War to the Past Chapter 778

War to the Past Chapter 778

Immediately afterwards, the restaurant was filled with gasps of shock. What happened was very different from what they were expecting, causing everyone to look at Jian Chen in surprise. However, those who were slightly more discerning saw Jian Chen use a single chopstick to stab through Gan Hou's hand, their faces became heavy and hardened. The following looks towards Jian Chen also slightly changed; quite a number of them carried deep shock.

"Buddy, looks like we've bumped into some roadblock, what are you going to do?"

"Ai, this young master will never give us a break. He must be enjoying his day somewhere, but we are the ones suffering. I've not eaten anything all day."

"Senior disciple Jiang."

Hearing their friend, everyone's eyes drifted forward as they saw a mountain-like fiery red body lying on the ground that seemed to resemble a magical beast.

"Ai." Tian Jian sighed softly and waved his hands, "Houston, our conversation today ends here. In the future when the Beast God Continent displays signs of movement, we can discuss about it with the people from the ten guardian clans. Anyway, the better kept the secret of the Winged Tiger God, the better it is for the Tian Yuan Continent. As for the current moment, we should pour all our power into the growth of the Winged Tiger God. Right now, it's just too weak."

Jiang Chen said.

Twenty minutes later, Jiang Chen lightly shouted out as he retracted his Soul Energy and flames.A milky white pill could be seen spinning in front of him.

Shao Hua's movements were fast. He instantly arrived in front of Jiang Chen.

Everyone had immediately started to smile with excitement at that information. The time they were waiting for had finally come at last.

Jian Chen smiled as he looked at the tiger cub. He could clearly tell that the tiger cub had grown heavier and even bigger since the last time he saw it. All four of the paws of the cub had already grown to be incredibly sharp, and even its fangs were terrifying to look at.

Xiao Wei turned to Jiang Chen and spoke with the same cold tone.

"Hahaha, little brother's words here are all too correct. Little sister's temper is quite bad." Tianmu Ling laughed sillily but stopped teasing her.

That was because the ire of the Qinhuang Kingdom was far too much for them to try and provoke. While each one of the kingdoms had two million soldiers and a decent amount of Heaven Saint Masters, it was nothing in comparison to the Qinhuang Kingdom who would only need a handful of elite soldiers to completely overwhelm them.

The king's Class 3 Golden Lion mount slowly moved forward to meet with the king of the Andreas Kingdom.

"Ah, so I see. Haha, brother Jian Chen has come from such a long distance away. Seeing how you were able to become friends with Xiao Er so fast, it would appear your meeting was by fate. Qin Xiao, your father still has some matters to attend to, treat your guests well in my absence." The man spoke in an easy going manner as if he was a compassionate father and did not have the air of a patriarch.

After the Fudo Seal destroyed the shield, its power wasn't reduced at all, and it kept pushing further into the genius. The genius from the Invincible Sect felt as if a gigantic mountain was crushing into him, and he couldn't hold up against it even with all his strength. He let out a miserable shriek, as one of his arms was twisted and broken by the seal. His forehead was bathed in sweat.

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