The Inverted Dragon is Scale Chapter 1240

The Inverted Dragon is Scale Chapter 1240

The Seventh Emperor suggested. He didn't even try to hide his sinister.

No doubt, absolute power was something really tempting. However, Jiang Zhenhai had his own pride, and his son was his ultimate pride. Having a son like this had already brought glory to his ancestors, and he didn't need the Emperor title. He knew that Jiang Chen also didn't want him to be the Emperor. Sooner or later, Jiang Chen would leave this place and go somewhere far away. There was a saying that a tall tree caught the wind; a person with a high position was liable to attacks. Jiang Chen didn't want to put the Jiang family in such a high position. In his mind, the safety of Jiang Zhenhai was the number one priority. As long as the Jiang family's safety was ensured, only then could Jiang Chen leave with a peace of mind.

The two nodded their heads, before Dongyi Junbai spoke, "Imperial Protector, the two experts located at the western stronghold were already killed by the Hidden Dragon Kingdom. Only one expert remains alive with serious injuries.

"If the Profound River Palace really sends a Combat King to the Nether Mountain, the other two Demon Kings will definitely gather all their forces and launch an attack at the Profound River Palace. At that point of time, we will only have one Combat King left, and there would be no way to defend ourselves against them, because our Profound River Formation requires two Combat Kings to fully function, and that's what allows us to fight with the force of three Combat Kings. That is also the reason why the Demon King Palace is scared of us, and also the reason why they're using this kind of dirty method in order to split our strength. If the Profound River Palace sends someone to rescue our men, the Demon King Palace will kill all those geniuses in front of us, and use it as a way to strength the demons' spirits, while also dealing a heavy blow to the humans' spirits. Not only that, the Profound River Palace's reputation would suffer greatly as well. What an evil plot!"

But he obviously couldn't do this, as he didn't want to risk anybody finding out his secret. Furthermore, the greedy looks leaking out from the eyes of these two managers disgusted him, which also gave him a bad impression of this Heavenly Tower.

Both elders were extremely furious. Their voices were loud, and their expressions were stern. However, neither of them had the courage to stand out and attack Jiang Chen. No matter how outrageous he was, he had shown them his mighty strength. Even Elder Yuan had been killed with a single strike, and they weren't even as strong as Elder Yuan. This Zhang Yang was also obviously a lunatic, and he killed without even blinking his eyes. If they stood out right now, perhaps they would have to face the same consequences as Elder Yuan.

"Today we behead a saint! You'll rest here forever!" Jian Chen laughed as he brought a Chaotic Force filled fist into the back of the Saint Ruler, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood. The offensive might of this fist was far stronger than what the Saint Ruler could handle.

The Lion King asked with a loud voice. His voice was so loud that it echoed through the entire valley, showing just how angry he was. He knew it was this young man who had done all this, but he still couldn't help but ask, because he wanted to know what this young man was thinking; why he dared come to the Demon Palace and act so recklessly.

When these items appeared, they immediately attracted Daoist Black and Guo Shan's attention. Without even looking at the bookshelf filled with combat skills, just the precious pills, herbs, and combat weapons alone were more than enough to make it difficult for them to breath. Jiang Chen took out over 30 Combat Weapons from his storage ring, and among them, three of them were actually Superior Weapons! This was amazing!

The freezing wild wind never seemed to stop. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were moving along the flow, there were whirlwinds everywhere, and the tunnel looked variegated.

"Teacher, my name is Cheng Yun Feng." The youth that was being inspected excitedly said. The two words "Not bad" had already confirmed the fact that the teacher was praising him. Being complimented by the teacher was the greatest honor to him.

But she had shaken her head in response, "This is what I plan to do with my life. I will use all of my energy to accomplish my goal, and even if there lies nothing at the end of my path, I will not regret it."

"Alright, I'll inform the Great Elder and ask him to come over here immediately."

Right at this moment, an angry shout came from afar, and then, everyone saw an old man in his fifties flying over and landing in the square. When the old man saw the four men hanging from the wooden pole, and the burnt down courtyards, he immediately became extremely furious.

Daoist Black stared motionlessly at the portal, then he said to himself, "Jiang Chen, I really hope you can come out from Inferno Hell safely. The Black Sect's future destiny is in your hands."

This group of people had attracted the attention of everyone there. As three hundred pairs of eyes landed on this group, everyone began to chatter among themselves.

"Oh? Little friend, tell me about it."

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