Almighty Coach Chapter 1705

Almighty Coach Chapter 1705

Qing Shui, in that midst of that scruffle, saw that one of the eyes of the snake king had been blinded. The reason for its frenzied movements earlier was because of this injury.

They chatted leisurely for a little, but Qing Shui knew that she must've been feeling very conflicted right now. They were about to arrive at the place which was once very familiar to her. She didn't exhibit the feeling of returning after wandering for so long, but that place still felt especially close and dear to her.

What kind of idea was this?

"I guess I'll just wait here and grab each one as it comes along. Hmph!" Feeling more pleased than ever, and more awesome, Bai Xiaochun thought about bringing out his mirror to ask imposter Nightcrypt how amazing he was.

Apparently, he was going to hold the line all by himself!

"He's back! How long has it been?"

Their departure made Patriarch Starry River even more conspicuous, placing him right in between them and Bai Xiaochun.


Qing Shui was speechless for a second. He knew Huoyun Liu-Li did this on purpose. He embarrassedly threw a glance at Canghai Mingyue and Mingyue Gelou and discovered that both of them were quietly smiling.?

And now, the true spirit who had been convinced by Heavenspan Island to guard the Great Wall had suddenly acted in this way.... As a result, Chen Hetian couldn't help but look with glittering eyes at the more than 90,000 soul spheres, and Bai Xiaochun.

Creating a fox fur coat did not require any thread or needle, as he only needed everything from the fur itself.

Bai Xiaochun couldn't be absolutely sure, but he was fairly certain that, despite the fact that he currently had no cultivation base, his fleshly body powerˇ­ was far, far higher than it had been before!

Some of them even had spirit automatons, and flew about in groups as if they were alive. It was truly a shocking sight.

Qing Shui did not condemn them. It was a fact that many large clans in the World of the Nine Continent would usually bring benefits and advantages to the people around them. This was how their families established themselves in a particular city or country, gaining dominance in the region.

"Qing Shui. Great." A placid voice spoke.

"Haha, how great will it be if I can go up and share gazes with that womanˇ­ˇ­" A middle-aged man said casually.

With Qing Shui's current defense plus his agile dodge, he did not receive too much damage. While light wounds were inevitable, Qing Shui knew what he was doing. Otherwise, he would not choose to go head on against the elderly's palm.

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