Harem Building Incubus System Chapter 294

Harem Building Incubus System Chapter 294

Time passed. Jiang Chen had fallen into a trance. Within the courtyard, Big Yellow was sleeping on a huge green rock. Suddenly, faded golden light started glowing all over his body. The golden light slowly intensified in strength until it turned into a golden cocoon that enveloped Big Yellow inside of it.

"Headmaster, Changyang Xiang Tian has been brought!" Vice headmaster greeted politely.

Someone in the crowd shouted. No one had expected Jiang Chen to arrive at this moment. It looked like the situation was going to become even more chaotic!

"Bastard! You're a disciple of the Asura Palace, but you're actually colluding with an outsider! Not only that, you are trying to reduce our morale! That guy is just a mere First Grade Combat King, how could he possible fight against the Asura Palace?!"

"Captain Chen Yunlong was killed££"

"The friendship between Bi Hai and I aren't as deep as you think. I used him merely for protection, so rest assured. I've no reason to give you a false map. For the past dozen years, Bi Hai has been living in the same place. But after we split, our relationship with one another was split as well. Where he is now is unknown to me, that all depends on your luck." Situ Qing spoke.

Tyrant curiously asked. He hadn't arrived at this place until the sarira's aura attracted him here, so he was unaware of what had happened before this.

Daoist Black said.

"I, Ming Dong, pay his respects to the patriarch!"

Jian Chen was immediately brought back to his senses and looked back to the old man who had called him. His face was a little sluggish before he jolted to his feet with a smile, "Headmaster, why have you come here?"


By this point all of the most important parts of the Silver Striped Golden Snake's blood had been cleanly gathered by Jian Chen and concentrated in the gallbladder to form a strange substance. The strange substance was the anti-venom and the blood of the Silver Striped Golden Snake combined together.

She has experienced the nine painful transformations of the Nine Yin Meridians, causing her mind to be far above that of her peers. Her resilience was buried deeply within her marrow, and even her soul.

Hearing the roar, all the other Evil Devils immediately shut up. An expression that carried both respect and fear emerged on their faces. When Jiang Chen and Big Yellow heard the roar, their expressions dramatically changed.

Huang Luan looked at Mo Tianyun's statue for a moment as well before turning to speak to Jian Chen, "I'll be leaving first. I hope that I'll see you again in the finals."

Someone cried out in alarm. Many people looked towards the Whirling Sun Square exit, but couldn't find any trace of the big yellow dog. They didn't know when this dog had disappeared, it was as if it was never there to begin with.

With Jian Chen's revealed skill, they couldn't even possibly imagine just what height his strength would reach in just a small amount of time.

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