Dragon Maken War Chapter 1652

Dragon Maken War Chapter 1652

"This item is something that is produced within the holy land. Every 50 years, another one of these will be made. This is something we call "Mercenary's Heart" and is given to every single King of Mercenaries in secret every 50 years." The Eight Elder explained. "The Mercenary's Heart is made of the special energy condensed within the holy land. If it is absorbed, then not only will one's strength be increased rapidly, but it will also increase one's spirit. As long as one is not a Saint Ruler, then their strength will achieve a great amount of progress and improvement."


"Master Blissful, what Old Man Ling Shan said is correct. This is what we've found out."

"Damn it, hurry and chase up!"

Jian Chen entered the city without any obstructions. The hubbub and liveliness of the streets immediately attracted Jian Chen's attention, which gave him a feeling of nostalgia. Especially from seeing the busy merchants and tired-looking mercenaries on the streets, Jian Chen could not help but think about how he was before. He immediately sighed in his heart.

A few guards of the Jiang family gathered around, stripping both Mu Rong Hao and the old man.Then Jiang Cheng broke the old man's legs with his steel bar and carried both of them out of the workshop.

"Young Master Jiang Chen is currently a Late Combat Soul warrior, and not long ago, he killed a Second Grade Combat King, as well as two First Grade Combat Kings in the Eastern Continent. Go back and tell Palace Chief about this, just let them guard the Profound River Palace with a peace of mind. Young Master Jiang Chen and I will rescue all of our people, and we will bring back Lord Nether's head."

Zhou Tong was the vice-headmaster of the Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion. Although his appearance made him look like a middle-aged man, his true age wasn't too far off from the headmaster.

"Indeed an evil man, killing you is a right thing to do."

"My brother, sorry for keeping you waiting."

The Tianqin clan was an incredibly influential clan within Walaurent City. They could be said to be the number one clan in the city, and even the lord of the city was of the Tianqin clan as well as being the younger brother of the patriarch.

Young master Qi narrowed his eyes. Only he knew the true meaning behind his words.

"Thank you, brother Jiang! But, that Yang Shuo is a Mid Divine Core warrior, and he's very difficult to handle."

Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat as he looked around. Without a change in his expression, he said, "Brother Qin Xiao, I'm going to take a look then."

To be chased down and killed by someone that he didn't see as worthy would be an unbearable shame to him. So to unite with this girl would be a good plan.

The three soldiers all immediately cried out with emotions after his response. They had been dispatched many times to look for Changyang Xiangtian in the past years only to end up with no clues. Searching everywhere for an entire day, they had never come by any success. When each attempt ended in failure, they had begun to lose hope.

Twenty or so breaths into the darkness, it finally cracked before the world resumed its normal appearances. The difference was that not a single person could be seen, everyone had already been transported away from this place.

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