Combat Master System Chapter 638

Combat Master System Chapter 638

The mansion that Jian Chen had stopped in front of had a giant signboard right above it saying, "Tianqin clan". These two words had a seemingly magical feeling to them and brought forth a deluge of memories from several years ago. Unable to stop himself, Jian Chen began to replay the memories of when he and Ming Dong first came to this city.

"No, I refuse to give in!"

"Eeeh? Look there, isn't that there the Jian Chen fellow?"

"Alright, kill them all and demolish the Mayor's mansion. Do not leave anyone alive."

Han Yan raged on as he tried to attack. His mind had not lost all consciousness yet, he knew that Jiang Chen was in front of him.

"How impudent for you to want to take my tokens. Let's see if you have the strength to do so." The man snorted before waving his sword in preparation to fight once more. At the same time, a large amount of earth attributed Saint Force began to condense over his body like armor, giving him a much stronger form of defense.

The Jiang Chen he attacked shattered instantly, it was only a feeling. The leader had a bad feeling, but he just didn't have the time to defend himself anymore. Jiang Chen's battle axe had reached his head and chopped him into half. Jiang Chen immediately grabbed the devil core after splitting the leader.

Xu Neng's glance swept across the entire audience. He could see many people whispering amongst each other, but none of them showed any signs of bidding for the Nine Solar Holy Water. It was no longer an auction, but a trade with a specific criteria.

As for Wu Ningzhu herself, she was the dream girl of many men. The reason why this ancestor worshipping ceremony was so lively was mostly because of Wu Ningzhu, as she was going to appear. Many people even came from far away just to witness this prettiest girl of the Southern Continent.

Yang Yun from the Myriad Sword Sect turned to Wu Lang as well. All the geniuses from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect were staring at Wu Lang.

Right at this moment, a wild laughter suddenly sounded out from the bottom of the magma pool. In a split second, a man covered with flames suddenly shot out like a razor sharp sword, instantly turning into a handsome young man dressed in white.

Facing the two bandits who were preparing their weapons, Jian Chen did not look panicked at all. With a calm face, he grabbed his sword and used the Profound Steps to approach the two bandits at rapid speeds. At the same time, the blood red sword in his hand lashed out and stabbed one of the two bandits in the throat.

"Wu Jiu, everything between you and me shall be resolved today; once and for all."


Jiang Chen's voice wasn't loud, but it was dignified. Everyone could clearly hear him, and no one dared to show any neglect towards his words.

"Don't bother helping me, just use your Heaven Tier Battle Skills! Only those could hurt this bastard. Who would have known that a single year was enough to cause such a drastic change in his power?" The elder cried out in anger. His heart had been thrown into disarray with today's events; this was a first in his three hundred years of living. A single youth not even fifty years old was giving him a thrashing that had not only affected his physical self, but his pride.

Mu Rong Zhan's eyes brightened as if he had seen a new hope. The Mu Rong family warriors who were surrounded all felt a hint of hope, hopeful expressions emerging on their faces. Yes, Jiang Chen was indeed frightful, but they were will confident in Mu Rong Zhan's true ability.

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