Rebirth : Martial God Asura Chapter 280

Rebirth : Martial God Asura Chapter 280

Huang Zheng said again, then he looked at the three novice disciples rolling around on the ground making noises. He was trying his best to resist kicking them once again.

Jiang Chen felt like he had been struck by a blow, but the smile on his face didn't diminish at all. The more powerful Yan Chen Yu was, the happier he was.

There was not a single person at the scene who wasn't shaken by Jiang Chen's real identity. Everyone threw examining looks at Jiang Chen, trying to figure out what was so special about this ruthless young man.

Jian Chen could sense the figure fly by overhead while he was recovering his Saint Force with a nervous expression. "He is truly fast, this must be the Heaven Saint Master from the Moyun clan. I didn't think that even after changing my direction so many times, he would be able to catch up with me, it's a good thing I am hidden."

"Brother, how amazing! This girl is comparable to even my sister in beauty, but she isn't as kind as my sister." Qin Xiao laughed as he spoke to Jian Chen with a meaningful smile, causing Jian Chen to smile awkwardly. The relationship between him and Huang Luan wasn't like what everyone thought, but Ming Dong and the others were trying to say otherwise. If he tried to explain himself now, not only would it not have a single impact on the situation, but it would also deepen everyone's misunderstanding.

"You speak correctly. If Xiang'er truly kills off every expert from the Hua Yun Sect, there won't be anything left to do. Our Gesun Kingdom has already lost too many Heaven Saint Masters." Changyang Ba had a serious look to his face. Whether the Gesun Kingdom would be able to recover or not depended on the support of Heaven Saint Masters. They were the symbols of strength for a kingdom. Losing them would bring about a giant loss for the entire kingdom.

Shangguan Yilong became furious because of Big Yellow's words. He immediately slapped toward Big Yellow with a tremendous amount of force.

Jiang Chen quickly returned his greeting, "Palace Chief, thank you for having me here."

Feeling the slight pain from his stomach, the somewhat plump Changyang Ke couldn't help but start to pale. When he looked down and saw the bloodstains on his stomach, his face changed drastically. A wail was heard as he started to cry, with teardrops falling in a never ending stream down his cheeks as if his eyes were fountains.

"That's fine, every young man has things they need to do. For a youngster like Jian Chen, they should travel the continent a little longer and enjoy the world, don't walk blindly in an area like this." Rosco spoke to Jian Chen. He had traveled the world as a mercenary himself, so he knew how Jian Chen felt about this idea.

While Jian Chen was dazed, the Silver Striped Golden Snake's unproportionately small head compared to its non-matching large mouth had turned and nipped at Jian Chen's neck once more. Brandishing its sharp fangs, a continuous stream of gray colored poisonous mist flowed out from its mouth.


The big yellow dog refused to admit to being inferior, but the more it fought, the more scared it became.

"Benefactor, I cannot thank you enough for rescuing me, but the Yangji Sect is far too strong. It is not worth offending them for my sake." Sans was quiet when he spoke, indicating his sadness.

"Please hold on, I need to fulfill the bet with those two guys."

"You're right. I won't be so courteous with you in the future."

"Do you see this? All of you are the so called geniuses of the human race, and many of you are from the Profound River Palace. However, in the eyes of the Profound River Palace, you are nothing, and they don't care for your lives! Do you feel sad? Disappointed?"

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