My Possessive Admirer Chapter 1392

My Possessive Admirer Chapter 1392

At this stage between life and death, Tianxiong Lie had an alarmed face as he immediately turned his face away so that his neck would not be completely speared through.

The young lady of the Tianqin clan was so moved that she could not express herself. She felt that she was unable to accept what had happened in such a short time. She just could not believe it, that the Tianqin clan had actually saved her, as well as killed so many experts of the Flood Dragon Bandits.

Striding over to the soldier, he slammed his foot into the butt of the soldier and began to scold him, "Hurry up and beg forgiveness from the lord!"

Feeling the sharp glare of the elder, Jian Chen had instinctively turned to look at the source of the stare. When he saw the elder, Jian Chen had been startled as well. But then a meaningful smile appeared on his face as he stood up from his chair as well and strode over to where the elder was.

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

"Indeed, the Dragon Transformation skill is a mighty skill££ The qi and blood is powerful, and the ability to heal is strong as well££ Unfortunately, the damage on my soul is not going to be restored easily."

"Your Majesty, please rest assured. The Sect of Dragon and Tiger is quite strong, but they cannot be compared to the Qinhuang Kingdom. This time they have offended the Qinhuang Kingdom's honor, this is something the Qinhuang Kingdom won't idly stand by for. If need be, I believe the Saint Ruler of the Qinhuang Kingdom will get involved as well." Jian Chen spoke without worry. With the Origin Energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits, Jian Chen didn't fear any Heaven Saint Master. All he truly worried about was the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

Yun Li looked at Jian Chen seriously, "Brother Jian Chen. Even I have heard about the grudge between you and the Tianxiong clan, and while I myself would like to stay out of it, Wake City is in a moment of crisis at the moment. We need to protect this city, so I would hope that you and the Tianxiong clan can put aside your differences temporarily until the wave is over. Would brother Jian Chen agree to this?" Yun Li spoke courteously. Since he had placed Jian Chen in a high position now, he wouldn't dare try to belittle him whether or not he had the support of a clan.

"Eh? It really is Jian Chen! But wasn't he an Earth Saint Master when he was in the Gathering of the Mercenaries? So why is he a Heaven Saint Master now after a single year?"

The appearance of the Sword Spirit made Jian Chen happy since not only were his questions answered, but he now had a new source of strength to improve himself.

"Why? Did that young guy have some sort of troublesome background?"

"I don't think we have to go all out to deal with those small fries."

Staring at Jiang Chen who was walking away, a confused look could be found in Huo Yuner's eyes. He followed Jiang Chen with his eyes as if that rather thin man had some magical attraction.

Without hesitating, Jiang Chen immediately increased his speed to his fastest. Big Yellow was also standing on the Heavenly Saint Sword. Jiang Chen's heart was burning with anxiety at this moment. During the past few days, an uneasy feeling had been wandering around in his mind, causing him to feel as if something bad had happened. However, never thought it was something so terrible. All those people were imprisoned because of him, and Jiang Chen would never allow anyone who were related to him face anything bad, much less because of him. Not only that, Jiang Zhenhai was his father, and Jiang Chen couldn't afford to lose him.

"Kill, let's slaughter this Jiang Chen!"

Xu Neng quickly calmed the audience down before Shangguan Chong went out of control. The Blissful Manor had already received a reward from that person, and they would have to give it back if they couldn't help him find a Nine Soul Restoration Pill.

Jian Chen laughed, "Back when I left the Tianqin clan for some time, I made a breakthrough to become a First Cycle Earth Saint Master."

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