Sword Immortal Ascension Chapter 141

Sword Immortal Ascension Chapter 141

"Additionally, he's also the Di Clan's proud son-in-law. If the Di Clan can get out of this predicament, I reckon they would marry both their daughters to him. Where else would they find another outstanding man like him?"

By this point, Bai Xiaochun was getting the sense that the Giant Ghost King really was being sincere. However, he still didn't feel comfortable with the situation, so he gave a cold snort and slapped his bag of holding.

When they returned, night had not fallen but they spent the afternoon in the cave. Mu Qing continuously checked for movements outside and her Lightning Bees stayed outside to monitor the situation. She had to make sure that no one knew that they were here because if anyone spotted the corpses of those Sky Prison Sect members and found them here, they would definitely be suspicious since one of the dead was that ˇ®Flower Crusher'.

Qing Shui felt excited. The Diamond Gigantic Elephant was indeed a mutated beast and had a high growth rate. The low chance of the Demon Beast Advancing Pellet working actually succeeded on the second try.

"I don't know. I think I don't hate them that much after giving birth to Yan'er." Shi Qingzhuang replied softly.

At this moment, Di Chen seemed to realise something, however she did not fully understand it. She bowed towards the old woman, took the insignia and then bowed towards Jiwu. After that, she left with the old woman.

"If I were to put the fruits you gave me in soups and sell them, I would only be giving you a small portion of the profit. I'm already not drawing a clear line with you, so why are you treating me like an outsider now?" Huoyun Liu-Li said mischievously as she pushed the silver notes into Qing Shui's hands.

"My month of secluded meditation was very productive. I finally succeeded with seventeen-colored flameˇ­ and Hao'er made significant progress in his auguries of eighteen-colored flame. I bet it won't be long before the formula for eighteen-colored flame is complete.

Waving his hand, Qing Shui went up the Fire Bird and left.

When Yiye Jiange agreed with Qing Shui, he knew that she wouldn't marry another man in her life. Qing Shui smiled. He didn't want to let a woman like her go, no matter how outstanding the other man was.

The small box was immediately crushed!

When the two struck each other, a deafening boom filled the area. The sky went dim, and a huge blast of wind filled the area, a shockwave that rolled out in all directions.

Qing Shui could clearly remember the effect of the Spirit Gathering Lamp. If one were to equip it in battle, it could randomly increase the spiritual energy of all the holder's summoned demonic beasts until the battle ended.

"Hmm?" Bai Xiaochun said, a cold light flickering in his eyes. He took a step forward, vanishing and then reappearing right in front of Zhao Dongshan. Without the slightest hesitation, he then clenched his hand into a fist and punched out!

"No problem at all!"

In Saint-Emperor City, the celestials all looked over in the direction of the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, completely stunned. After all, the magical technique the Vile-Emperor had just utilized had caused the sun in the sky to fade away. But now, they could sense intense fluctuations filling the world that caused even them to reel in shock.

Bai Lin smiled faintly. "We generals already discussed these very matters with Senior Chen. Actually, Senior Chen secretly took a trip to the labyrinth himself already, and confirmed that it is no trap. As for the other matter, the generals have already made a formal agreement with him to make sure nothing like what you've mentioned will happen....

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