Beauty is a Beast Chapter 821

Beauty is a Beast Chapter 821

That was stingy. Before then, the great perfection stage realm would always have greater effects and results. After all, it would require talent to master the great perfection stage. If Qing Shui pass on his technique to other people, they would only master half of the great perfection stage.

The Octagon Inn had a long dark red colored carpet which stretched out very far. All the people who passed through the building were all dressed in silk and satin as the aura exuded by the Octagon Inn which would keep poor people away.

"Hmmmmphh. I bet nobody in this labyrinth is richer than me, not even that deva. I've got stuff in my bag of holding that would shock even him!" Although he was quite proud of himself, he also couldn't forget all of the ordeals from the past several days, and the bizarre things that had occurred. That left him feeling a bit stiff, and drove away any feelings of pride. He even had to remind himself that he mustn't allow himself to grow lax in his caution.

The Gale Talisman was a heavenly talisman for speed enhancement. It could be used on any living beings. The effect amplifies accordingly to the standard of the talisman user, which meant it referenced Qing Shui's speed as a standard!

Minute Subtlety!

In fact, their eyes began to glitter with despair.

Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing did not stay. Instead, they flew towards Icy Cloud Mountain!

He hurriedly examined the other successful Talisman-shaped Beast Skin and also realized that it had the same "swastika" symbol. Qing Shui stared at it blankly for a while before picking up the failed Talisman-shaped Beast Skins off the ground.

"Well done, Bai Hao, very well done!" From the delighted laughter that echoed out of the grand elder's mouth, everyone present could tell how much he approved of Bai Hao.

"And that's exactly what I want!" he murmured through gritted teeth. A ghost image appeared, which was one of his clones. As the clone attempted to suppress the fire, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering light spread out in all directions.

"If you really think you can eliminate the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan all by yourself, then why did you choose to use this method? You could have confront them directly and eliminate them," Ye Guyan was still not convinced that Qing Shui was capable of taking care of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan all by himself.

Nian Feng and Qing Shui walked side by side to the highest floor. "Brother Qing Shui, I'm guessing that you are not a local."

Its roots spread far and wide, and although it only had one flower, it had many leaves. Furthermore, every hundred years or so, it would send lotus seed pods to the surface of the water.

This Immortal Crane was about the same size as the Purple-Eyed Falcon, the difference was that it was filled with white feathers, and gave people a sense of beauty instead of terror.

"Wow, Greencloud Continent. We must be really have some fate. We met even though you're from such a distant place. That's great!" Dong Yan's eyes brightened as he exclaimed happily.

Any one of the crafted equipment, would be considered priceless treasures. If he used the Golden Essence Extract to craft a full set of battle armor, it would definitely cause an uproar in the world of the nine continents. Not many were capable of such extravagance.

"Dammit. I'm not even wearing the mask! How could they have tracked me down anyway!?" He thought about simply throwing the mask away, but couldn't quite bring himself to get rid of something so precious. Besides, the soul of imposter Nightcrypt was still stuck inside, so if he threw it away, he would be screwing him over too.

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