Trash of the CountĄ¯s Family Chapter 308

Trash of the CountĄ¯s Family Chapter 308

"I hope that this time around, it would not be the same as the other time!" Qing Shui recalled the agony of how he could only hug her for a night but not have his way with her.

Clearly, the egg sac was making use of the life force that had been gathered from Murknine County. In factĄ­ it reminded Bai Xiaochun very much of how he had been forced to collect life force when cultivating the Undying Codex.

The lady was silent and she was in a daze for a moment!

Not a single giant responded. Instead, they just stood there, panting, their expressions those of terror.

Raging Flame Cloud Leopard!

It took only the briefest of moments for the sky to fill with countless medicinal pills. The pills were designed to affect the souls, not the waters of the Underworld River, and yet, they were still partially effective.

A boom could be heard as his bag of holding was torn open, allowing countless objects to spill out from inside.

Looking at his celestials, he said, "Very well. Excellent work, my celestials. And now, please produce the fruits of your labor. As I said before, everyone who participated will be rewarded for their meritorious service!"?

Qing Shui finished searching the huge area very quickly but was disappointed. Each time he sensed a wave of potential Qi, he only found some metallic rocks or moderately valuable medicinal herbs.

Heavenly Palace's abrupt rise in power was good news for the Greencloud Continent. If the Heavenly Palace continued to show their capability in holding their position in the Greencloud Continent, then the powerful clans from other continents would think twice about causing a fuss here. At the very least, the supreme aristocratic clans would finally take notice of the Greencloud Continent if they were to travel to the other continents. Each time some clan from the Central Continent stepped into the Greencloud Continent, the locals would become timid in fear that they would conquer their land due to their reputation for hosting powerful martial warriors in the Central Continent. If someone from the Greencloud Continent were to step into the Central Continent, however, no one would bat an eye, because martial warriors in Greencloud Continent were generally weakĄ­..

"However, considering that you're in Arch-Emperor City, the fact that the deed was done with such seamless perfection indicates that it wasn't just the work of a demigod. There must have been multiple clans working together to provide supportĄ­. That would be the only way to do it without leaving behind even the slightest evidence or clue!

As that happened, the group from the Polarity River Court looked at each other, then howled, sending devil qi surging out to form a gigantic head.

Although Qing Shui could not be sure, he was pretty close. Qing Shui saw a record of Gold Flint in Treasure Notes. In ancient times, things that were used to make fire were called flint. There were different kinds like Gold Flint, or Wood Flint.

Some distance away from the Great Wall, more than a hundred beams of light could be seen screaming through the air at incredible speed, clearly ignoring any threat to themselves. As they closed in, it was possible to see that there were over a hundred giants, each one of them at least 60 meters tall. From their size, and from the incredible fluctuations rolling off of them, it was obvious that these were powerful experts from whatever tribe they came from.

Elder Ge looked at Qing Shui, although he could not see through Qing Shui's abilities, he could feel the changes of Qing Shui, his aura had changed. He knew that Qing Shui's abilities had made a breakthrough.

However, the Godly Sword Sect had a purpose for this proposal. The Elder's sight was set on the long term, he would not deviate from his long term plans for short term gains. Especially when this young man was a crucial existence in this plan, in the long run, the possibilities were endless.

"This is really considered a world grade delicacy. The spiritual energy in Eastern Victory Divine Continent is very strong and I've also eaten quite a lot of good food but to think that an ordinary Green Tailed Fish could taste this good. The skill of those imperial chefs are dogshit when compared to this young man's," an old man said.

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