MY KING SAW MY STAR Chapter 2062

MY KING SAW MY STAR Chapter 2062

Obviously, it wasn't Jiang Chen who was sent flying, it was the over confident Mu Rong Hao.Mu Rong Hao landed on the ground three feet away from his original position, both his legs shaking.He was using all his strength to prevent himself from falling to the ground.

Just at this moment, a grand presence suddenly descended from outside. Although the presence was gentle, unable to cause any harm to people, it carried a feeling of vast endlessness, as if it represented the world. Even Earth Saint Masters felt weak like ants before the presence.

Suddenly, the azure and violet Sword Spirits within Jian Chen's dantian shook once before sending a message to Jian Chen telepathically. At that message, Jian Chen could tell that the two Sword Spirits were feeling excited.

Hearing that, a cold light flashed across Saer Langke's eyes and he said no more.

Yun Can's energy climbed to its maximum.


Nangong Wentian said with a gloomy expression. Their destination was indeed very far away, and without any teleport formations, it was going to take a lot of time to reach the Southern Continent, and when they do arrive, everything might already be too late.

No one expected the Demon King Palace to launch an attack on the city suddenly. Furthermore, there had been no signs. An attack of this scale was unprecedented as well.

Ming Dong wasn't angry. With a meaningful smile to Bai En, he retreated to the very edge of the platform before coming to a sudden stop. Then moving slightly to the left, he flew forward to cross by Bai En's side from the front. Just as the two crossed paths, Ming Dong's right palm began to swirl with wind-attributed Saint Force before gently striking Bai En's back.

In fact, when it was time to leave the Devil Realm, there would often be robberies in this place. After all, those who could survive up until this point of time must have obtained quite a lot of devil souls. Thus, it was the perfect time to rob others.

"Brother Nan, where did you get so much Nine Solar Holy Water?"

Chuckling, Tian Jian spoke, "There's no need for your thanks. These heavenly resources were given to you in accordance to the laws put down by the lord many years ago. They are not for you specifically."

Gently pushing away Tie Ta's arms, Jian Chen looked up at the bear-like man with some shock, "Tie Ta, a few years ago, you were the same height I was, but you actually grew so much since then."

But luckily, these stone golems didn't have any Yuan energy, and they were only attacking with body strength. Their attacks were similar to that of attacks from Early Divine Core warriors, and that just couldn't harm Jiang Chen and the group at all. But, regardless of that, they had to find a way out.

With five Heaven Saint Masters against him, Jian Chen didn't dare be lazy either and resolved to use the Origin energy of the sword spirits. A beam of azure and violet light immediately shot forth from his right palm and formed a single blade.

"Ugh££ this stinks like hell! Ahh!! Blergh££"

Hearing that, the Great Saint Masters of the Defiance Mercenaries grew startled. Giving each other a look, they immediately leaped to the sky. They leapt into every direction possible in order to escape.

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