Special Agentí»s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 2495

Special Agentí»s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 2495

At that moment, the blurry mirror images suddenly came to a stop. As soon as the figure came to a stop, a young twenty-something-year-old man wearing coarse clothes could be seen. It was Jian Chen.

"Are you Yang Yutian?" The person replied with a question with his husky voice.

"Anyone not related to this matter should leave immediately or else face the wrath of our Shi family. Any one of our hated enemies will be eternally hunted down!" The second man with a scar on his face roared as he tried to intimidate Jian Chen.

Until Jian Chen was completely full from the fresh blood of the Silver Striped Golden Snake, unable to drink another drop of snake blood, he then finally stopped drinking.

The golden battleship sailed through the air at an incredible speed. In just the blink of an eye, it arrived near the Black Sect, and stopped at a place a few miles away from the Black Sect's army. The huge golden battleship then disappeared into the Imperial Emperor's storage ring, revealing the Martial Saint Dynasty's entire army to everyone. It was an army of Combat Soul warriors who all acted in an imposing manner. They were all wearing golden armor and were carrying combat weapons. Judging by the size of the army, there were more than 400 men, but less than 500.

"This the fate of you from the Martial Saint Dynasty. You should never have provoked me."

"7000 purple coinsúú."

A Fourth Grade Combat King, even if he was a young Fourth Grade Combat King genius, the Heavenly Tower would pay no attention to him. However, there was no way the Heavenly Tower would pay no attention to Nine Solar Holy Water. The Heavenly Tower was in for business, and a big trade like this was something they dreamt of.

"How can you tell?"

Jiang Chen let out a loud shout, then the Firethorn Combat Armor appeared on his body. The armor glowed brightly in a golden color, and there were countless razor sharp thorns standing on the armor's surface, which looked devastating.

Hearing Jian Chen, Tie Ta went blank for a second as he was puzzled by what Jian Chen was saying. But he soon figured it out and immediately grabbed onto his battleaxe with both his hands.

Yan Zhan Yun understood what Jiang Chen had told him: get rid of the weed from its roots. The weed was the Lee family itself. As for the rest of the men who had surrendered, he couldn't kill them as well. The Yan family were now the rulers of this city, so he needed to show a little bit of mercy.

Although Jian Chen had already taken heavy damage, his fighting strength was still frightfully terrifying. Immediately shooting up from the ground, he dodged the strike of Sword Qi.

Big Yellow swept across the garden and leapt across the herbs he liked, and he didn't care if there was any warriors standing in front of the herb.

"Fan Zhong Tang, now even you are here. So, you and your grandson are going to bully an outer circle disciple together? Let me tell you this, I, Guo Shan, will be the first one to fight you!"

Also, even Shangguan Sheng himself didn't quite believe that Shangguan Ying was killed by Jiang Chen, as he was a Late Combat Soul warrior, while Jiang Chen was only a Late Divine Core warrior. The gap between them was entire real, three stages! This was a gap that nothing could compensate for!

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