Reincarnation of the Goddess Chapter 2091

Reincarnation of the Goddess Chapter 2091

The cry immediately drew the crowd's attention. Many people threw their glances over in hopes of finding out what was going on. With their understanding of this trio, they could easily tell that the men from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect were in trouble.

The old man had a long history with the Asura Palace, and his cultivation base was not any weaker than that of the young man who was holding a folding fan. However, from the way he looked at the young man, it wasn't hard to tell that the man who could say the final word in this palace was not the old man, but the young man who looked like a scholar.

"The Firethorn Savage has become extremely furious."

"Sire, we of the Aoyun clan won't back down so easily. Whatever it takes, we the Aoyun clan will take some of it somehow." One of the two elders from the Aoyun clan spoke.

"Damn it, what should we do now?"

But then, Jue struck out a second and third time as her dagger was poised to claim Jian Chen's heart.

Not long after, over a dozen power presences appeared in the rear mountain. Fourteen Heaven Saint Masters soared in the sky, quickly flying over from the rear mountain. The fourteen Heaven Saint Masters were the Flood Dragon Bandit's greatest hidden power.Chapter 705: Primordial Godsilk (Two)

The old woman stared at Tianmu Ling affectionately and said with a smile, "As long as Ling'er wants to. Grandma will listen to you." As soon as she finished speaking, a gleam of light suddenly flashed across her eyes. She slowly raised her head to look at the distance. At this moment, there was a weird light to her eyes, as if she could see through the structure and directly observe what was going on outside.

"This is bad, there are some powerful Dimensional Creatures attacking the Skymend Formation. I think it's at least some Late Combat Soul creatures. If they keep doing it, the Skymend Formation won't last for too long!"

At that moment, a strong and firm voice could suddenly be heard, "Haha, how lively it is today, everyone seems happy." A simply dressed Changyang Ba could be seen walking into the hall with a cheerful smile, indicating just how happy he was.

However, Wu Jiu was not moved by the Old Emperor's words. With a smile on his face, he said, "Imperial Uncle, I think that the only reason why you said those words is because you know I've broken through to the Combat King realm. If I was still the same Combat Soul warrior now, perhaps you would just kill me with a single slap, instead of talking so much garbage. As for me, when the Imperial Emperor tried to kill me; all the ties between me and the Martial Saint Dynasty were severed! Don't blame me for not cherishing my family when in the eyes of you people; there is no family but power! Those good brothers mine, neither of them could wait to swallow me alive! Should I, Wu Jiu have just stood there and waited for these people to slaughter me?"

Jiang Chen asked Wang Yun to stop circulating the skill and said, "The £¦Cloudy Rock Skill' by itself is a skill more partial towards yin and coldness. Although it can't be considered a modest skill, but it's not an evil skill either. Nevertheless, you have entered the wrong path, turning it into an evil skill. When you first obtained the £¦Cloudy Rock Skill', you were absorbing the natural Yin Qi at night, and you even absorbed some evil Yin Qi. Cultivating the £¦Cloudy Rock Skill' with this method can indeed give you a cultivation boost for a short period of time, but because of this, you have also destroyed yourself.

"There is no kinship within the Imperial Family. Let's go, we have to check out this place as well, I think I saw a building not far away from here."

A mouthful of blood left Guan Yiyun's mouth, and his body was trembling.

Guo Shan asked. He eagerly wanted to witness whether or not Jiang Chen could really concoct the Five Elemental Pill. He had always been curious about Jiang Chen's pill concoction skills.

"Lord Jiu, he has killed a lot of men, and if we let him continue, more than half the warriors in Inferno City will have been killed by him."

Jiang Chen nodded his head. Compared to Great Master Ran Feng, he had a clearer picture of Big Yellow's condition.

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