Path To The Top Chapter 1769

Path To The Top Chapter 1769

After all factors were considered, an agreement was reached that appeased both sides, and prevented greater issues from arising.

Moments later, the clan chief and clan elders appeared behind him and gave chase.

"So, it seems I won't even need to do anything. I can just watch him die!"

Bai Xiaochun sighed as he escorted them out the door and watched them leave. Their night-long discussion had been of benefit to Sun Yifan and Sima Tao, but had also been of great help to Bai Xiaochun. Bai Hao had been by his side the whole time as well. Overall, they had all received significant enlightenment regarding flame conjuring techniques.

"What is it?" Yu Ruyan's voice rang out!

As Bai Xiaochun's eyes met Bruiser's, he realized that the reason Bruiser had gone missing was that he'd left for deadly training.

"Lin Clan was also targeted by Lion King's Ridge. Destitute and homeless. I am not certain how many people are left," Qing Shui said helplessly while shaking his head.

Even if Di Chen had wanted to behave intimately with him right now, he would outright refuse her request. If he managed to live on, he would welcome the opportunity with open arms, but at the present, he just couldn't due to his current condition.

There was only one thought in his mind at the moment¡­. This was his apprentice! The first apprentice he had ever taken in his life! Now that he had encountered him, there was no way he could shrink back from trying to save him!

"I don't understand what you're saying," Qing Shui looked at the old man, perplexed. His voice was quite loud.

"Let us walk together!" Qing Shui raised his head to look at the beautiful girl, a cold beauty, the one he'd had the earliest relations with.

The Giant Ghost King was a bit shocked by how much blood Bai Xiaochun had just coughed up, and at how weak he looked. After scanning him with some divine sense, he could sense instabilities in his cultivation base, whereupon his face darkened.

Canghai Mingyue threw a glare towards Qing Shui, causing his heart to leap quickly. It was not because he was frightened, but more of because he was electrified by her rarely released "seductive" charms.

Canghai Mingyue had a bitter smile on her face as she stared at Qing Shui. From what she could see, Qing Shui was only utilizing the ¡®common steps' of the Cloudmist Steps. These ¡®common steps' were executed only when the user wanted to travel long distances. It was the step that could be sustained the longest and used up the least amount of energy. Despite this, there was something different. From her observations, Qing Shui's ¡®common steps' had a blurry quality similar to the essence of the ¡®slow steps', but yet Canghai Mingyue definitely knew that what Qing Shui was using was merely the ¡®common steps'!

Qing Shui was flabbergasted when he saw what was inside the crystal coffin. It wasn't the sinister-looking skeleton nor the horribly mangled dead body he imagined, although it was a person as expected.

Qing Shui was speechless when he saw that. He even exclaimed that he had no clue of how to clear the acupuncture points during the day. But now, without needing any slight of effort, the technique has appeared in front of him.

He didn't have to wait long. Smiling, the Saint-Emperor waved his hand, causing a powerful wind to kick up as a huge, illusory hand appeared up in the sky.

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