Seven deadly sins Continuation, Meliodas X Elizabeth or melizabeth Chapter 2193

Seven deadly sins Continuation, Meliodas X Elizabeth or melizabeth Chapter 2193

"It's too bad I don't have many Aphrodisiac Pills left, otherwise I would use some more. Ah, whatever. This should be enough. I refuse to believe that when the dust settles, they'll have the energy to do anything else!" Snorting coldly, he crushed the pills and sent the dust flying over to the minotaur monsters¡­.

"Hahaha! Who would have thought that we would find a kindred spirit here? Nice job, test tube. Very nice job!"

The constant laughter and cries of happiness and amusement from the children made Qing Shui think about Qing Zun and Qing Yin. Even more so, he thought about the pregnancies of Mingyue Gelou and Shi Qingzhuang. They should be in their second trimesters by now.

"Dongguo Si, do you know anything else other than running?" Many people from the crowd were shouting out.

"Could it be that the Starmoon Hall is collaborating with Sword Tower?"

"Hahaha! He's quenching the iron!"

"Heaven defying! Insane!"

The peak of Earthstring Foundation Establishment was a realm of incredible power that was incredibly difficult to reach, but not impossible. Although Heavenstring Foundation Establishment surpassed Earthstring Foundation Establishment, it was something that could only be acquired by random chance and luck. No path existed which could be followed to that end.

With the spell formation activated, this part of the Heavenspan River was completely sealed tight. The River-Defying Sect would now be forced to expend significant effort to break through, which should have given the Sky River Court some breathing room in the already dire situation they were in!

"Are you curious how I know that?"

Wang Delong was currently speechless, his face was a greenish-black with an expression of anger on it. If Madam Duanmu interfered, the Wang Clan would perish.

Qing Shui watched as her shadow disappeared. His arm had a visible bite mark. He watched the spill as he allowed himself to be wounded. Yet, Qing Shui still didn't know her name.

Maybe Qing Shui's aura agitated Canghai Mingyue. Looking at the expression on Canghai Mingyue's face, Qing Shui knew that the imposing woman standing atop the Golden Winged Thunder Condor had returned. Just one look from her felt as heavy as a mountain.

It seemed like this spear was a treasure, but to think that it could give out the sound of a dragon's roar.

The light surged up high above him, where it transformed into a blood sword!

Everyone in the regiment had been stationed at the Great Wall for years, and were very familiar with how soul cultivators operated. Furthermore, they were all acquainted with the lands bordering Great Wall City. By disguising themselves as soul cultivators, complete with a few vengeful souls on display, they would definitely be less noticeable on the outside.

Destructive power, Qing Shui trembled as he saw these words. Destructive power was even stronger than normal attack power. More importantly, it meant an increase in critical rate, a higher chance to deal critical damage. For example, if normally you can only break the bones of your opponent, with enhancement of destructive power, you could shatter their bones into fragments and even meld the effects of elemental properties like cold poison into your attacks.

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