Eros Destroying the Multiverse Chapter 1173

Eros Destroying the Multiverse Chapter 1173

"Are you asking for a beating?" Canghai Mingyue said angrily.

As his words echoed through the city, Bai Xiaochun appeared in another teleportation formation.

The three-eyed Chen Hetian looked over at Zhao Tianjiao, his gaze soft, and yet his words sharp as he said, "And what reason do you have for being late and delaying things?!"

As for Bai Xiaochun, he was so immersed in the process thatˇ­ he knew that as soon as the formula appeared, he would be able to conjure a nineteen-colored flame immediately!

The Baima Aristocrat Clan was fated to be the stepping stones for both Qing Shui and the Heavenly Palace. These people would reap what they sowed and they would be the ones to bring about their own destruction. Qing Shui hated those who would bully the weak and fear the strong and the people from the Baima Aristocrat Clan were definitely those kinds. Because of that, he felt unobligated to be courteous towards the cowards of the Baima Aristocrat Clan. Otherwise, he would regret for eternity if he were to treat them differently than intended.

Chapter 102 Huoyun Liu-Li's Gold Flint Iron Cauldron.

He thought about refusing, but could tell that they wouldn't let him off the hook easily. Even as he hesitated, the Corpse Peak blood master produced a jade slip from his bag of holding.

The wind blades shuddered to a stop angrily, then slowly turned toward Lu Tianlei....

Bai Xiaochun immediately clasped hands and bowed.

"I'm curious, not only about spirit enhancement, but also the unique flame conjuring techniques of the lands of Heavenspan. Supposedly you use souls as the main ingredient. I asked around, Bai Xiaochun, and everyone said that you are the only heavenly necromancer to ever exist." A greedy gleam flickered within Reverend Devourer's eyes.

In that instant, all of the light in the world vanished, leaving behind only Daoist Heavenspan, who still burned with fire. Before, it had been difficult to make out with the naked eye, but now, with the entire world cast into darkness, it was more obvious than ever!

The ground quaked, and the entire residence shook as much of it was destroyed. Zhao Long and the other guards backed up in terror, gasping the entire time.

Very quickly, it was the turn for the Qing Clan's carriage to pay the toll fee. Much to Qing Shui's surprise, the two guardsmen merely waved them in as they stepped aside, allowing the carriage to gain entry to the city free of charge. "Mother, why don't we need to pay the toll fee?"

"Heavens! How come I never knew about green zombies before? This is completely unprecedented!"

Furthermoreˇ­ he might even be able to fight a demigod!

Moments later, he was out of the hundredth level and back on the surface of the damaged fan, gasping for breath and wiping the sweat from his brow. He felt like a mortal, not even strong enough to grab a chicken, much less face the brutal energy he had just sensed.

Minute Subtlety!

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