Galactic Dark Net Chapter 519

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 519

"Heavens! The Arch-Emperor actually sealed the bone dragon!!"

She had lived an extravagant life since she was young. Anything she wanted would be in her hands effortlessly. She would get the best and the most precious things before anyone. No one would dare to refute anything she said.

Another four days passed and Qing Shui focused all of his attention on the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron. His two hands moved about slightly. The primordial flames were now so weak that they was almost non-existent.

"Little Sister, you are supposed to marry Hu Yunlong, the leader of the Mighty Tiger Adventurer Guild the day after tomorrow! Why are you with another man?" The man who looked slightly older compared to the other young men reprimanded.

"Mu Old Fart, your Mu Clan may be a large clan around here but all of us here are aware that our Sky Prison Sect could demolish your clan with ease. We aren't here to escalate things, just hand over that boy." Sky Prison Old Fifth pointed at Qing Shui while gritting his teeth.

Yuan Su headed back to Medical Prescription Chamber with Di Qing and a few of her juniors while Di Chen and QIng Shui only sent them to their carriage.

Finally, Qing Shui had also believed in the turning point to Martial Saint. If he could not break through it, he would never reach Martial Saint no matter how hard he tried. Moreover, Qing Shui had a hunch that there was a type of link in the breakthrough of both Martial Saint and the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Ancient Strengthening Technique.

Along the way, quite a few cultivators noticed him and called out respectful greetings. However, he was no longer in the mood to revel in their attention. Evening was falling, and the light of the setting sun reflecting off of the golden waters of the Heavenspan Sea made for quite a beautiful scene. Bai Xiaochun looked out at it, then sighed, thinking about how he already had a deva soul. If he really ran out of options, he could always find a safe place inside the Great Wall to hide for ten years, then come back to the sect, trade it for a set of deva beast souls, and then step into the Nascent Soul stage.

To her, family ties were something that had became non-existent after the death of her father, Yan Zhongyue. The reason behind her request to Qing Shui in sparing the Sixth Branch lineage was because that was the home of her father. Her father's family was there.

At the same time, deadly beams of light shot from the other mountain peaks in his direction.

Wenren Wu-Shuang laughed happily.

Those memories existed within him as clear as day.

At this moment, the area of content for alchemy that was previously greyed out in his mind, began to blaze with a golden yellow radiance within Qing Shui's sea of consciousness.

Qing Shui instructed the shopkeeper.

"I got my earth-type deva soul.... My trip to the Bai Clan wasn't without its dangers, but in the end... it was worth it!" With those thoughts on his mind, Bai Xiaochun looked around with increased vigilance. Even as he contemplated how rewards come only with risk, he realized that his thinking was yet again getting out of line, and corrected himself.

Qing Shui was not surprised that they could guess who he was. Zuoshi Yun must have said everything when he came back, Moreover, he would probably be the only one who dared to come looking for trouble.

This was precisely the problem with strength!?

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