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Game Loading Chapter 1948

Everyone turned to look at the noise as many of them began to smile at the misfortune of the group.

The group were shot out by a tremendous dimensional force. They immediately circulated their Yuan energy and stabilize their bodies. After that, they looked around, and to their surprise, they were not longer at the ocean, they were now in a desert outside the ocean, and the Island of Ice was no longer in their sight. There was only a calm water surface behind them.

The spear continuously emanated a buzzing sound, and it looked like it was going to poke a hole through the thin air. In the next second, it pierced towards Jiang Chen's Six Profound Solar Fingers.

"I know what happened."

"Yun Can is the number one genius of the Heavenly Sword Sect, a famous person amongst the younger generation of the Qi Province. He broke through to the Divine Core realm two years ago and became a core disciple. After that, he left the Qi Province and continued cultivating in other bigger provinces. The reason why he came back was to kill you. Your growth has posed a serious threat to the Heavenly Sword Sect. Besides, you long ago became the Heavenly Sword Sect's enemy. Not only have you killed many of their disciples, you even killed Liang Xiao. The main reason why the Heavenly Sword Sect sent Yun Can here is to kill you and get rid of the threat."

Master Blissful was clearly angry, because this was his place.

"Benefactor, there were a few teenage girls that went missing yesterday in our town, and just now, that Blood Devil said they would kill us first, then bring Xiao Ling to some sort of leader as a sacrifice. I'm guessing those missing girls has something to do with this sacrifice."

Big Yellow felt somewhat depressed.

Jiang Chen said with a calm voice. He wasn't worried about that Yang Shuo at all. If this was before he had gained 600 Dragon Marks, he might not have had such confidence. But now, Yang Shuo posed not threat to him.

After saying that, Jiang Chen locked down on the Divine Continent's direction, then started progressing together with Big Yellow.

At this moment a decent distance away, a group of 10 people were approaching rapidly. Seeing the group of people behind Tianxiong Lie, Jian Chen mood couldn't help but change for the worse. If he couldn't defend himself against someone like Tianxiong Lie, then with another 10 Saint Masters added into the mix, Jian Chen would definitely die here today.

"If you wish to take someone from my Changyang clan, you will never see our doors open to you. The honor of my Changyang clan will not be so easily trampled over by you. If you wish to start a war, then continue at it!" Changyang Ba spoke. Although the Hua Yun Sect had three Heaven Saint Masters that had plenty of power, Changyang Ba still did not have any hint of fear.

"Chen Gege, what should we do now? If the Skymend Formation is broken, even stronger Dimensional Creatures will come out. Although we have the Ice Demon King, we have no idea how many Dimensional Creatures there are. We must do something!"

Hearing this, the second brother was stunned for a moment before realizing what was happening. With a dark laugh, he spoke, "Third brother, you're the smart one among us! It would be a crying shame for this beautiful woman to die so soon!' Then, speaking to the girl, he laughed once more, "Little beauty, I've changed my mind. Killing such a beautiful person would be a big shame. Why don't you accompany us for a good time. If you can make this a pleasurable time, then big brother here will let you go."

Perhaps it was because the fight between Jian Chen and the Great Saint Masters had been so spectacular that the news had traveled so fast. Jian Chen heard multiple people chatting about it.

Jiang Chen who was standing beside furrowed his brows. This Lee Shan Yue came here just for him.

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