A Cheap, OP Brawler Chapter 2226

A Cheap, OP Brawler Chapter 2226

The young man didn't stop there. He once again leapt toward the lion and launched another attack.

Jian Chen smiled but decided to not dwell on the subject anymore. "Uncle, are you heading out to the outside world?"

"Sect of Dragon and Tiger, you must offer us compensation for this affair. Otherwise, our Qinhuang Kingdom and your sect will cross blades instead." Qin Wujian spoke in a low voice.

Thinking for a moment, Jian Chen spoke, "Could you tell me just what problems you have, and how I should help you?"


"What else could we do? Let's report back to the elder."

Jiang Chen gazed coldly at Zhou Bei Zhen.Cold sweat emerged on Zhou Bei Zhen.After just a single gaze, he had a feeling that he was not facing a 15 year old young man, but an old demon who had lived for more than a thousand years.

But during these two days, the one called Little Spirit hadn't come to him again.

Everything happened so fast and so unexpectedly. Therefore, the distressed Crown Prince didn't even have the chance to respond. The green mist had hit him without much effort. With the Crown Prince's strength, if he was at top shape, he might have been able to dodge this attack. However, since Big Yellow had aimed for this perfect opportunity, he obviously wouldn't give the Crown Prince any time to react.

Back on Guo Shan's mountain peak, when Jiang Chen sensed Han Yan's energy, he immediately walked out from Yan Chenyu's room.

Liu Hong asked. At the same time, he recited what Jiang Chen had told him to Qing Styx.

Jiang Chen clenched his fist tightly, causing it to produce cracking sounds. After breaking through, he felt like his body possessed endless amounts of strength. Just how strong was he now that he had 4,500 Dragon Marks? Only Jiang Chen himself knew.


"Captain Lang Tian, be careful££'

"Are there many groups in Inferno City?"

"That Jian Chen is far too talented. That talent of his allowed him to kill five Heaven Saint Masters! It's only a matter of time before he becomes a Saint Ruler then. My lord, our blood debt with Jian Chen is irreconcilable, we must not let this person live." An elderly voice spoke out, breaking the silence of the hall. The one who had spoken was an elderly old man with wrinkled skin.

Wu Ningzhu knew that Yan Chenyu was Jiang Chen's fianc¹Če, but Yan Chenyu had no idea what the current relationship between Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu was. However, based on her womanly instincts, she knew that Wu Ningzhu had fallen in love with Jiang Chen.

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