Doom Lord Chapter 286

Doom Lord Chapter 286

Wu Jiu cupped his fist toward the Imperial Emperor.

Jiang Chen stared at Fan Kun with a sneer. When he heard the two options Jiang Chen presented him, Fan Kun almost fainted due to fear.

The three of them were in messy states. Obviously, they had faced all kinds of trouble back in the Gate of Death. But luckily, they had finally come out from it without getting hurt.

This strange display of magic stunned the five Class 6 Spirit Apes, but one of the Spirit Apes narrowed his eyes and roared. Then, he began to charge at Jian Chen with his fists raised high in the air.

Jiang Chen touched Yan Chen Yu's nose with his finger.

Jiang Chen asked again.

"Young master!"

Big Yellow almost let fire come out from his nose. After provoking a big sect like the Green Sanctuary Sect, there was almost no way for them to remain low, trouble just kept coming at them with seemingly no end.

After absorbing the Five Elemental Pill, not only did his foundation become stronger, it also helped Jiang Chen form another five Dragon Marks. After all, there was a huge amount of energy contained within the pill. A low Earth rank pill was almost equal to a Mid Heavenly Core demon soul.

Jiang Chen said.

"No, I refuse to give in!"


Jiang Chen said.

"Do as Chen'er said, gather all the forces of our Jiang family."

"Captain, a Class 5 Magical Beast is indeed hard to defend against. I'm afraid that this time Wake City will have a disaster, I can't even say that Wake City will be able to be saved this time. I suggest that we immediately leave the city." A petite looking man spoke with a tremble in his voice. The threat of a Class 5 Magical Beast had left a fearful effect on his heart.

"Thunderous Sword!"

Jian Chen stroked the head of the cub gently before following after the elder.

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