Salbabida Chapter 1934

Salbabida Chapter 1934

They even spoke rudely, trying to take liberties with Mingyue Gelou, and got killed by her. When that clan found out that their descendants had died at the hands of a nameless family clan, they brought their people after finding out that the Qing Clan did not have any background.

If it had been ten sand giants, they wouldn't have had any problems holding out. But the sight of more than a hundred had their scalps tingling in fear. Unfortunately, they had no other ideas of what to do.

"Qing Shui, do you want to know who you're going to meet?" Dong Yan maintained a smile as he glanced toward Qing Shui. They continued their pace causally into the pavilion.

Fei Wuji's heart sank when he heard those words!

The old soul cultivator shrieked as he spun around and began to flee. Behind him, a cloud of souls rose up into the air, tens upon tens of thousands of them.

From a distance, they were so numerous that they blotted out everything beneath them. The Blood Stream Sect cultivators' scalps began to tingle as intense sensations of deadly crisis rose up in their hearts.

"Yan`er, all of you are not to blame. This is my matter." Qing Shui said ambiguously.


"I think so too. Think about what he had said. It seems like the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan's past acts of killing as they wished impacted him somehow."

Early the next morning, Bai Xiaochun rushed up to the main deck. The past few days, he had become completely wrapped up in helping Zhao Tianjiao pursue Chen Yueshan.

Qing Shui did not bother about the details, instead, he leaned on the body of the Three-Headed Dark Cloud Armored Beast without moving. This battle took a total of 2 hours, and the eastern sky already had a trace of the approaching dawn.

Apparently angered that Zhao Tianjiao was falling short of expectations, Bai Xiaochun slapped the table and said, "Not much that could make her feel insecure? Have you forgotten about that unclean thing?

"Luan Luan, feed this to it!" Qing Shui remembered that it rejected it the last time, most importantly, was that it must be famished.

In the cultivation world, respect was given to the strong and powerful. Bai Xiaochun had struck terror into the depths of their hearts, and as of this moment, had truly defeated the north bank disciples.

"Just ask, Mother will not hold anything back from you." Qing Yi smiled.

"Damn you, Bai Hao!!" As of this moment, the clan chief was reacting exactly the same as he had the previous day. Instead of being glad that his own son Bai Hao was rising to prominence, he was descending into the depths of fury.

"Go! Qing Shui, take good care of YueYue, you will be her only family from now on¡­"

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