The Heavenly IceVine Douluo Chapter 269

The Heavenly IceVine Douluo Chapter 269

Afterward, the five Imperial Advisors returned to the Changyang Manor, leaving behind the corpses of the two men from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom on the streets. The fight had not lasted long, and the commotion that had struck Lore City had finally abated.

Han Yan raised the wine pot and gave Big Yellow a toast. Only then did Big Yellow let out a satisfied laugh.

Hearing Jian Chen, the headmaster looked at him with admiration. "Good, good. Changyang Xiang Tian, someone with your understanding and logic is hard to come by. Since you enjoy being in this library, then let me help you. Come with me." Turning around, the headmaster started to walk towards the stairway to the 6th level.

Jian Chen calmly answered each and every question the patriarch had, but when it came to answers regarding himself, he had naturally answered with what he had told Lanying.

Lee Chang Hong screamed nonstop, his blood everywhere.He had become a toy in Jiang Chen's hands, and he had already lost his ability to fight back.With this torturing method, even an iron-willed man would be turned into trash.Lee Chang Hong's luck was terrible.

"I think Little Chen tamed the monster on the Island of Ice. He's too talented, he actually has the ability to make that extremely formidable monster surrender. I really wonder, how did he do that?"

The people of the Nangong family became restless. Jiang Chen was a stranger to them, none of them had ever seen or heard of him before. They only knew that their young master had brought back this friend. With a mere Early Combat Soul cultivation, how was he going to fight Wu Ningzhu?

The Old Great Emperor pushed his palms upward and unleashed a mountain-like golden seal. This seal that vaguely resembled a golden mountain carried a tremendous weight, and was forcefully tossed toward the True Dragon Palm by the Old Great Emperor.

Yin Zhong Cheng was furious. Someone had actually assaulted his son in the Silver Moon Restaurant; how could he tolerate this? This was a provoking a higher power. He promised himself that he would definitely make the culprit pay for this.

Another disciple said.

Jiang Chen said.

Seeing the color of the sky, Jian Chen didn't hesitate for a moment and began to gather the light Saint Force. Rapidly, he began to heal his chest once more.

This was a war of a massive scale. Faced with those cruel and ferocious demons, no one were able to remain calm. Only Jiang Chen who had seen a lot of things was able to remain calm when faced with this violent battlefield.

"Ruff! Fuck off stupid bitch!"

Jiang Chen nodded his head. It looked like this Martial Saint Dynasty was much stronger than he had expected. A Combat King warrior, it was considered a reputable existence, even in the Divine Continent. It's quite normal for the Martial Saint Dynasty to have a Combat King warrior, as they ruled the entire Eastern Continent.

Jiang Chen said with a teasing expression.

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