The Anarchic Consort Chapter 1334

The Anarchic Consort Chapter 1334

Qing Shui looked at Qing Shan as he smiled and said, "Actually, if you don't always think about finding a beauty, you would realize that you're surrounded by so many beauties that you're spoiled for choices."

The soul cultivators all knew that although the riot hadn't affected a very large area, this was Arch-Emperor City, and if things went on for too long, the city guard would definitely arrive at some point.

Bai Xiaochun didn't want to cry out, but the pain was just too much. In fact, it hurt so much that he was pretty sure that even not moving would also hurt. However, all he had to do was think about the words ¡®undying' and ¡®live forever', and he continued with vicious determination. And thus he continued all the way down to the market outside of the sect.

After being stunned for a short moment, the old man stood up and said, "I'd like to ask for your help. No matter whether you can save him or not, I'll reward you tremendously."

"Heh heh. How do you know we won't be transported into the lands of Heavenspan...?"

At least now, when looking at this lady with a great appearance, Qing Clan could tell that she was actually very lonely. It wasn't easy to support a big clan like the Duanmu Clan alone.

There were rumors that their parents had died. It was said that after their birth, their family members had died one after another. Qing Shui didn't dismiss this rumor, but there was one thing he couldn't agree with. It was said that reincarnations of the devil tended to bring great negative influences to the people around them, causing them to die one by one. It wasn't to the extent that all of their family would die from the moment they were born. Their pernicious aura wasn't as strong at their birth and the pernicious aura was only especially strong and malicious toward the person's kin. Those who weren't blood-related would be unaffected. This was a pernicious aura that came from one's blood and bones and would be extremely detrimental to individuals from the same bloodline.

"Heavens! My igloo, it's¡­ it's melting!!"

Qing Shui and the others walked into the main hall, or rather the guest hall. As they chatted, Qing Shui quickly found out that the three young men were Mu Qian's sons and that young woman was Mu Qian's youngest daughter.

After all, he knew that these people wouldn't kill him, only torture him a bit.

Her voice was filled with sorrow and love, and at the same time, a tone of farewell¡­.

Qing Yi let go of Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li's hands. She approached Mingyue Gelou and immediately and took over Yu Chang with one of her hands while grabbing Mingyue Gelou with the other one: "Sorry for troubling you!"

Three strong waves shot out suddenly. Before it exploded, Qing Shui tried to suppress his Qi, but it was too late. While there were not many people around him since he had walked very fast, the ones that were there all turned to look at him in astonishment.

"My strength is roughly equivalent to the level of a "country"?" Qing Shui asked, astonished. He knew that the full display of his strength was slightly above 10 million jin. Could it be that the strength of a "country" was at 10 million jin? Qing Shui thought of an idiom from his previous life, a thousand jun hanging by a single thread [1]. One of that 'jun' was 30 jin, but now this 'country' was 10 million jin...

Both of them were still young, but in terms of their cultivation, they had access to the rich spiritual energy of heaven and earth in the Eternal Immortal Domains, as well as innumerable precious materials. On top of that, they were spectacularly talented to begin with. Although both of them were roughly in their twenties, Xiaoxiao was already attempting to break through into the Celestial Realm.

The 2,000 corpse troopers quickly created a spell formation which caused black smoke to roil out and cover the entire Zhou Clan, sealing it completely!

Although the tribulation he incited was not as shocking as Bai Xiaochun's, it was terrifying to behold. However, he didn't need any outside assistance. Soon, the voice of the Eternal Mother spoke into the ears of all the living beings in the Eternal Lands, provoking cheers within the Arch-Emperor Dynasty.

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