai Xiaochun laughed together, both of their minds were racing at top speed. Bai Xiaochun's eyes were narrowed, making him look very much like a crafty young fox. Meanwhile, the Saint-Emperor's eyes glittered like that of a crafty old fox. Of course, the Saint-Emperor had known all along why Bai Xiaochun came. Perhaps if he hadn't fought with the Vile-Emperor, and revealed his archaean-level battle prowess, then the Saint-Emperor would never have mentioned the subject of becoming sworn brothers.

Qing Shui looked towards the Flame Phoenix Pellet and decided to go through some cultivation first. He practiced his Back Connecting Fist, which had been at the pinnacle of the small success stage for a while.

After the heavenly marquises had returned, they quelled much of the chaos, and cast fear into the hearts of all their children. Because of that, Bai Xiaochun wasn't getting a huge amount of news.

The Water Repelling Pearl had been spat out by that gigantic old turtle's mouth. Perhaps the Turtle Snake was afraid of this Water Repelling Pearl?

"A true man must be able to hold up the world. In the future, you must protect your sisters and always give in to them. We're all true men." Qing Ming smiled and said to Qing Zun and Qing Ming.

"Yes, yes, indeed, Grandfather is right. Although that brainless Donggong Taiqing has some decent abilities, with that character of his, he would not have a good ending. It is just a matter of whether someone wants to make a move or not." Wuma Songyang hurriedly smiled and said.

Solemn expressions overtook the faces of everyone present, and it was even possible to see teardrops glistening in more than a few eyes.


?Qing Shui had stored quite a few Nu Er Hong in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, where a year in the realm equates 150 years in reality. Storing for a thousand years becomes an easy task, just like 1000 year old medicinal herbs.

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