Jiang Chen had a clear understanding of his own strength and abilities. No matter how hard he fought, there was no way he could be a match for a Late Combat Soul opponent. The Great Illusion Realm was useless here. If he used it on someone with a greater cultivation than himself, the result would be reversed.

The young man didn't stop there. He once again leapt toward the lion and launched another attack.

The crowd was filled with mixed emotions.

With a smile of disdain, Jian Chen said, "Tianxiong Lie, you couldn't prevent me from escaping a year ago. And here we are one year later with you saying that you will. With just your tiny Tianxiong clan, you don't have the qualifications to do that."

However, the giant bear's paw didn't stop due to inertia and continued its path toward Jian Chen. Jian Chen's right arm clenched onto his sword as he twisted his sword in its throat before pulling it out. With an explosive leap, he flew backward to dodge the paw.

"Ding!" The Light Wind Sword made contact with the sword of the fire attribute commander, but even with the hardness of steel and stone thanks to his fire Saint Force, the commander's sword couldn't help but gain another jaggedy gap.

In his past life, the most powerful combat skill he had was the[Nine Solar Energy]combat skill, which was a Saint level combat skill he created himself.It was a very powerful combat skill that absorbed solar energy from his surroundings and provided great benefits for those who practiced it.

In the follow moment, a man brimming with power wearing a dragon robe flew out. He was incredibly furious. No one had seen him move, and he had already appeared outside the Martial Saint Dynasty.


"Little bastard Jiang Chen, come out and face your death!"

Wang Heng stared at Jiang Chen while blinking his eyes; he absolutely worshipped Jiang Chen. Even Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan worshiped him. The gap between them and Jiang Chen was not small. As haughty men, if they could accomplish what Jiang Chen had, that would be enough glory for a lifetime to them.

Chang Lin didn't hold back, therefore many people in the square could hear him loudly and clearly. The scene once again turned chaotic.

"Let's attack together! I refuse to believe we can't break this damn formation!"

Wu Ningzhu said, feeling surprised. Without the Teleportation Formation, they would have to fly across the ocean in order to return, and that would take a really long time.

An obscure cold light leaked out from the Imperial Emperor's eyes, and although it was really obscure, Jiang Chen still noticed it, causing him to feel uneasy.

The old man at the Qi Hai level raised his voice.

By now, the patriarch had realized that Jian Chen's personal strength wasn't very strong, but his attack had far exceeded his own. So fearing another clash, the patriarch moved out of the way before trying to land a strike of his own.


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