Free Spirited Villainess Chapter 1495

Free Spirited Villainess Chapter 1495

The training grounds of the Tianqin clan was an elevated platform that was two hundred feet long. The moment Jian Chen arrived, he could see Qin Xiao just jumping off from the platform while five guard captains were all laying on the ground with a pale faces.

"Big Yellow, Yishan, capture all these men, but do not kill them."

Right now, Jiang Chen needed to absorb the Bloody Combat Wolf's demon soul bit by bit. This kind of demon soul, which contained a special bloodline, was the most difficult to absorb. Not only did Jiang Chen want to absorb the energy within, he also wanted to inherit the Bloody Combat Wolf's Wolf King bloodline, and he wanted to form new Dragon Marks to increase his combat strength. The effectiveness of absorbing a special bloodline was always better than absorbing the energy alone.

"Precisely! He has killed too many people in Inferno Hell, and those who wants to get revenge for those he killed are everywhere!"

Tan Lang tried to comfort Jiang Chen not to worry about this number one pirate.

Jian Chen's eyes swept around himself to look at the nearby people in the auction house before replying, "Elder Huang, I have a few precious things that I would like to sell, would elder like to talk about them?"


"Alright then, you take care of yourself fourth brother. Luo Jian's strength has already reached the middle ranked Saint level." Changyang Hu immediately went off to help his friends. Although seeing Jian Chen in the 3rd region was unexpected, he knew that now wasn't the time to try to figure out how or why.

"Young brat, what did you just say?"

In the afternoon, a member of the Flame Mercenaries came to Jian Chen's courtyard. "Captain, the captain of the Bloodrain Mercenaries wishes to see you."

Arriving at the doors to the Kai clan, the three men dismounted from their horse and immediately walked up to the guard standing there. Cupping his hands, one of the men spoke out respectfully, "Fellow brother, we are from the Tianhua Sect with an important matter to discuss with your clan leader. Would it be possible for us to enter?" The man didn't dare sound arrogant, so his voice was very amicable sounding.

"Damn it; this young girl is really strong!"

"Third Secret of Water Control√ŅWater to Ice Creation!"

The broken sword hadn't fully transformed. Big Yellow knew that with his current strength, there was no way he could harness the true power of this broken sword. Thus, the dragon horn on his forehead moved. A lightning bolt shot out from his dragon horn and fell onto the broken sword.

There was a crimson flash of light as the Saint Ruler's blade became one with the world as it traveled for Jian Chen's neck.

Looking at this, Wang Yun and the other disciple couldn't help but have panicked expressions on their faces. The way they looked at Fan Kun was filled with hatred. As one of the inner circle disciple representatives, Fan Kun had the audacity to kill his fellow disciple. He didn't care about the sect's rules.

This was because the man at first did not take Jian Chen's actions seriously. To him, Jian Chen was no more than a 20 year old man who would possibly only have the strength of a Saint at the most. Even if he was a genius, then he would be no higher than a Primary Great Saint so as far as he was concerned, a person like this was no match for his troops. After this exchange of blows, the man was shocked at this new discovery. Even though he hadn't placed too low of an importance on Jian Chen, this strength of his was far beyond his expectations. With this strength, the man estimated that Jian Chen was no weaker than he was.

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