Martial God Asura Chapter 2790

Martial God Asura Chapter 2790

"He has escaped!"

The disciple didn't dare show any neglect, he hurriedly turned around and left. After some time, the disciple came back with a big wooden pole and stuck it into the ground. There was even some rope in his hand, and it looked like he was well prepared.

"I was talking with Little Spirit, can you not see her?" Jian Chen asked curiously.

Yan Meng and the other two wore resolute expressions on their faces, just like Jiang Cheng the day before. They showed no signs of fear, as if death was something perfectly normal.

"It's over!" Jian Chen spoke softly as the azure and violet color glows began to fade away. A rich substance of azure and violet Sword Qi shot out from his right hand as the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits followed after it. The Origin energy of the Sword Spirits left behind a splendid light as it flew through the sky before making contact with the Saint Weapon of the elder using the Void Executioner Battle Skill.

The Green Scaled Ape stared at Jian Chen with a death glare before charging straight for him. With each step, the floor trembled with shock to signify just how strong this beast was.

"That type of fire like essence, that's something only an Earth Saint Master with a profound mastery of the fire Saint Force can accomplish!"


The middle-aged man's expression made everyone around him confused at what he had thought of in order for him to suddenly act like this.

Wu Jiu explained.

However the chances of meeting a Earth Saint Master or another magical beast on the same level as the Golden Fur Tiger King outside of the Magical Beast Mountain Range were slim to none.

Li Wu Ling kept spitting out blood as he howled out in extreme pain. Jiang Chen's sound waves had destroyed his Divine Sense.

Although this Eighth Grade Devil King had attacked with a mighty devil seal, it still wasn't a match for Jiang Chen and Tyrant. These two humans were two abnormal monsters with incredibly powerful foundations. Once again, the Eighth Grade Devil King was knocked back. Many of its hard scales fell off its body, while blood burst out from its wounds.

Shangguan Yiqing let out a victorious laughter. He had been preparing to kill both Jiang Chen and Xuan Yuzi today.

30 participants who stood near the Stairway to Heaven all walked together towards the fighting stages. All of them were in high fighting spirits.

"Haha, if brother Jiang likes her, I'll let Yu'er be your daughter-in-law!"

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