Mr Daedalus da CEO wiff supa Harem Chapter 1851

Mr Daedalus da CEO wiff supa Harem Chapter 1851

"Ohˇ­ You just scared me. I thought that you wanted to let me sleep here."

"Tomorrow at dawn I leave the sect...." he thought anxiously. This would be his first time truly leaving the sect since he had joined, and he didn't feel safe at all. In fact, he even took out the shield he had acquired from Chen Fei and performed a threefold spirit enhancement on it. That didn't leave him feeling very safe, though. Next, he performed spirit enhancements on the leather coats he had worn in the competition.

After all, both riversource sects had borne witness to the fact that, given the right circumstances and resources, he could very nearly destroy the world.

Supposedly, this clan had once produced a cultivator who went all the way to the Nascent Soul stage, and although he had long since perished, he had left an impression on the cultivators in this part of the city that continued on down to this day.

Qing Shui had tried it once before. During the time when he had operated Surging Blood, he was able to draw out an additional ten percent power increase to the Frenzied Bull's Strength. To Qing Shui, this was an accidental joy. For now, a ten percent strength increase would have already been considerably impressive.?

After sending out his divine sense, he soon locatedˇ­ a huge sword!

"Haha, this barely reaches the strength of a Human Grade Eight Martial Saint!" Qing Shui could not help but be ecstatic.

Anyone who might have been able to cast their vision into the blessed land would have been able to sense time twisting and distorting, flowing in a different way than in the world outside!

Gongsun Yi finally shuddered to a stop about 300 meters away, unable to prevent blood from spilling out of his mouth. Then he looked up at Bai Xiaochun, and the desire to do battle that existed in his eyes grew even more intense. Howling, he instantly began to charge back in Bai Xiaochun's direction.

If they hadn't stopped the matter when they did, the resulting chain reaction would have led to numerous other cultivator clans hearing about the matter and then following along in the rebellion. It would have been almost the same as a powerful enemy invading Spirit Stream Sect territory, and would have led to grave repercussions, potentially even the destabilization of the sect.

In the cultivation world, which had a history that stretched back tens of thousands of years into the past, 500 years didn't seem like very much. But to mortals, that was equivalent to ten generations. Furthermore, it was exactly what Bai Xiaochun constantly dreamed about!

"It's good that elder brother Hai and old ancestor are here. I came here today to make a marriage proposal to Dongqing." Even though this was not the first time he had made a marriage proposal, he still felt a bit awkward but less nervous with his approach.

The man hesitated for a moment. Although he knew that Madam Cai didn't like Bai Hao, and had been involved in a power struggle with him, he didn't understand why she wanted him dead so urgently. "Madam Cai, killing him won't be hard, but we're in the Bai Clan. If I kill him right now, it could be... problematic."

"Enough with this nonsense. Today, I shall kill your wife and daughter, and let you taste the agony of losing your loved ones."

When Master God-Diviner saw that, his heart seized with shock; he had only stood up, he never imagined that his opponent would attack just because of that.

The clan chief could no longer restrain himself.?

Before he allowed him to enter Xiantian, he prepared a "Yang Revitalizing Pellet" just for him! Everything had already been prepared, the final step was to just wait for Situ Shang to break through to Xiantian.

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