Stories about merchants or cunning merchant Chapter 823

Stories about merchants or cunning merchant Chapter 823

"Good, so you're Jiang Chen, come and face your death!"

"Wu Jiu, I have treated you nicely, I never thought you'd conspire with an outsider to hurt your own family!"

The Light Wind Sword accurately pierced into the area where the heart was located. With the such a large amount of sharp of Sword Qi, the python's heart was instantly ruptured.

"Master, Ziying and Qingsuo pay very little attention to the outer world so we are not as knowledgeable about the strengths of a Saint Ruler. But with master's current power, if master were to fight that Saint Ruler who ran away some time ago, then even if master was unable to beat him, master would be invincible at the very least." Ziying spoke.

Jiang Chen was furious, he felt like he was talking to a bunch of idiots and was just wasting his time and knowledge.

Jiang Chen said with a smile. In just one day, he had completely mastered the Illusion Heart Sutra and was able to unleash the Great Illusion Realm. If Yang Shuo was still alive and learned how quickly Jiang Chen mastered the skill, his jaw would definitely drop.

The group walked through the dense forest slowly. In regards to this killer after them, they didn't dare to move too quickly in case they made noise that would mask over the minute sounds of their stalker.

"Look, young lady Wu Ningzhu has arrived!"

"I gave the Heavenly Sword Sect three days. So for the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness, I'll give those guys seven days. I just want them to have the time to prepare. Even if both of them group together and fight back, I'll still destroy them no matter what. For me, slaughtering the Black Sect, Valley of Happiness, or any other sect alone is not challenging at all. Why not just let them group together?"

"Senior Ape King, I presume you recognize what this is and know of its worth. If I were to give you this for a bottle of Hundred Grass Wine, would you be willing?" Jian Chen let out a confident smile, the item he had pulled out just now was the Ruler Armament Seal of Treasure Mountain.

"Look! Nanbei Chao was defeated! He is hurt, his aura was completely shattered by senior disciple Jiang!"

Despite several disciples still being alive, all of the higher ranking members had been completely annihilated, and the elder patriarch had escaped through some unknown means. The Yangji Sect was truly dead in all but name.

Within several breaths worth of time, Jian Chen and Dugu Qiubai had already exchanged several hundred blows at lightning quick speeds. Afterwards, the two men had leapt back to their respective mountain peaks. Each person were in a worse-for-wear state and had more than enough tears in their previously perfect clothing.

Even Jian Chen who was by his side was shocked. What shocked him even more was the fact that this man was a Saint Ruler that was over five thousand years old. This caused Jian Chen to feel a great amount of respect for him.

Yu Tian Long took a deep breath and nodded his head, he knew Jiang Chen was right. Because, only by striking according to his plan would they have a chance at defeating the Blood Devils. But, he suddenly thought of something and asked straightaway, "Young master Jiang, just now you said, we'll wait until Lord Blood Moon has all his attention on the blood sacrifice ceremony££ doesn't that also mean that we'll wait until the blood sacrifice ceremony begins before we strike?"

The Fourth Emperor who had been quiet all this time shook his head, showing his indifference toward this operation.

"Bastards, what are you all doing? Hurting and killing your own fellow disciples? Who set fire to the courtyard? Stand out right now!"

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