Ascension: Rise of Legends Chapter 2998

Ascension: Rise of Legends Chapter 2998

Big Yellow said.

"I hope that I can make it." The middle aged man was anxious, but he was already going at the fastest speed he could possibly go at. The magical beasts in the 2nd area weren't that strong, but the opponents Jian Chen and Tie Ta were facing were Class 1 Magical Beast Blue Wolves; their chances of success weren't looking well.

Yu Zi Han asked. After having followed Jiang Chen for so many days, he had come to think, Jiang Chen was a man who could do anything.

His opponent looked at the azure and violet Sword Qi with a startled look. He knew by now that he couldn't block it and could only dodge the attack.

Taking out his own Saint Weapon, the second brother charged toward Jian Chen as well.

"Kaka, young brat, you better go back and train for another two years! With just those abilities, you're trying to occupy the entire sky garden?"

As soon as their eldest brother died, the other three brother's eyes grew bloodshot with anger and disbelief.

A violent energy wave burst out from the Old Great Emperor's body, causing the old eunuch to let out a miserable shrill as he was knocked a few dozen meters away. However, he dared not be impolite, so he immediately returned to the Old Great Emperor and kneeled down.


£¶Small seven, big seven, form into a whirlpool of impact, impurities will be discarded.'

Yan Zhan Yun slammed his chest and promised. He had planned to give up half of the Yan family's properties and hand them over to the Jiang family, but he had never expected Jiang Chen to have no intention to let the Jiang family move here. Perhaps in Jiang Chen's mind, he had never cared about the Yan family's properties. With Jiang Chen's abilities, he could get whatever he wanted.

"All dead££££ everyone are dead££££"

On the same day, Jian Chen's uncle, Bi Dao, resigned from his post as the commander of the imperial guards. He left Gesun Kingdom on a Class Four Magical Beast mount all by himself.

The moment Jian Chen had stabbed into the middle aged man's heart, a big axe had landed onto his left shoulder, leaving behind a wound that trickled and dyed his clothes red with blood.

"Hmph, you will regret this sooner or later." The king spoke coldly. He knew that this revelation was surprising. He didn't wish to expend any energy explaining if there would be no one to believe him.

On the other side, Jiang Chen and Han Yan exchanged a glance, "Let's go!"

"Brother Jiang!"

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