My Female Prince Chapter 996

My Female Prince Chapter 996

The Fire Bird could unleash a power with the strength of 8000 countries under the influence of the Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens. Despite the great amount of strength both the demonic beasts possessed, Qing Shui felt that their powers were a little underwhelming.

The appearance of the Undying Heavenly King indicated that Bai Xiaochun was finally breaking through the second shackle.

Bai Xiaochun could immediately tell that the aura of death in the area was unprecedentedly strong. In any other location, such a strong aura of death would indicate that a huge number of vengeful souls was present.

And yet, the screaming just now had clearly been coming from a large number of vengeful souls, perhaps even as many as 10,000 or more.

The Essence of the ferocious Mental State akin to that of Immovable Mountains

Anyways, Qing Shui was the person who had the final say about the Baima Aristocrat Clan. If there was going to be a battle, only Qing Shui and at most Luan Luan would fight. Di Chen and the rest wouldn't be able to intervene now.

"Across the nine continents, Greencloud Continent is the weakest and the poorest. There's no way that you guys would be willing to move if you had not been forced out." Qing Shui smiled as he said to the old man.

"I guess I'll have to concoct some pills," he murmured under his breath. Although the techniques in the Eternal Lands differed from those in the Heavenspan Realm, and were very costly, Bai Xiaochun couldn't think of any other options.

Swaying back and forth, he retreated backward and then ducked around the corner to escape Chen Hetian's gaze. Once out of sight, he began to hurry down the corridor.

Shi Qingzhuang was Qing Shui's fiance. She would definitely not tolerate sharing her man, and there was also the Wenren Wu-shuang and Zhuqing pair. Qing Shui tried to think of who he could give upˇ­...

Qing Shui snapped himself out of it and felt that she was still breathing weakly. He hurriedly retrieved a Five Dragon Pellet. His heart throbbed when his hand touched the woman's smooth and jade-like chin. He quickly stuffed the Five Dragon Pellet into her mouth. In his haste, his index finger slipped in along through her lips.

"Uncle, this is my daughter Luan Luan."

Qing Shui reached out and touched the flesh of her hips. She was rarely this initiative, especially in this seductive pose. He couldn't help but ask: "Little lady, why are you this enthusiastic today!"

Creating a poison weapon first required the core of the poison weapon to be refined. The core must be exceptionally poisonous. Qing Shui decided to take out fifteen Five-Colored Poison Pearls to refine the poison weapon's core.


Bai Xiaochun felt all the hair on his body stand up on end. By now, he realized the truth. These two demonesses had become addicted to toying with him. Their games had reached the point where even which foot stepped out of his immortal's cave first was a point of contention....

However, the huge enormous pill furnaces were still the foundation of Bai Xiaochun's power in Great Wall City. Despite having grown very busy collecting souls earlier, he hadn't stopped his work with his pill furnaces. Therefore, it was only natural that some of the sealed pill furnaces would appear in this battle.

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