The Greycloak Trials Chapter 2630

The Greycloak Trials Chapter 2630

Taking a few steps back, he stammered, "Y-you're... you're really in the top 20 on the stone steles of plants and vegetation?"

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As time passed, word continued to spread through the cultivators of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, and even more people began to pay attention to what was happening.

"Could it be that that thing is gone?" Someone immediately kicked up a fuss!

Furthermore, the two women also had their faces covered up. But just with their beautiful body figure and those beautiful pupils resembling that of a goddess, it was already more than sufficient to attract the attention of the people around them.

Master Cloud Lightning's energy suddenly surged in heaven-shaking, earth-shattering fashion. He rapidly grew larger, until he was 240 meters tall, with a savage aura that made it truly seem as if the forefather of all humanity had appeared in the flesh!

"If I had known that you were here to look for the Sky Penetrating Grass, I'd definitely not have brought you along," the lady sighed and said.


After stepping out onto the arena floor, Ghostfang curiously asked, "Between you and that lightning guy, who's stronger?"

The other disciples in the area now felt a bit of hope. More than a hundred people closed in from all sides, joining forces to try to kill Bai Xiaochun and snatch the heavenstring energy.

He let out a bellow once again, and his Qi rose sharply by 30%. On top of his bulky figure, he had two gigantic menacing hammers in his hands and his arms were three times thicker than that of a normal person's.

"Congratulations. You could find another ideal husband in the future. Remember to invite me to your wedding." Qing Shui said seriously and smiled genuinely.

It was in this manner that he stewed in his anxiety and vigilance for an entire night.

Filled with emotion, he swore to himself: "Just wait until I reach Foundation Establishment. I'll definitely cut those north bank Outer Sect disciples down a notch or two!"

"Did he go crazy because he's been stuck in the seventh level for too long?!"

After Luan Luan had her coming of age ceremony, she happily hugged Qing Shui's neck, her feet leaving the ground!

Hearing Qing Shui's words, Canghai Mingyue's happiness felt as if cold water had been poured over it. She could not help but think that he was only fulfilling her parents' wish or dying wish.

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