Fated to loving you Chapter 2553

Fated to loving you Chapter 2553

Big Yellow carried out his task with drive and sweep. Without hesitating, he immediately brought all heads with him and started flying toward the Qi Province.

The Great Tycoon made the final decision.

"Haha, do you really think that handling someone like you requires young master Yang Shuo to be here in person? Me alone is more than enough to handle all of your, there is no need to disturb young master Yang Shuo's cultivation."

After a short period of time, Zhar let out a sigh as he stared at Jian Chen in thought, "If only my son was as remarkable as you, that would be great. Even if I were to reduce my life by a hundred years, if not a thousand or even ten thousand years, I would agree!"

A Sect Elder worriedly said.

Duan Jianhong burst into laughter.

According to his own thoughts, if the Flame Mercenaries were captured and tried for a sin as grave as rebellion and conspiracy, even the figures behind the mercenaries would be useless.

Since he had become a disciple of the Black Sect, he would need to get along well. Meeting the Sect Chief who sat up high in the leading position wasn't something bad.

"Your Majesty, Changyang Xiangtian and Ming Dong are far too impudent and have offended my Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. This prince wishes to take these two back home to await my father's punishment. Each and every man that dares to offend my Heavenly Eagle Kingdom cannot be forgiven. This is a matter that you should stay out of." The second prince spoke coldly as if to look down on the king.

When Jiang Chen and Big Yellow arrived at the Misty Mountain's outer perimeter, the time was already late in the afternoon. With their vision, even though they were high in the skies, and far from the mountain, they could still see a huge crowd of people walking back and forth underneath them.

Elder Yuan immediately agreed. In his mind, with Wang Yuan's overall combat strength, he was probably even stronger than himself, an Early Combat Soul Elder. So, it should be a piece of cake for Wang Yuan to kill this arrogant Zhang Yang.

The final two Heaven Saint Masters of the Pingyang Kingdom decided to no longer use words to talk after realizing that Jian Chen was a member of the Gesun Kingdom. A fight was unavoidable at this point, and unless one of the two sides died, there would be no end. Deciding not to hold back, the both of them instantly brought out their Saint Weapons to block the fire swords.

If it were not for not Dugu Feng's reaction speed, then Qin Ji and his men would have been the ones that would have gained hold of the Heaven Tier Battle Skill since they were the next closest people.

He was always constantly reminded of Elder Wu who hadn't come to bother him any more. It was almost as if he had disappeared from the Tianqin clan and was no longer seen by Jian Chen.

"Let's take him back with us, we can interrogate him for it later." A crane-haired elder spoke slowly.

The Imperial Emperor coldly harrumphed. The Martial Saint Dynasty had lost all its face under his control, causing him to feel disgraced.

The hubbub of discussion echoed in the surroundings. Jian Chen's appearance had already attracted everyone's attention, because all Radiant Saint Masters with blue badges were important people. They did not appear very often within the union, but every time they did, it would always raise the attention of a lot of people.

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