Infallible Oathbreaker Chapter 2315

Infallible Oathbreaker Chapter 2315

Shangguan Chong said loudly. His entire voice echoed through the entire auction hall. It wasn't difficult to imagine how angry he was right now.

"Impossible, this is nonsense.This boy sure knows how to eat pills like an expert, but he will never know how to concoct pills.You guys must be making fun of me."

Jian Chen had already lost his appetite. Standing up from his chair, he turned around and left the restaurant. Riding his Class 4 Magical Beast mount, he departed from the place.

"The bindings of the sixth level and the seventh level are all arranged by the previous generations of headmasters. The defence is very strong, and even if it is a Heaven Saint Master, it is impossible to break it within a short period of time." The headmaster's tone carried a bit a pride, and he immediately took out a token constructed from Purple Coin. The token had very complicated markings on it, and it seemed to be a design of some sort.

"Yea! This scrap metal looks normal, you should show us something special even if you really want to cheat us."

More and more people started arriving. The gates of life and death caused everyone to furrow their brows. Everyone could clearly see behind what laid behind the Gate of Life, it was full of vitality. Green hills and clear waters were everywhere, and bright light shone in all directions. The atmosphere seemed peaceful and calm.

After brutally and quickly killing the first person, Jiang Chen didn't slow down. His blood wings swung like a sharp blade and slashed another leader into half, he also dug out his devil core. These devil cores were a great supplement for Jiang Chen.

The monster roared out again, and then it became completely silent. Its huge body had been completely frozen, right above the cold pond. The monster had turned into an icy statue.

"A hundred years ago, also on the ocean, an Island of Ice suddenly appeared and raised a great commotion. Many warriors from the Eastern Continent entered the island, and according to the legend, those who entered the island, as long as their luck wasn't too bad, most of them obtain great benefits. The current emperor of the Martial Saint Dynasty is one of the men who entered the Island of Ice a hundred years ago. He was only in his youth at that time, but when he came back from the island, his cultivation surged, and he is no an incredible Combat King warrior."

Yan Chenyu said as she furrowed her brows.

Jiang Chen continued and said, "I know an ancient formation called the Skymend Formation. It utilizes the Yin and Yang principles. Everything around us contains Yin and Yang principles, and if we can creature this formation, we will be able to temporarily seal this dimensional crack, and that should be good enough to finish this mission. At that point of time, I believe the Imperial Emperor won't leave this behind, he will fix the dimensional crack himself."

Now that Jian Chen's identity had been revealed to the entire upper echelons of the Changyang clan, everyone looked at Jian Chen in a new light. Being the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom was more than enough to completely quash a king of a small kingdom like the Gesun Kingdom.Chapter 453: Child of the Bi Clan

At this, the man could only shake his head in disappointment. He had originally planned on striking at their morale to influence them all over to his side. In the end it had been fruitless.

Zhao Chongyang let out a sigh as his face pointed towards the sky. Nanbei Chao was a peerless genius, but being born in the same era as Jiang Chen was his biggest misfortune.

"Jiang Chen, you££"

Seeing Jian Chen come flying over, Jiede Wukang's face grew ugly. Back when he was contesting for the pages he hadn't thought of Jian Chen as an opponent at all, but with Jian Chen easily breaking through Shi Xiangran's barrier, he couldn't help but feel as if his heart had been dealt a serious blow. Right now, he couldn't afford to naively think that his barrier would protect him from any harm anymore.

At that moment, a few middle aged men wearing black suddenly blocked Jian Chen's path.

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