Heavens Assistant Chapter 2157

Heavens Assistant Chapter 2157

Jiang Chen pointed his finger like a sword and unleashed a bright light which split open Firethorn Savage's skull. Firethorn Savage had a sturdy body, so even if a Mortal Core warrior arrived after Firethorn Savage had died, he wouldn't be the ability to retrieve the demon soul from the corpse.

The remaining Tianxiong clan members all held their Saint Weapons up, since they held the advantage with numbers, they all started to spread out in a ring to entrap the invading person inside.

Although the Yan family had defeated the Lee family, everyone was focusing on Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. This man and dog were the keys to the elimination of the Lee family.

Jian Chen's confident words made everyone look at him in astonishment; some even stared at him in disbelief. Jian Chen's words had made everyone think that Jian Chen was going to reveal his strength or that he had a way to deal with the magical beast. Even then, because of his age, some people were still very skeptical of his strength. So because of that, someone couldn't help but wonder, "Could it be that he began to cultivate from within the womb?"

Although the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House had tried to keep the matter of what exactly was being sold a secret, it was like trying to contain a fire with paper. After every influential power had looked into the matter, most of the details about the two Class 5 Magical Beasts and their origins had been found out by the day before the auction.

Quickly, the figure came into view. His white robes had been torn apart in some places blood dyed the white, red. Injuries could be seen everywhere on his young body which was covered with some black liquid, and everyone could see that this youth couldn't be any older than twenty years old.


Jiang Chen was startled.

"Precisely, this place is the center of the Island of Ice, there is nothing else here except for this ancient pagoda! I'm certain the real treasure is hidden within!"

A Combat Soul warrior shouted at Jiang Chen.

"What? The Heavenly Phoenix Auction House has Class 5 Monster Cores to sell, is that true?"

Yan Zhan Yun said without any hesitation.

"Catch him quickly!"

Suddenly, the energy of the world began to rush into the inn before forming a brilliant glow of light around Jian Chen's hands. In a moment, the entire inn was filled with this energy.

Qian Yun sat down in a nearby chair and spoke dimly, "Ai, this sin of mine has involved the Qiangan Kingdom, regrettably."

The parents of these two swords were basically the Yin and Yang itself along with the special ingredients used to make the sword. Therefore, these two swords came to be known as the Yin Yang Swords. Qing Suo as the Yin and Zi Ying as the Yang; these two swords were an absolute pair. When the violet and azure swords came together under one, the Yin and Yang energies would flow together and have an absolutely terrifying power of destruction. These swords were even rumored to be able to split the heavens and sunder the earth with a power like no other.

Without doing anything, Jiang Chen went straight back to his own residence, Yu Zi Han also felt something was not right and followed behind Jiang Chen.

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