Stranded World -The story of a mob climbing the path of an MC - Chapter 173

Stranded World -The story of a mob climbing the path of an MC - Chapter 173

"Brother Jiang, where is the trio from the Heavenly Sword Sect?"

The azure and violet Sword Qi was quite weak now, but because of the silver glow from the Light Wind Sword, the azure and violet Sword Qi was quite noticeable and eye-catching.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The first middle-aged man gave a serious nod before taking out his Saint Weapon to enter the battle. There were a total of ten Heaven Saint Masters involved in battle now. The battle over the Changyang clan would be a strong one.

Jiang Chen said with a faint smile.

Staring calmly at this man, Huang Tianba said, "Lord Yan, it would be best for your family to stay out of this affair. Understand that the tungsten alloy is an object that'll burn the hand of those that touch it. Even with the Yan and the Hongfu, you will not be able to safeguard it from the others."

Big Yellow was extremely aggressive. There was no point in being polite to these men in Inferno Hell, the strong prey on the weak here! The one with the bigger fist would be the king!

Furthermore, he had personally agreed to this rule. If he appeared on the fighting stage now, it would be no different from breaking his own rules, and how could a man like that obtain the trust of his people? If he truly became the family chief in the future, no one would have faith in him.

"Daddy has no idea, I only feel that it's really awesome!"

"Yes, we've already figured it out.There's a very high possibility that the one who killed our men is a youngster!"

At the same time, on the other side, the men from the Lee family were gathering as well.

Jiang Chen said.

With stones crumbling around them, the dozen men who had been knocked straight through the buildings stood back up with pale faces. Standing by Cheng Fei's side, the Earth Saint Masters all looked at Jian Chen with surprised looks. They were just as shocked as Cheng Fei was at his strength.

"Brother, you must be careful about that Gilligan clan. Although senior Tian Jian has repelled that king of the Gilligan clan, who can guarantee that they will not send other people to go against you. In my opinion, you should take senior Nubis, senior Jiede Tai and grandpa with you on this trip to the Qinhuang Kingdom." Bi Lian said with concern.

Jian Chen's eyes scoured the map as he looked at all of the nearby kingdoms in the area around Mercenary City. For a brief moment, his eyes looked back to Mercenary City and gave a small sigh before looking elsewhere. He knew that he had more than enough strength to help the Gesun Kingdom in its time of need, but because he had no idea on the current circumstances of the kingdom, he needed to get back there as soon as possible. If he waited too long, then the Gesun Kingdom would be overrun and his family exterminated. To Jian Chen, the latter was something he was not willing to see nor experience. So, his only goal was to find a Space Gate and then use it to travel to the Gesun Kingdom in the fastest way possible.

Jiang Chen gazed at Big Yellow. This fellow, besides his evil-mind, there was only was his narcissism.

Barely able to keep himself composed, Jian Chen's face grew dark as he began to think to himself with worry. The Changyang clan was the very first family he had since he entered this world, so they held a special place in his heart. The amount of people he truly cared about wasn't many, but the people he definitely cared about would be eldest brother Changyang Hu and second sister Changyang Mingyue. Even more so, the one he definitely cared most was the one who cared about him since his birth; his mother Bi Yuntian.

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