The System User in Another World Chapter 1943

The System User in Another World Chapter 1943

The Bucashana Clan, the Hilo Clan, Bloodmoon Mercenaries, Worldly Sect, Windfall Mountain, Earthfyre School, and the Double Mystery Sect all declared complete control and authority over the remaining parts of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. At the same time, they declared their adherence and loyalty to the Qinhuang Kingdom.

The parents of the followers were all old members of the Changyang clan. Even some of their ancestors had always worked in the Changyang Manor, so they were extremely loyal.

The Asura Palace had existed for many, many years. However, this was the first time in their history that a disciple had killed his fellow disciple and Elder on the day of the competition. Although the Asura Palace had quite a number of arrogant disciples, none of them dared to kill an Elder unless they had lost the will to live in this world.

Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye threw their eyes toward Big Yellow at the same time. Both of them were surprised. Although this dog seemed pretty amazing, he was only an Early Divine Core demon beast. A treasure that even they, Combat Soul warriors couldn't sense££ how could Big Yellow sense it?

"I've finally met chief Jiang personally, he is much younger than I had imagined! A man like him is definitely a peerless genius, even those incredible geniuses from the Martial Saint Dynasty's Martial Palace can't compare with chief Jiang's potential!"

Jiang Chen stood up and opened the door. It was Daoist Black who was knocking on the door.

Senior disciple Huang had an imposing aura. He wanted Jiang Chen to kneel down. It was pretty obvious that they were just some small potatoes amongst the outer circle disciples who didn't participate in the Qi Province competition. If not, they wouldn't be so arrogant upon seeing Jiang Chen.

"Please enter my lords!" With that, the guard stopped the two no more. He gave a wave and a smile.

Although Jian Chen had killed Tianxiong Lie, many of these men were merely hired by the Tianxiong clan and had no other affiliation with Tianxiong Lie. They weren't friendly with him either and so they did not have any hard feelings over his death nor would they attempt at getting revenge on Jian Chen.

"The Holy City in the Holy Empire, that is one of the Capital Cities in the Tian Yuan Continent. It's also where the ruler of the Holy Empire resides. Just what identity does this mysterious man have?" Jian Chen muttered.Chapter 166: Phoenix City

While facing such a ferocious attack, Jiang Chen didn't even move a little bit from the auction stage. This was because he knew someone would stand out for him.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows.

"Haha, brother Jian Chen, I, Qin Ji, have lived at the Drifting Clouds Palace for thirty years, yet it's never been as lively as it is today. All these beauties and young ladies of great clans have gathered in my Drifting Clouds Palace. It's a great honor for my humble abode." Qin Ji chugged down a cup of good wine and laughed in a carefree manner which had originated from his joy. Although Jian Chen was already a Saint Ruler both in name and reality, he still remembered Qin Ji as a brother, even though his status was greatly different from before. It moved Qin Ji greatly.

Jiang Chen took some time off after producing a stockpile of 100% pills and making sure that there were enough pills for everyone. At the entrance to the pill shop, he placed two tables down and sat cross legged between them.

Chapter 379 Ă¿ The Death of Shangguan Ying

"Boy, what did you just say? Kid, how dare you say I'm fat? Fuck, I'm bulk. Do you know what bulk muscles are? If you only said that I was fat, then I would spare you, but how dare you say that I, your father, am delicate? Which part of I, your father, looks delicate? How can I, your father, be delicate? Fuck, how dare you say that I, your father, am delicate? Enough is enough, today I'll eat you for sure! I'll eat you!"

"Chief Yan, there's one more thing I need your help with."

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