MY REGRET Chapter 2581

MY REGRET Chapter 2581

"With just you?" Gongyang Yu laughed uproariously as he heard that. It was as though this was the funniest joke he had ever heard in his life.

"Go and die, who says things like this?" Although she did not have much interaction with men, that didn't mean that she understood nothing. There were still books about this after all, she could still understand Qing Shui's obscene words.

"In this continent capital and the surrounding regions, these six sects wielded the biggest power. All the other smaller sects and clans are quite insignificant. Therefore, grudges are usually kept within these six sects. Just like the relationship between Heavenly Palace and Sword Tower." ?

Her other identity was that she was a plaything for a very powerful man, an extremely powerful man. Usually men on the streets could only stare at her and fantasize in their hearts despite her flirtations. No one dared to truly act out their desires unless they didn't want their manhood any longer.

Just then the sound of footsteps came from outside, and then a loud voice rang out, "Brother Qing Shui is here, right?"

Chapter 468 Jin's Clan's reaction, Eve of the battle.

"Tier-3 spirit medicines are even harder to concoct. The only way to do it with confidence is to first be very familiar with numerous tier-2 spirit medicines. Without a stable foundation, the chances of success are small." With that, he opened his bag of holding and examined his current accumulation of resources. The result was a long sigh. Although he had collected quite a few gifts due to his status as a Prestige disciple, he had consumed a terrifying amount of ingredients in his pill-concocting efforts recently. The result was that his stores were running low.


Retreating out of his sea of consciousness, Qing Shui was slightly depressed. He already had no mood to continue forging, and as of now, he could only stare helplessly at the alchemy recipes in his hands. How could he not be depressed? The Five Dragon Pellet only lacked a Moon Grass, the Large Revitalizing Pellet lacks a Phoenix Tail, and now, for the Beauty Pellet, he lacked a Beauty Fruit.

Days slipped by. Bai Xiaochun was completely absorbed in challenging the levels. Whenever he was forced to rest for a bit, he would take advantage of the time to research twenty-three-colored flame.

Even as the wisps of smoke dissipated, the air not too far away from Bai Xiaochun distorted, and someone materialized. It was a young man with a fan in his hand. His expression was dark and somber, and his eyes flickered with killing intent. Without any hesitation, he waved his fan in Bai Xiaochun's direction.

"Have you seen enough? Let's go. Look how far the little lass ran off." Yiye's eyes were clear as she regarded Qing Shui. She intentionally disrupted Qing Shui, even though she didn't know what he was thinking.

Qing Shui could also conveniently buy some stuff for New Year preparation, such as firecrackers, fireworks and the likes, as well as some text decorations with blessings and wishes during his trip to the Hundred Miles City this time .

Bai Xiaochun rolled his eyes a bit, as if he didn't believe the Giant Ghost King. However, he didn't say anything, and just took a drink. The Giant Ghost King was not happy at this, and went on to angrily describe everything he had done in Godsifter Prefecture in very exaggerated and melodramatic fashion.

"I've never killed a celestial before. Is that why you dare to stand in my way!?"

What was even stranger was that the laughter continued on without cease. Eventually, Gongsun Wan'er snorted coldly.

Zhou Wudao was also affected, and had to start backing away from the corpse troopers. There was simply no way he could break through that barrier.

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