SURPASSAR Chapter 2478

SURPASSAR Chapter 2478

With the exception of Heavenly Marquis Liu.

Suddenly Luo Di brandished the hammer with his remaining arm, a Thunder flame erupted out, it was two meters long. There was an electrical power and the Thunder Flame gave off a terrifying aura.

After all, this was a true celestial, not a quasi-celestial like Daoist Heavenspan. This was Ghostmother, a Mahayana Realm expert with an astounding bone galleon at her command.

There were only loud sounds of waves crashing against the shores here. Looking at the huge waves that were hundreds of meters tall, he felt that the overwhelming aura made him breathless. Qing Shui took out the Big Dipper Sword and gradually walked downward.

Now, Qing Shui was so surprised that he immediately stopped at the mountain pathway. The feeling of having a speed boost made Qing Shui felt like running around madly. It was just like when a normal person could cover their usual two or three steps with just one step. Who wouldn't feel good about that?

Guo Polu and Qingqing had been residing in Qing Clan for the past month without returning home even once. This month had been tough for Guo Polu, but his perseverance had paid off because he excelled in strength. His talent was alright. Qing Shui spent quite some time instructing him. He was Qingqing's man so this was a way to allow him and Guo Clan to take a big step forward.

The meal the ladies had prepared was sumptuous. The spices, fruits, and seasonings were gathered from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal as fresh ingredients for the food. As long as they didn't add the salt to the ingredients, everything would be fine.

Shi Qing Zhuang slightly wrinkled her brows, as she coldly stared at Qing Shui who was beside her. To her surprise, she discovered that this little fellow actually had refined and exquisite features, and had a face filled with elegance and slight bit of masculinity, with eyes filled with a clear sense of direction. This was a man who knew what he wanted to achieve in the future. Inadvertently, she could not help but to compare him to those "refined" men who were around her, who appeared gentle and kindhearted on the surface, but in reality were constantly checking her out secretly with eyes filled with lust. The difference between them was akin to that of heaven and earth.

Bai Xiaochun thought back to Master Thousand-Ghost, whom he had defeated with a single stare. He nodded.

"Hmmmph! I'm not afraid of anybody in competitions like these!" Although his eyes widened into a glare, he couldn't stop thinking about the three people Song Junwan had just described, and after finding them in the group, he fixed their facial features in his mind.

After all, it was quality over quantity!

Qing Shui shook his head. Step by step, he started forging the necklace. Creating a 3-color graded necklace was already impressive. Ever since the appearance of Frenzied Bull's Strength armor, there hadn't been any other set of armor. Qing Shui felt that due to him practicing Frenzied Bill's Strength, thus imbuing Frenzied Bull Strength during forging, and a "special" seven starred armored vest, this was on the Big Dipper sword. This was the origin of the Big Dipper Sword's name. Thus, Qing Shui was not certain if the once familiar armor and skills were even real.?

Qing Shui was speechless when he spotted the horse wagon. To be exact, the jet-black creature was also called a horse, but its name was Black Dragon Horse.

"A man has to be able to take whatever that comes to him. A true man is a man who constantly contends with the Heavens, the Earth and himself, and will never concede to defeat. Every hardship in your life is a test for you," Lin Zhanhan chuckled.

"Xiaochun, look aroundĄ­. Can you tell what's different about the sectĄ­?"

"Essence does not exist in any one specific place, but simultaneously, creates and contains all places." As Bai Xiaochun smiled and spoke these fifth and sixth sentences, all the living beings throughout the starry sky became still and quiet!!

He then took another silver needed and insert into the Bu Lang acupoint !

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