100% Love from the Boss Chapter 2698

100% Love from the Boss Chapter 2698

An hour passed by in the blink of an eye. The sun had climbed to the middle of the sky, and it was now noon. That meant the Wu family's ancestor worshipping ceremony was going to start.

Liu Wei Wang snorted coldly. He forcefully struck his palm towards Yan Chen Yu. The strength a Late Mortal Core warrior was really amazing.

Seeing this huge amount of Nine Solar Holy Water, Liu Hong became extremely agitated. With this amount of Nine Solar Holy Water, the Heavenly Sect would be able to produce more geniuses. However, the price for it was not a small amount, and because he was just a junior manager, he couldn't make a decision right now.

Wu Lang said.

At this, the youth had a joyful look that held a small hint of disbelief as he looked at the fantastical steel box.

What everyone could rejoice about was the durability of the immortal's cave. Even after such a heavy blow, it still had not collapsed.

Jian Chen's sword traveled towards the scorpion with blinding speed, his sword had already reached the scorpion's eye.

Another mountain peak crumbled from the strike due to the overpowering might of the golden longbow. Every arrow was capable of destroying a mountain peak and could even bring an Earth Saint Master to a standstill. The longbow might have been able to strike against a Heaven Saint Master!

However, upon arriving at the Western Region, Tyrant seemed spiritless and dejected, and a sorrowful expression was visible on his face. However, he quickly adjusted his emotions, then started flying at to speed. His ultimate goal was to save Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. If not for this, he wouldn't have come back to this place at all. This was because he didn't want to see the look of disappointment on his master's face.

Jian Chen stood up from the ground and clasped his hands at the old man, "Yang Yutian greets senior!" Jian Chen was unable to see through the old man at all. In Jian Chen's eyes, he seemed to be an extremely normal old man, without any irregularities. However, Jian Chen was not so naive to believe so, and instead felt that the old man was even more profound.

The burly man handed the jade bottle to manager Liu. When manager Liu opened up the jade bottle, he instantly sensed a pure Yang energy leaking out from it. Without hesitating, he sent out his divine sense. Upon realizing what was contained inside the jade bottle, his expression changed dramatically. He stood up from his chair immediately and asked the burly man with a loud voice, "Where is this man?!"

Chapter 422 ΓΏ (Title hidden)


Within the northern stronghold of the Gesun Kingdom, it was temporarily quiet. Every soldier was starting to treat their wounds while a few Radiant Saint Masters continued to treat everyone as much as they could with their Radiant Saint Force. On the wall, several of the bandaged soldiers were out patrolling the area; with the heads of nine enemy Heaven Saint Masters mounted on the wall, the morale of the soldiers was at an all time high.

Not too far away, the several Heaven Saint Masters of the Flame Mercenaries stared at the young Jian Chen with a strange expression. He was far younger than they were, but the battle between him and the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had left them in amazement.


Everyone seated down below was stupefied as they looked in shock toward Ming Dong. They hadn't expected the ancestor to place so much importance on Ming Dong. Jian Chen was an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, so he was to be expected to receive such treatment. But Ming Dong's identity was something that everyone was completely curious about now.

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