Altora: The Chronicles of the Ren-Ky Warriors Chapter 750

Altora: The Chronicles of the Ren-Ky Warriors Chapter 750

"Senior, don't harm Xiao Bai!" Jian Chen cried out as an uncomfortable feeling began to arise in his stomach.

The Third Emperor furiously said.

Qing Styx furrowed his brows. With Liu Hong's temper, he didn't kill Jiang Chen straightaway, but instead returned to the Green Sanctuary Sect. This proved that the young man had a troublesome background. At least, the background was not something Liu Hong could afford to offend.

"The temperature is dropping quickly, this has never happened before! Is something big going to happen?"

Big Yellow said while baring his teeth.

"That's right! You dared kill men from the Asura Palace, we'll definitely rip you into a thousand pieces!"

Afterward, the dozen men and magical beasts all waited by the side of the street patiently. On the street, many passersby turned their heads to look at their group with curiosity.

But no one had ever thought Jiang Chen would be this horrible. Not only had he not suffered any injuries, he had even knocked back the Imperial Emperor while exchanging attacks! This was extremely shocking, and people were having a hard time believing their own eyes.

Hearing this, Jian Chen went silent for a moment before opening his mouth to ask, "Captain Kendall, I have a suggestion, would you please listen to it?"

Within the Nangong family's residence, tall towers and finely built palaces could be seen everywhere. The entire place was filled with a luxurious and majestic atmosphere. This was a forbidden land within Nangong City, and no ordinary men were allowed to enter this place.

Jian Chen's eyes flashed with the two colors as he began to control the leaves flying around him. In an instant, they formed into ten swords and shot toward the five Spirit Apes.

It was high noon by the time he arrived at Longevity Valley. Plenty of villagers could be seen walking about, and when Jian Chen entered the village, these villagers had noticed him right away.

Right after the Fourth Emperor finished speaking, Jiang Chen simply slapped his face, causing him to spin around three times.

However the azure and violet Sword Qi on Jian Chen's sword bore straight through the water dragon and continued to fly at the patriarch's throat.

"All these people are smart, no one wants to suffer any losses."

Big Yellow was incredibly vigorous and fast, he kept shifting his position as he flew towards the Black Swamp Serpent. His powerful head finally collided with the Black Swamp Serpent's body, stunning it and making it spit out more blood.

Jian Chen stared back at the elder and bit his lip with anger, "Harido clan, I will remember this, do you dare tell me your name?"

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