Bambi and the Duke Chapter 2456

Bambi and the Duke Chapter 2456

"Dong Family, how to put it? We're in the top class within the city, however within this circle we are considered the weaker one." replied the lady as she walked. She and Qing Shui walked shoulder to shoulder and from the look of it they seem to be well matched.

Bai Xiaochun crouched in the thicket looking at the spirit tail chickens. Back when he had worked in the Ovens, he had never seen the chickens alive, but had eaten their meat and knew it was delicious. Furthermore, Big Fatty Zhang had mentioned that they loved to eat spirit bugs.

Rumbling sounds echoed out as more blood spilled from Xuemei's mouth. The black dragon slammed into her, shoving her backward. As the clone closed in, she performed an incantation gesture, waving her right finger to summon a plum blossom symbol. The symbol destroyed the clone, and yet, she was sent flying backward like a kite with its string cut.

"He just bashed Elder Brother Zhou, and he's in mid Foundation Establishment!"

Art of Pursuing!

"The eagle didn't come, but a blood chicken did! It was all worth it!"

"It's not, it's not tough at all." Canghai Mingyue looked at Qing Shui before watching the two children playing nearby.

A few more months went by. Bai Xiaochun had been in the Underworld River Restricted Area for far more than a year now, and was starting to get bored. He had avoided opportunities to make a scene, and was starting to wonder if he should send a message to the Grand Heavenmaster and ask to return to Arch-Emperor City.

As long as his opponent couldn't cripple him with a single technique, he had the confidence to defeat him. Even if they had a big gap between them, Qing Shui still had the Great Revitalizing Pellet, although he tried not to rely on it if possible. One of the reasons was that the Great Revitalizing Pellet was too precious, secondly, Qing Shui wanted to improve himself through actual battles.?

The second day after the beginning of the new year, the streets were still bustling as everyone soaked up the lively atmosphere. Qing Shui talked about many things with Qing Yi, as they strolled in the streets.

"For many years, the Song Clan has administered Middle Peak, and generations of blood masters have all been Chosen from our clan. But this time around, things changed.

Even Bai Xiaochun was completely taken aback. Before he could do anything, the key was inside of him, and the blood qi was coursing through his body.

Mu Qing's Mystical Connection Divine Sword was not to be outdone either!

"Have a look, Qing Shui. Are these what you need?" Fei Wuji pointed to about 2,000 brocade boxes that were about one feet long and one inch high in front of him.

As Qing Shui headed over, he started to assess them. The group had five people, three men and two ladies. One of the men was in his middle-age while the other two appeared to be in their thirties, all of them were quite good looking. The two ladies should also be in their thirties. One of them wore a Knight attire, her beautiful long hair tied up with a red string. Her eyes were especially bright, her upright nose and slightly curled lips gave the feeling of inhibition. She was an attractive lady who was both beautiful and appeared to have a strong character, with a curvy figure and a height that matches most guys.

The wave of her hand caused the blue flower to tremble, and then grow larger at a rapid rate, simultaneously shooting toward Ghostfang. It almost looked like the flower was opening wide to consume him.

They found seats in the corner of the great hall. There were not many people here in the morning. Soon, a waiter came over and brought them breakfast.

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