New Game+ Chapter 1486

New Game+ Chapter 1486

"¡­ Obviously the two of you can." Qing Shui speechlessly replied.

Her skin was porcelain white, her dark eyes were profound like deep waters, her small nose was straight, and the corners of her lips were slightly lifted, which gave her a slight air of arrogance. Men had the tendency of wanting to conquer both her mind and body.

Wiping his body dry, Qing Shui changed into that new set of clothes as he started to closely inspect his surroundings, appreciating the art of the designer. Abruptly, a voice sounded out.

Looking at the cutesy little girl in front of him seriously nodding her head, Qing Shui almost forgot that he was only 8 years old himself, and could easily pass off as a cutesy little boy.


As for Xu Song, all the fat on his body trembled, and his expression was one of fury. Although he never got along with Beihan Lie, he couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Deep inside, he felt sympathy, and even more so, terror.

"En, I will listen to brother Qing Shui, after the new years, I will bring her home." Qing You laughed, looking especially silly¡­¡­

"How could it not be possible?" the little turtle said with a sigh. Looking at the bell with a bit of envy, he continued, "You jumped the gun! Lord Turtle didn't even finish explaining. Striking the bell is the only option here, but succeeding is easier said than done. The bell has a very powerful backlash. You can hit it as much as you want, and it won't hurt the bell, but it will certainly hurt you."

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She slowly relinquished her hold of Qing Shui's hand, and Qing Shui smiled in response, before turning his body and walking towards the arena.

The two girls and Cang Wuya flew into the Feng Clan without restriction. The might of the Fire Bird was considered top notch, but there were flying beasts that were stronger than it.

Such a frivolous player¡­

"Throw me that clone, King Heavenspan!"

Qing Qing felt an impulse to cry as these emotions overwhelmed her. She just felt like crying, not because she was sad, but it was the realization that this was the feeling of happiness¡­

Bai Xiaochun wasn't the only one to have performed dramatically in battle. Although he had been the one to turn things in the favor of the sect, Bruiser was actually one of the main ones who had kept the sect going until Bai Xiaochun got there.

Bai Xiaochun got his breathing under control and then stared back into the pagoda, his eyes shining with fear....

Luan Luan was already the second highest ranked figure among the Qing Clan now and she was elated about it. She knew she had been able to reach her current strength so soon because of Qing Shui and she was extremely grateful to be his daughter.

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