The Law God - Artic Chapter 1372

The Law God - Artic Chapter 1372

Big Yellow's head could even penetrate Firethorn Savage, let alone this tiny Early Heavenly Core monster. That's why it was instantly killed by Big Yellow.

The frequency of the streaks of light was high and always came in groups of three. In a short while, a total of nine archers fell dead.

"Is this the power of Saint Emperors? Looks like the rumors are indeed true. The seven capital cities of the continent really were pulled up from the ground by ancient Saint Emperors." Jian Chen thought to himself.

Captain Kendall looked up at the brightening sky and laughed. Without saying anything, he walked out from his tent and sat down next to Jian Chen by the fire.

"Your Majesty, I must destroy the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Thus, I require an elite division of soldiers and the use of the Space Gate to send them to the Gesun Kingdom. I will upfront the costs of the monster cores." Jian Chen spoke.

Above the disc, layers of spiraling patterns could be seen. This was the Spiraling Defense Mechanism that Big Yellow had spent two months making.

Right when the Magma's Heart entered Jiang Chen's body, a heat wave suddenly exploded out from within his body. It was very sudden, and very powerful! If it was any other person, his internal organs might have already been burned to crisps.

Hearing their friend, everyone's eyes drifted forward as they saw a mountain-like fiery red body lying on the ground that seemed to resemble a magical beast.

One after another, monster cores started to drop out from the space belt and gradually the spot in front of Jian Chen began to pile up with monster cores until it was a foot high.

Jiang Chen slowly moved his hand forwards, an inch at a time.

"Heavens! It is a Heavenly Core Demon Lord. Why did it come here?!"

Jiang Chen nodded his head. If it was any other ordinary young man who came this close to the Martial Saint Dynasty, he might throw himself onto the ground in admiration, speechless.

All this happened so quickly and suddenly. Not only the Blood Devils, even Lord Blood Moon himself didn't expected someone would come and disturb them here. This place was the Valley of Yin Spirits' heart, the Yin Spirits here were so intense that coming here was the same as courting death.

Yun Li shook his head with an apologetic expression, "My apologies, but the envoys had made it clear that their identities would not be exposed. If they become displeased, then it would be quite disastrous for our Wake City."

Swoosh swoosh££££

To apologize, Jian Chen gave a small smile, "You Yue, Lian'er, the past few days must have been hard on you. Perhaps I shouldn't have thrown such a burdensome task to you two. I can tell that you two are far more exhausted than when I last saw you two."

"Then there's eldest sister Ling Long, she must be more brokenhearted than the both of us. Ah Hu had all four of his limbs cut off, making life extremely difficult for him. He can only be a cripple for the rest of his life. That must be unbearable for him. I can only hope that when Ah Hu wakes up, he will not decide to commit suicide."

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