Potion Maker Chapter 2183

Potion Maker Chapter 2183

And aside from this, the Crown Prince was the Imperial Emperor's own son; he was a son the Imperial Emperor was very proud of. If not for this, the Imperial Emperor wouldn't have made him the Crown Prince. Now, the Imperial Emperor very own son had been castrated by someone. As a father, it wasn't difficult to imagine how angry he was.

"Alright, I'll do it for you."

"Little Chen, for the past hundred years, many dimensional cracks have been found in the Saint Origin Realm, but only Combat King warriors can fix them. Why did you accept this mission? It is impossible to accomplish!"

"Oh right, monk, is this Heavenly Tower run by monks as well?"

The middle aged man's expression completely changed. He immediately lifted his Saint Weapon and held it in front of his throat when he saw the Light Wind Sword heading towards him. Suddenly, the speeding Light Wind Sword dropped downward, seemingly evading the large sword protecting the man's body, and began to pierce toward the man at a sharp incline from below his Saint Weapon.

Yan Chen Yu said.

Once the wounds disappeared, the expressions on the three students' faces clearly changed. Now they showed no traces of pain; on the contrary, they looked a lot more relaxed now. At the same time, one could see traces of alarm in the depths of their eyes.

The multitude of people that had occupied the area before had long since vacated the area so not many people were in sight. Despite the competition having only been finished two hours ago, the announcements for the top ten had already been announced by a large white banner in the sky with everyone of the top ten combatant's names written in a fancy manner.

No matter the rumors, not a single one of them spoke of the three Radiant Warriors on a clear level.

Soon after, Jian Chen left the restaurant and rode a horse toward where Kendall was waiting for everyone.

The magical beast let out a miserable scream that rang through the air and even shook the eardrums of Jian Chen with its vibrations.

Jiang Zhen Hai shouted out with a shocked expression.He never imagined that Lee Chang Hong was the young lord from Red City's Lee family.Jiang Zhen Hai knew how strong the Lee family was, and they couldn't afford to offend someone like that.

The Heavenly Saint Sword sliced through the Tenth Emperor's head, beheading him. This head was actually useful to Jiang Chen.

Jian Chen said nothing. He stared fixedly at the member of the Gilligan clan, before suddenly giving out a great roar. Even more Chaotic Force flowed from his body into the Dragon Slaying Sword. The dark glow of the Dragon Slaying Sword immediately began to increase and the presence of destruction suddenly increased multiple times on end. Afterwards, he swung out.

"Xiao Le, it really is you, that's great! I thought that you had already escaped from this place, I never would've imagined that I would see you here." Li Sha, the girl in front of Liang Xiaole, was just as happy, and continued to hug her once-thought-to-be-lost friend.

But Wang Yun's expression had changed dramatically. He stood still, and he didn't show a slight hint of his energy, and Jiang Chen was actually able to tell that he wasn't cultivating the £¦Water Breaking Script'.

Jiang Chen hold his fist toward these Sect Elders, when Big Yellow Dog saw the sincere expression on Jiang Chen's face, he almost thrown out all his blood, this guy was really a crafty man, not only he was despicable, he was also good in acting.

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