The magic language of other world is English Chapter 870

The magic language of other world is English Chapter 870

There were even two of them who cast covetous gazes at Bai Xiaochun's mount. After all, he was riding a flame-type beast, which could last longer than other beasts in these intensely hot conditions.

"I didn't do it on purpose! I'm a Prestige disciple. I'm the legacy echelon-designate. I'm a Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment expert! I'm the Junior Brother of the sect leader! I've performed meritorious service for the sect! I've shed my own blood....

1. Dabao literally means "big/grand treasure". Chaoda means "exceedingly/surpassingly grand/big". Both of them sound exaggerated and ostentatious, although, not entirely impossible as names

It was apparent from the craftsmanship that they were created by an expert artisan. Yet in the entire Nine Continents, they were in such a place!

In her heart, she felt that it was a big injustice. She had struggled so hard to get into the top 2, whereas Bai Xiaochun had done almost nothing. In fact, he hadn't even used any of his spiritual energy. Her irritation quickly turned into rage; gritted her teeth, she stared murderously at Bai Xiaochun, wishing she could kill him several times over. In fact, if she had the energy, she would go over and bite him.

Qing Shui was perplexed at the current situation, as if his five senses were assaulted at the same time. Then, he noticed a partly hidden tall rock that stood in the middle of the White Jade Milky Pond. It had a slope that was higher on the southern part while lower on the northern part, and was about 3 meters tall and 2 meters wide. He couldn't really tell accurately what it was, so he had decided to removed his boots and carefully leaped onto it.

"You seem perfectly fine, or is there some awkward spot like your buttocks or some other place that's uncomfortable? Tell me, we are friends. I will help you, hehehe. I'm not boasting but my medical skills are pretty good." Qing Shui teased her, trying to lighten up the atmosphere.

He had only just stepped into Core Formation, and could already cut down someone in the same level. Furthermore, he had completely dominated his opponent. How could these other Core Formation cultivators be anything other than astonished?

"The little lass which brought humiliation to Lan Yan`er is currently in Hundred Miles City. Not only that, her brother Qing Hu, the one who wanted to woo Miss Lan is also there. They are both currently in the city now."

It was also the same in the jungle.

"In order to resolve the impending crisis which would inevitably come, the Eternal Mother turned her three Eternal Sons into statues, and then used her divine sense to create worlds inside of them, filled with countless living beings. Her hope was that, years later, when the Mortal Renegade finally broke free, one of her people would be able to reach the Eternal Realm, and stave off complete calamity!

At this point, the Mortal Renegade spoke.?

The results were only average, leaving Bai Xiaochun feeling quite down. Thankfully, there was another girl besides Du Lingfei whom Bai Xiaochun found quite charming.

"Don't worry about it. Didn't you say before? We have been through so much stuff, we are going to make it through this time as well." Shi Qingzhuang said gently while raising her head to look at Qing Shui.

Females with large boobs often had very sparse genital hair. Some would have hair only around the corner of their genital parts while others would have none at all. Only dumb women had a small amount of short hair that would be soft, curly and light-colored. The opposite applied to smart women.

Countless soul cultivators were flying over to the Hell-Emperor Stele, where they gasped at the sight of Bai Xiaochun's name at the top of the list, glowing with black light.

The mere idea left his heart burning with anticipation, to the point where his eyes sparkled with the light of countless stars.

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