The Anime Trope System: Stone vs. the Viper, a LitRPG novel. Chapter 1098

The Anime Trope System: Stone vs. the Viper, a LitRPG novel. Chapter 1098

But he never expected the Black Sect to successfully call upon so many Combat Soul warriors, and then there was that formidable group that had appeared out of nowhere, turning the tables of the war in an instant. He was also annoyed by Jiang Chen. Initially, he thought that with the Old Emperor's formidable combat strength, killing Jiang Chen would just take a few minutes. He had also failed to take Wu Jiu seriously, as he had just broken through to the Combat King realm.

"Is that really him? Heavens, he's already a Heaven Saint Master. Whats more, he's able to fight against four other Heaven Saint Masters using their Heaven Tier Battle Skills? How inconceivable. Jian Chen was in the Gathering of the Mercenaries, so he can't be over the age of fifty!"

Yu Tian Long nodded his head. He didn't say anything more to get Jiang Chen to stay, he knew Jiang Chen was a man with his own mind. He wouldn't change his mind easily.

At Jian Chen's words, Yun Li's face tightened as he realized Jian Chen had no plans on protecting Wake City from the wave of magical beasts. Before he could say something, Jian Chen continued to speak, "However, since I'm already at Wake City, I may as well participate. Yet, whether or not Wake City survives the magical beast wave, this one cannot guarantee that."

The king of Qinhuang Kingdom and Qin Ji also felt rather heavy-hearted towards the death of Jian Chen's parents. They properly consoled Jian Chen.

"The white fog is the same as the ones we've entered before. Only difference is that it's much thicker. I sense no danger from it, and if we want to venture further into the Island of Ice, we'll need to cross this white fog."

The two golden energy arrows shot toward Jin Tian and Jin Feng at breakneck speeds. As expected from a Ruler Armament, the arrows that it shot locked onto the two men's auras precisely without fail.

Both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow immediately increased their speed to their maximum, running crazily toward the valley. Big Yellow's wings of light made him incredibly fast, and Jiang Chen had a pair of wings inherited from the Blood Winged Hawk. That combined with the Dimensional Shift and Nine Phantom Wolves, he was too good at escaping.

Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to continue staying in the Black Sect. With Daoist Black's help, Jiang Chen would at least have place where he could rest. He couldn't just give up on this.

They were unable to withstand a single blow. Yu Zihan, Guan Yiyun, and Tian Yishan were all Late Divine Core warriors. Not only that, they were also extraordinary geniuses of the younger generation. Although they were still no match for any Combat Soul warriors, they were able to defeat almost anyone in the same realm and stage as themselves.

Two men sat at the front. One of them wore a green robe, and his brows made him seem very domineering. He looked to be in his late twenties, and he was portraying a noble image from all over his body. His dark hair was fluttering in the breeze, and a faint smile could be seen on his face. He was none other than the organizer of this Gathering of Skynet, the number one genius from the Shangguan Clan, Shangguan Yiqing!

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. Although there were still no news regarding the Nine Solar Holy Water, this Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm had actually surprised him. Even though it couldn't make Yan Chenyu wake up, once she did wake up, this Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm would give her tremendous benefits.

Jiang Chen, Tyrant and Tan Lang were also given talismans. However, when Jiang Chen looked at the talisman given to him, he instantly felt something wrong about it. Young master Qi had left his divine sense on the talisman, so that he could find their exact location at any time.

None of elders had tried to threaten Jian Chen and instead tried a simpler approach in hopes that Jian Chen would hand the Seal of Treasure Mountain over.

Jiang Chen's blood wings flapped, he landed amongst the disciples of the Black Sect, and immediately attracted countless malicious gazes from the disciples of both the Burning Sky Pavilion and the Heavenly Sword Sect. However, the reactions from the Black Sect's disciples were completely different, many of them immediately gathered around him.

Panic struck almost everyone's minds. Few were able to remain calm when facing such a situation.

Thinking for a moment, Jian Chen felt that he wouldn't come across anything too dangerous while he was in the Blue Wind Kingdom. Combined with You Yue's preparations to travel, there was no way he could easily decline. At last, he finally agreed to the request with a smile, "Very well. If You Yue wishes to travel outside to relieve her boredom, then why not let her travel with us?"

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