Chronicles of Aurora Chapter 2258

Chronicles of Aurora Chapter 2258

It was the energy of the Live Forever Codex!

Even though the process was halted, Qing Shui decided to use the remaining time to temper other Poison Weapons and valuable materials that he had been planning for a long time. He looked at the giant 10,000-Year Coldsteel and took a portion of it to produce an abundance of Coldsteel Needles and Frosted Iron Balls.

If the recipe he gave her was too good, it might harm her instead of benefiting her.

Qing Shui almost laughed when the old man told him to visit the Medicine Emperor Yi Clan. It turned out that the old man wanted to rope Qing Shui into his medical center as an employee. The Medicine Emperor Yi Clan must be famous judging by the old man's tone. Otherwise, he wouldn't be this confident in his attempt to hire Qing Shui on the spot. However, Qing Shui replied with a smile and shook his head: "Not interested!"

"Ming`er, listen to your father." Mingyue Gelou said anxiously.

His features were somehow chiseled and grim, and deep in his eyes, stars, moons, and other heavenly bodies swirled about. The power of his blood qi flowed out, creating a blood-colored suit of armor around him, complete with a blood-colored cape!

Spirit Gathering LampŁĄ

Canghai Mingyue sat by the side. She didn't say anything, but only expressed a graceful and attractive smile.

The truth was that Bai Xiaochun's status was a sensitive subject; he wasn't truly a celestial of the Saint-Emperor Dynasty. If any of the other celestials had acquired the lizard, they would have all stood together no matter who had it in hand. But if they had a chance to get it from Bai Xiaochun, they would obviously do so.

Even if they did not have them, Qing Shui would be able to come up with some excuses. After all, the impression he had given them was demonic enough. What with the mysterious fruits, seasonings...

"Ah, okay!"

Thankfully, because he was actually arriving a bit late, all of the members of the nobility and aristocracy were already in the main square. Furthermore, there were plenty of guards around to show the way. As such, he arrived at the square just as the bells finished tolling.

After that, everything became clear.

Time was wasted because the mountain ranges looked too similar to each other!

"Oh well. At least I know how to add toxic elements. Perhaps that will prove to be useful one of these days." With that, he continued on with the task of concocting soul medicine.

AST 272 - The change in Canghai Mingyue, onwards to the Heavenly Palace!

The scene which had just played out left him shaken and filled with fear, to the point where he didn't care at all about his reputation, or the fact that tens upon tens of thousands of cultivators from the three sects were watching.

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