The Adventures of The God of Exp Chapter 768

The Adventures of The God of Exp Chapter 768

Qing Qing stared at the spotless snow-white boots. She looked at Qing Shui, who was now smiling at her. Everyone had been showering her with a lot of care and love since yesterday, but she still wasn't accustomed to all the affection. However, she was still grateful at the man who called her ˇ®sister' and everything he had done. She was slowly opening up, as if a gap had been cracked open in her ice-cold heart.

The function of the moon sigil was to assimilate the spiritual energy of heaven and earth that existed inside of the human body. And when it completed its work, that person would be killed in body and soul!!

"I am not young anymore. But I did experience quite a lot of things in the past, especially during the moments when my life hung in the balance. Also, making important decisions during crucial situations can prove very difficult. It took someone's death for me to realize, that those years of unhappiness were in truth the happier moments of my life." Qing Shui had indeed encountered numerous deadly situations in his life. He was lucky to have escaped unscathed more than once, so at this stage in life, he had gained numerous insights, which helped him understand things more thoroughly.

Feeling more and more depressed, when she compared this feeling to her previous excitement, the disparity made her feel like vomiting blood.

"Did youˇ­ just call the Hell-Emperor Hao'er?!" he asked. Then turned from Bai Xiaochun to look at Zhou Yixing. "And did youˇ­ just call him milord?!

"If this Nightcrypt keeps getting stronger, he could turn into quite the calamity...."

"Oh, if that is the case, this is excellent, didn't I say that it was fated for us to meet here! Excellent, I can't wait to taste and see if the fish is as good as the rumors." Baili Jingwei laughed.

On Fragrant Cloud Peak, one elder had been in the middle of giving a lecture about cultivation to a group of disciples who seemed to be hanging onto his every last word. When he was interrupted by Bai Xiaochun's booming voice, his face fell. As for the disciples, they didn't seem as shocked, but were clearly moved.

Gongsun Wan'er popped some medicinal pills into her mouth, bringing some of the color back to her face. Phoenix-like eyes radiating murder, she sent massive amounts of black energy swirling out of her. Yet again, her battleship appeared, and at the same time, it was possible to see something like black veins bulging beneath her skin, indicating that she was going all out!

"I know, it's not like I can stop things like this. Why not go with the flow? Perhaps, things aren't as bad as we thought." Di Chen looked at Di Fentian with a smile.

Among the tens of thousands of other cultivators who had come, many were war buddies from the Great Wall. Some had also been Bai Xiaochun's direct subordinates. All of them were very excited to see him, and didn't hesitate to accept his invitation to stay in the River-Defying Sect to celebrate.

This time, even the violet rainbow, where the demigod patriarch lived, was affected. Everything was covered with black smoke!

By this point, Bai Xiaochun was still fairly close to the village, and could actually hear the sounds of the gongs and drums. He even caught wind of some of the cries of excitement.

Obviously, any ship that could go against the current in the Heavenspan River would be something completely beyond ordinary. The materials used to construct it would have to be meticulously selected. Obviously, neither the Pill Stream Division nor the Profound Stream Division was in a position to make such a vessel. Therefore, this vitally important task had come to rest on the shoulders of the Spirit Stream Division.

"No, no. I was just too eager to know." Weng Xue explained.

On one particular day, Bai Xiaochun was there in his stone hut, having just finished concocting a batch of medicinal pills. There was no black smoke. The pill inside the furnace was no longer a toxic pill, but rather, an eighty-nine percent impure low-grade medicinal pill!

Two thunderous noises rang out, shaking the surrounding mountain! The mountain ground looked like an explosion had just happened. The earth quaked, and the mountains shook, the powerful forces were enough to snap the surrounding trees.

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