Poison Body / CANCELLED Chapter 2258

Poison Body / CANCELLED Chapter 2258

"Yes, that's fine. Then I'll call for a banquet to celebrate the fourth master's return." Chang Wuji retreated into the manor. Although he looked quite old, his movements were as spry as a twenty-something year old youth.

"How fake is this, a stone that fell several hundred meters into the ground?"

Jiang Chen had no choice but to keep flying. He believed that regardless of which gate he chose to pass through, all of them would eventually lead to the same place, the deepest part of the Island of Ice.

"Those Dimensional Creatures are really hateful! If we didn't arrive on time, all the cities in this area would become cities of the dead."

Jian Chen calmly looked around himself before setting off in a random direction.

Li Dong asked.

Cries erupted from the Changyang Manor. All the people were aggrieved and enraged. A few Earth Saint Master immediately leapt up and carefully caught Changyang Ba's body. However, his neck was already broken, so he had already passed away. After all, Changyang Ba still had not become a Heaven Saint Master, so his neck and heart were all fatal weaknesses.

At this moment, another message appeared within Jiang Chen's mind.

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders and said with an indifferent tone.

Jiang Chen replied with a nod.

Jiang Chen stared at Fan Zhongtang with a faint smile on his face. He was a wise man, and he knew what was going on behind the scenes long before this. Fan Zhongtang's betrayal didn't happen today.

Allowing the Chaotic Force to cover his body with a single thought, Jian Chen made use of the defensive might of the Chaotic Body to form a fist with his hand. He then punched the snake head-on.

In the sky, Jiang Chen and the Old Great Emperor were staring at each other, causing fiery sparks to erupt from the point where their glares met.

Although the Ten Thousand Immunity wasn't immune to all the poisons that existed, it was enough to make Jian Chen excited. After all, the Silver Striped Golden Snake's poison had widespread fame on the Tian Yuan Continent. There were just a handful of poisons more potent than the Silver Striped Golden Snake's. Moreover, such poisons were extremely uncommon, and were as rare to see as the Silver Striped Golden Snake itself.

Amongst all the people in Inferno City's outer perimeter, Big Yellow was the one who behaved the calmest. Although he didn't know what Jiang Chen was up to, he knew one thing; Jiang Chen was no idiot. He would never do something he wasn't completely confident about.

The middle aged man sneered at the floored men. "To be able to force me to use my battle skill, you should all be proud of this achievement until you die. Today I will break apart your legs to vent my anger." The middle age man lifted his whip and was about to lash out when another voice called out to him immediately.

Finally, Jiang Chen was pulled out from his own thoughts. He immediately saw the black gate in front of him violently shaking, and it looked really faded, as if it would disappear in the next second. If the gate disappeared, none of them would be able to leave this place, and they would be trapped for at least another hundred years.

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