Conquering the Online World with a Staff! Chapter 2605

Conquering the Online World with a Staff! Chapter 2605

"Two little goats, before this master dog truly gets pissed off, you better kneel down and kowtow! If this master dog is satisfied, perhaps I'll spare your lives."

"That's it. While the sky is still dark, let's hurry and search around, I want to see what kind of treasure exists within this wasteland."

In a luxurious manor in Phoenix City, a dignified person looked down over the other middle aged men and elders sitting at the table. "Right now, the news of the Class 5 Magical Beast has already been confirmed. Although they're only the bodies without the monster cores, their prices will still be very high. It is said that eating the meat of a Class 5 Magical Beast is said to increase one's strength majorly. Even the blood of a Class 5 Magical Beast can strengthen the inner organs, something like that could even benefit an Earth Saint Master. So, we definitely need to purchase those two Class 5 Magical Beasts at all costs, and even if we can't get both of them, then we need to get at least one."

At that moment, a long drawn out voice could be heard announcing the arrival of the king. The noise within the palace instantly died out as everyone turned to look in the direction the cry came from.

While Jian Chen ate breakfast, he also listened in on the the idle gossip from the surrounding mercenaries. Although the restaurant was extremely chaotic, the mercenaries gathered here had all traveled extensively, and quite a bit of interesting and up-to-date matters could be learned from their words.

Jian Chen waved his hands and spoke, "Do as you please with him."

The place instantly became silent. Yan Chong and the two other men who thought they would certainly die stared at the bodies of the men on the ground. They were startled and had no idea what just happened.

Before Yan Chenyu could say anything, Wu Jiu became the first one to jump in.

Tyrant said.

If Jiang Chen personally brought these devil souls and exchanged them with some devil clans, a First Grade devil soul could be exchanged for 100 Heavenly Yuan Pills, while Second Grade devil souls would be twice as much. The higher the grade, the more Heavenly Yuan Pills he would get.

Jiang Chen raised up the jade pot and poured another full glass of Energy Spring Water for Big Yellow and Xiao Yu, and he purposely skipped Guo Shan's glass.

On the way, Jian Chen noticed plenty of people rushing the south as well. With information about a Heaven Tier Battle Skill being left behind in a senior cultivator's cave, every single person was rushing on over.

It felt as if the Saint King hadn't heard either of the two. He could only stare at the seemingly ordinary-looking Tian Jian in shock, "Wh¨• who are you!" Fear filled his voice as he spoke. He knew he couldn't treat Tian Jian with the same arrogance as before.

"Alright. I'm going to go heal Little Yu now, you guys just stay here and guard the place, don't let anyone come close."

"Fuck his sister! This old guy just can't stop swindling! He took out more trash and claims it is a treasure. Does he really think young master Chen Jiang is an idiot?"

Opposite of them, a dozen soldiers dressed in a similar fashion from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Leading that group at the front was the second prince and the prime minister.

An astute glow emerged within Wu Cong's eyes.

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