The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 459

The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 459

Seeing the black robed man die, the other man fighting the girl immediately flew into a teeth gnashing rage with eyes that overflowed with killing intent for Jian Chen.

Heavens Will!

Furthermore, there was no guarantee that elder Xiu would even help Jian Chen fight the other Saint Ruler. Becoming the enemy to one Saint Ruler was after all something that would require a far closer relationship with elder Xiu before Jian Chen could even suggest it.Chapter 609: Arrival of Two Saint Rulers (Two)

"You consider this a strong body and incredible muscles? Do you still remember the legend properly?"

"Hmph! Nothing to worry about, I won't allow the resources in Misty Mountain to go to waste! Besides, this is our best chance to rule Misty Mountain completely!"

Jian Chen brought Wang Yufeng to a spot twenty kilometers away from the reported mountain ridge. He then stared off into the distance at the series of buildings that sprung up from the ridge. "Wang Yufeng, you stay here. I will be fighting a Saint Ruler. Taking you there would only serve to hurt you."

The group was currently holding onto the Human-Tier and Earth-Tier Battle Skills. Furthermore, Kai Er was still holding onto the Golden Fur Tiger King's cub to raise with the other three.

"Damn it, let's kill them all!"


Within the courtyard, Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu sat beside a stone table leisurely.


Jian Chen and the three generals of the Eastern Deity Sword left the Qin Heaven Palace at once. The three generals parted ways with Jian Chen so that he could bid farewell to Qin Ji at the Flowing Cloud Palace while the generals would rally the army.

"Fuck, I can't keep going on like this! My wounds are getting more and more severe, and although the Dragon Transformation skill is healing me, the regeneration just can't keep up with the Ice Demon King's attacks."

Unable to laugh or cry, Ming Dong replied, "If you can injure me, I'll ram my head into the tree and kill myself!"

Someone amongst the disciples said. The Black Sect was one of the Qi Province's four big sects, and joining it did not only represent one's status, but being able to cultivate here was also much more beneficial than anywhere outside. There was an underground vein underneath the Black Mountain, this place couldn't be compared with anywhere else. It didn't matter if it was the natural Yuan energy in the air, or the cultivation resources, all the disciples on the spot had gone through hard effort in order to become disciples. Of course, every one of them wanted to continue staying in the Black Sect and have a good future.


"Little Yu, is that really you?!"

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