Just Another Reincarnation Story Chapter 2740

Just Another Reincarnation Story Chapter 2740

Chang Wuji's face was especially gloomy and a fury radiated from his eyes. There was no way he didn't know what was happening down below him, but with the two men he was fighting annoying him to death, there had been no way for him to go down to save anyone.

The golden mountain produced a loud explosive sound as it was thrown by Nangong Wenyen toward Nangong Wentian.

Nan Bei Chao took out a storage bag and tossed it over to Jiang Chen. Many people looked at Jiang Chen with envy, they all knew that inside the storage bag were the rewards for this competition. A mid-ranked combat weapon, a storage ring, and a Thousand Year Old Earth Fruit.

The leader pointed the tip of the sword at Jian Chen and said coldly, "Kid, I'll give you one last chance. Hand over the cub obediently, otherwise, I swear I'll make you die a wretched death." The man growled as the other Zhou Mercenaries began to take out their own Saint Weapons and surrounded Jian Chen to suppress him with their intimidation.


Jiang Chen turned to Nangong Wentian and smiled at him. After that, he simply turned into a trail of light and disappeared into the night sky. He had finally begun his journey back home.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He agreed with what Han Yan said.

Jiang Chen attacked with great speed and no mercy. A long sword appeared in his hands. This sword was obtained from a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect he killed in the woods not too long ago.

Jiang Chen said.

The Flood Dragon was furious. It couldn't accept the fact that some humans were trying to kill it while it was weakened.

Secretly, Zhou Butong had felt shock within his heart. Jian Chen couldn't have been any older than twenty, but for such a young man he had such a disproportionate amount of strength. Due to his accumulated amount of experience over the years, he could guess that Jian Chen had no major person backing him up. Yet, he couldn't believe that a youth with no major power behind him would be able to have the strength of a Great Saint Master.

"Haha, so funny, just look at yourselves now, you're still trying to run away from us? Fat chance! Tian Yishan, Jiang Chen robbed us of everything we had, and I will settle the score with you today! None of you will be leaving here alive today!"

Of course, they could only become a superpower like the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, it was still very difficult to match the Martial Saint Dynasty. It wasn't easy to break through to the Combat King realm, after all.

"Me too."

"Let's enter sector three, I'm sure they won't have the courage to follow us since it's the Firethorn Savage's territory."

While the first two snakes had been stopped by the Guan Dao, the third snake had become like a fierce tiger, increasing in temperature as it traveled through the air towards the man.

"Breaking them one by one, let's kill one man first."

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