MIMI Chapter 2163

MIMI Chapter 2163

"Motherf*cker, the Boundless Bandits aren't anything, this one will chop them down like grass." A mercenary cried out with hatred as he charged towards the Boundless Bandits without a trace of fear in his eyes.

"I give my thanks, Ape King!" Jian Chen cupped his hands before sitting opposite of him.

Not sure whether he should laugh or cry, Jian Chen replied, "Fine fine, the great Nubis, please don't be rash here. This is my home."

"So that's what happened."

Even they hadn't known the name of the Qinhuang Kingdom's Imperial Protector. Seeing how the high and mighty Imperial Protector allowed for the mother and son to call him by name, they looked at the two in a different light. Even general Liu couldn't help but feel excited at this. Although he couldn't personally make a connection with the Imperial Protector head on, he could do so through the mother and son.

At that moment, Jian Chen suddenly felt an abnormal sensation. The white tiger cub that had been asleep against to his chest finally woke up. Slowly opening its eyes, the tiger cub shook its head from side to side to observe the surrounding area with curiosity.

Even Dugu Feng had said farewell to Jian Chen as he took the Ruler Armament along with some other elders out of Mercenary City, leaving only Jian Chen behind.

Han Yan said.

The Jiang Chen he attacked shattered instantly, it was only a feeling. The leader had a bad feeling, but he just didn't have the time to defend himself anymore. Jiang Chen's battle axe had reached his head and chopped him into half. Jiang Chen immediately grabbed the devil core after splitting the leader.

Lee Chang Hong's body started shaking, he sent out his qi and punched forcefully towards Jiang Chen.The punch was so strong that it made a thundering sound in the air.There was a bright light coming from his fist, and it looked like Jiang Chen was about to be defeated by this single punch.

Seeing how housekeeper Chang was injured with just a single blow, the tightly-bound Changyang Ba paled greatly from shock. He looked at the five old men, his gaze filled with stupefaction. The strength of the old man who had just struck out caused him to feel waves of terror. This was because Changyang Ba knew very well that with housekeeper Chang's strength, even Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters would struggle to injure him so easily. As for the old man who had just struck out, it was just a casual wave of his hand.

Jiang Chen heartily laughed out as he swept his eyes across the disciples standing beneath the fighting stage.

"I'm sorry! Kill me now!"

This was a standard four sided courtyard with three sides being a residential area and the last side being the front gate. In the middle there was a large patch of grass where a few dozen Flame Mercenaries sat in small groups and chatted among each other.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not leaving this stronghold today, because I'm going to occupy it. None of your friends will be able to leave here alive, all of them will die. Same goes for that Yang Shuo. Compared to you, his death will be much more miserable. Don't worry, your turn will soon come up. With your cultivation level, I'm sure you'll be able to withstand the poison for a longer time than the others, and you will be able to taste pain for a much longer time."

"It's the headmaster££"

A deep voice suddenly sounded out not far away from them. When Jiang Chen and group looked over, the immediately saw four tall and muscular men blocking their path. These men wore golden armor, and carried pikes. The indifferent expressions on their faces showed that they were doing their job well.

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