The Myriad Hack System Chapter 1126

The Myriad Hack System Chapter 1126

Hearing the group trying to guess at the real truth, Yun Li couldn't help but reveal a knowing smile on his face yet at the same time, his body couldn't help but shake and tremble for a moment. He could only lament over the fact that he too was not aware of Jian Chen's strength, but he did know that the event regarding him and the envoy in the garden not too long ago had forced both the envoys and him to take a major loss. This wasn't something that Yun Li was willing to share with the group.

Jiang Chen reminded.

Big Yellow loudly roared. He leapt forward and instantly appeared right in front of disciple Wang. Although his body was still tiny, his head had suddenly become huge. With his mouth wide open, he put disciple Wang's entire head into his mouth.

Within a deeper area of a desolated mountain, a few men were standing together. They all looked to be in bad shapes, and each of them were severely injured. Two months of chaos and slaughter had made Guan Yiyun and the rest of the men feel extreme tired in both body and soul.

Shortly after that, Jian Chen arrived at the clan's manor. There wasn't any noticeable changes to the Changyang Manor from a few years back. The same red wall continued to circle the Changyang Manor with several trees planted around it. Their lush green leaves fell at random intervals, painting a beautiful scene.

"Luan Er, don't bother yourself. Using the Ruler Armament uses a large amount of Saint Force. You can't keep this up for long, the moment your Saint Force is gone, then your fate is in our hands." The youth holding up the barrier laughed evilly as he stared at the girl with obscene eyes.

"It was a wise decision to accept the Heavenly Tower's mission. Traveling with the geniuses of the Heavenly Sect is so much better than traveling on our own."

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly. The True Dragon Palm squeezed with an enormous force, and everybody could hear a terrifying scream coming from within.

Cries of shock sounded out from everyone on the spot. The sudden appearance of Jiang Chen made them feel as if they were dreaming! Jiang Cheng was rubbing his eyes, as if he was unable to believe what he had just seen.

Thinking about this, Jiang Chen's gaze turned cold, and faint killing intent unleashed from his body. He was not going to allow these four men to pass through Origin Mountain and enter Red city. If they did, everything that happened in Red city would be exposed.

Nangong Wentian casually shrugged his shoulders.

Afterward, the twelve Heaven Saint Masters remained within the imperial palace. However, no one dared disturb Jian Chen while he healed. He had the entire palace hall to recover in while the other twelve looked for their own palace halls to reside in around the entire place.

"Looks like Nangong Yunzheng has properly prepared this time."

The bloodshot redness in Nubis's eyes slowly receded. Along with it, the bloodthirsty nature that had just been excited also slowly receded. As a Class 7 magical beast, although Nubis was unable to change the innate nature of magical beasts, he was still able to control his emotions at will.

"I was a strong person in my previous life, so I won't be a weakling in this life. My past life is gone, let bygones be bygones. Since I now occupy this body, from now on I am you, the new Jiang Chen. Your family will be my family, your enemy will be my enemy. The path towards the future, we shall walk it together!"


This step of the process required a monumental amount of energy, and so the extremely strong amount of energy from the Class 5 Monster Core entered Jian Chen's body via his pores and began to gather within his dantian.

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