The Devilish Immortal Chapter 1546

The Devilish Immortal Chapter 1546

Chapter 310 ΓΏ Controller of Life and Death

Mu Rong Zhan's eyes brightened as if he had seen a new hope. The Mu Rong family warriors who were surrounded all felt a hint of hope, hopeful expressions emerging on their faces. Yes, Jiang Chen was indeed frightful, but they were will confident in Mu Rong Zhan's true ability.

Jiang Chen nodded his head and followed Tian Yishan as they began rushing towards the stronghold. There was no difference between night and day in Inferno Hell, as the there was no sun or moon, and the skies had the same color all day long. It was depressing sight.


The evil wind kept whistling, and the ghostly screams didn't seem to stop at all. The Blood Banner was really frightening. Ghostly facial figures kept appearing on the Banner itself, it was a terrifying scene.

Jian Chen watched the army leave before returning back to the imperial palace. However, the overly large palace was now empty without a single person to be seen, giving off the sense abandonment. Only the sounds of the tempered steel of the treasury could be heard being stripped from within, giving a small bit of life to the palace.

"Please forgive us, captain Jian Chen££"

Jiang Chen took out the last storage ring, which belonged to Yang Shuo. The wealth contained within was far beyond the wealth in the other rings.

"Let's move now."

By this point, Ka Di Yun couldn't refrain from screaming anymore. Releasing a squeal of pain reminiscent of a wild pig, he felt as if his entire arm had been broken off. Ever since he was small, he had never suffered pain to an extent like this, and so in such a short amount of time, his face was drained of color, as his entire forehead started to drip with sweat.

Shangguan Chong finally stopped underestimating Jiang Chen. He unleashed the energy of a Combat Soul warrior without any restraints.

Although this poor big yellow dog had the ability to find treasures, no high grade treasures existed in this place. The only high grade treasure they found was given to Yan Chen Yu.

Putting the crystal within his Space Ring, Jian Chen and Cao Keqin left to return to Lore City.

"The difference between the Gesun Kingdom and the four allied kingdoms is far too much. Even if they were to convene all the soldiers and employ mercenaries, their fighting power wouldn't exceed three million. The four allied kingdoms have well over triple that amount if they wanted to. Furthermore, the Gesun Kingdom doesn't have half the amount of experts the other side has, this time, the Gesun Kingdom will fall."

The sky had gone completely dark after walking for another seven to eight miles. Jiang Chen could feel that the expressions on Yan Meng and the other two men's faces had become even tenser than before, even their breathing had quickened.

"Let me ask you again.Every time, when the disease strikes, your body will start shivering, and the blood would be frozen.You will have difficulties breathing, as if you are dead.You can' t feel anything except for the strange, painful sensation of something snake-like moving inside of your body, and that pain is very intense."

"You have a good master. However, don't you guys think it's a bit inappropriate for us to chitchat here?"

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