Reaper of the Martial World Chapter 1878

Reaper of the Martial World Chapter 1878

A 21 year old Heaven Saint Master held no precedent in the Tian Yuan Continent. It would be impossible to foretell just what heights he would reach in the future.

The area of this grassland was expansive, so Jian Chen could walk for 2 days before he would finally reach the end of the area which turned into a desolate piece of land. After walking for another 4 hours, he finally made his way to an official road where he could see the left over marks of a carriage that had driven by.

"I have a great interest in this Inferno Hell. It also happens to be that I need to go there in order to save Brother Yan as well. Since Guan Yiyun was brave enough to enter, there is nothing that I, Jiang Chen need to be afraid of."

"Stay your hand!"

For the next few days, a countless stream of people came into Phoenix City from every direction. Even more waiters and workers for the inns and restaurants hurried around as the buildings filled up completely. Along with the amount of guests, the prices of the inns rapidly soared to ten times the usual price. At the same time, the security of the city was intensified as groups of soldiers could be seen patrolling around every area.

Jiang Chen expressed his opinion. This was a huge energy vein, and it was unrealistic to move it away.

When the two energies collided in the air, the expected explosion from the collision of these two energies, strangely, did not happen. There was no fallout from the energies washing over the surrounding area either. Instead, the space where they collided gave a mighty shudder and shake as the energies tore it apart. A single meter long fissure appeared in the sky, but was quickly patched back up by the world. At the very center of the collision was a single black hole, but unlike any normal black hole, there was an extremely faint light from a star that could be seen inside.

"Grand master?What grand master?"

He spoke these 3 words before turning around and following Jiang Zhen Hai's footsteps. He could hear two screams behind him.

Jiang Chen could immediately tell that this man was a 9th level Qi Jing master, and the other one was at the Early Qi Hai level.

"How many Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom died?" Despite being a captive, the king of the Pingyang Kingdom couldn't help but ask still. A Heaven Saint Master was an extremely important factor to a kingdom. A loss of just a single one was already a tremendous blow that the Pingyang Kingdom couldn't afford to take.

Jian Chen glanced over the images drawn on the paper and nodded with a smile, "Lian'er, Yue'er, let's do it like you planned. You think through things very thoroughly and do things in a way that doesn't cause me worry. If it's possible, let's just go with your idea, using tungsten alloy to build the sturdiest city on Tian Yun Continent."

Bi Yuntian's expression turned ashen, and she said in a trembling voice, "However, the people outside are dangerous. Xiang'er's strength is still weak; he'll definitely suffer through a lot of hardships."

Just as Jian Chen heard the Tianxiong clan's young master say these things, his eyes flashed. Without saying a single word, his body began to move and he quickly charged at the youth. The Light Wind Sword in his hand became a silver glow that pierced outward like lightning, with its target being the the youth's throat.

Hearing that the golden egg was brought back by Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders, all other Divine Core Sect Elders became mad. Every single one of them pointed their fingers at Li Hong and the other two Sect Elders and scolded. If it was another situation, they wouldn't behave rudely like this. Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders were after all Divine Core warriors, they had high virtues and glorious reputations within the sect. These Sect Elders would still respect each other no matter what.

Having finished speaking Yun Li's crimes, Kai Er knew that the time was nigh. He said in a loud voice. "And now is the time. Let the blade fall!" At his order, the man holding the cleaver brought his hands straight up into the air. In front of the thousands of eyes of Wake City, he slashed off the head of Yun Li with a splurt of blood flying from his detached neck. As if offering a sacrifice, the blood of Yun Li splattered on the memorial tablet of Duo Kang.

"This is for real, haha££"

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