Physician¡¯s Odyssey Chapter 2446

Physician¡¯s Odyssey Chapter 2446

He fell!

The old man with the distinct voice, known as third brother, did not say anything else. No one knew whether he understood the hidden meaning behind Luo Zhi's words.

Borrowing the force of the explosion, his nascent divinity shot into the open and prepared to flee. However, that was when, to his utter astonishment, he discovered that¡­ his nascent divinity also had a moon sigil on it!!

Qing Yi gently laughed, the temperament of this child of hers was the exact same as his father's! Unbiddenly, waves of melancholy assailed her heart as she thought of Qing Shui's father.

"Little Chen! I found some food for--" Before he could finish speaking, his face fell as he noticed all the corpses in the area. Looking around anxiously, he rushed over to where he had left Bai Xiaochun, only to find no one there. That, and the sight of all of locusts devouring the nearby corpses, made his heart seize.

When a stream of five-colored glow appeared, Qing Shui smiled and put down his hammer, looking at the Violet Jade Sword. It was only until that five-colored glow disappeared before he picked it up to take a look. Not far away from him, there was a huge pile of swords that had been wasted.

However, he soon got a good sense of the true power of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect. During those ten days, he realized that almost all of the yellow-robed disciples he encountered on Sky Quarter Rainbow were Core Formation cultivators!

Qing Shui quickly used his Thunder God to block the attack while retreating backwards using the force of the impact. As he stepped backwards, the Silver Needles in his sleeves quickly shot out towards Donggong Taiqing, preventing the latter from following up with another attack.

"Hahaha! Let's see how you fight back this time, Bai Xiaochun! You just wait! Those bugs are going to burrow into your flesh and eat you alive!"

Diamond Qi!

Qing Shui was thunderstruck!

For the first time ever, they dropped their differences and met together to discuss the situation. After hashing things out, they made an agreement; that very day when evening fell, they would strike!


Qing Yi bowed her head and said with a hint of embarrassment, "Only two at the moment¡­"

She led Qing Shui and walked out of the brocade house towards the backyard. Her backyard was completely filled with medicinal herbs. It was approximately one fifteenth of a hectare in size. The medicinal herbs here were all transplanted here by other people. The medicinal herbs were aged around two thousand years.

Qing Shui was stunned. He did not expect that this Qing You, who had a big build who was always naive and simple-minded, also had a joking and lewd side. The atmosphere turned livelier than ever.

It was impossible to say whether he would succeed. However, he knew that becoming a half-sovereign was not what he wanted. He wanted¡­ something that would give more hope than a half-sovereign could!

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