Forbidden Alpha Chapter 2299

Forbidden Alpha Chapter 2299

Listening to the three aunts talk about her son, Bi Yuntian smiled so much that she was no longer able to keep her mouth closed. She took great pride in her son's outstanding talent and also because of her son, her status rose greatly within the Changyang clan. Even the elders of the Changyang clan would treat Bi Yuntian with a respectful tone.

Right after Jiang Chen shouted, nine identical Jiang Chen's suddenly appeared on the stage and surrounded Jiang Wei. The sudden change had sent a storm across the crowds, everyone were so shocked that their mouths were wide open. Even Fan Kun who was watching the fight from afar was shocked by what was happening. Because, with his experience, he couldn't tell which one of the nine Jiang Chen's was the real one.



There was actually not a huge difference between concocting pills and making Combat Weapons, the process was pretty similar. Jiang Chen as the previously greatest Saint underneath the Heavens, not only was he an alchemy expert, he was also a master at making Combat Weapons.

In the next second, a desperate wail from the Flying Spirit Snake could be heard. Within the poisonous mist, no one was capable of seeing what was happening, but they knew that something had obviously struck the ground heavily and shook it.

"The Feng family offers two hundred ninety thousand."

When the imposing Earth Devil saw the Blood Talisman, its expression changed dramatically. It stared at the Blood Talisman with its four eyes as if it had just seen the most frightening objects in the world. Also, when the blood red lights hit the Earth Devil's body, it immediately jumped up from the ground with a painful expression.

Wu Jiu said.Chapter 371 √Ņ The Fall of the Red City Region

"Hmph!This is not something you need to worry about.There is someone who will represent Mu Rong family."

Wu Cong's eyes turned extremely red. Never in his life had he been so angry at someone. In an instant, the longsword in his hand shot out countless sword energy which weaved into a gigantic web, and slashed toward Wu Lang with a second delay.

"And now, this old man won't be holding back any longer. Let this old man have some good fun." The patriarch spat. After these several exchanges, he knew that this was no time to hold back; otherwise, there would be no way to counter this upstart of a youngster.Chapter 628: Subjugation (One)


Jian Chen had learned much about the many different spiritual treasures of the Tian Yuan continent, something that couldn't be found anywhere on the first 5 levels of the library.

"Damn it, what is facing Heavenly Tribulation now?!"

Right now, everyone felt a small amount of relief. Who would have ever thought that there would be a high level warrior hidden somewhere in the Mayor's mansion? And with a powerful voice he had managed to chase Lee Shan Yue away.

As for Tan Lang, after having his body strengthened by the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, his constitution would experience a tremendous transformation. He could already be considered a genius, and at that point of time, not only would he fully recover, his cultivation base would improve significantly as well.

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