Reincarnated in HALO Chapter 346

Reincarnated in HALO Chapter 346

Heavenly River City!

Although she had again, and again, and again tried to accommodate this man, he only seemed to be treating her coldly¡­...

Under the formidable Shield Attack, even Feng Shamo would have to avoid it or else he would be blown away by the impact.

Ding ding...

"I challenge you!" A loud voice could be heard.?

Of course, such people were still members of great clans, and thus surpassed ordinary soul cultivators in most aspects. But in terms of cultivation resources, their only hope to truly benefit was to make sure they stuck closely to the chosen successors in the clans.


Two of them were in late Foundation Establishment, and one of them was in the great circle. As they flew forward, three blood swords appeared, causing everything in the area to rumble. Most shocking among the group was one of the late Foundation Establishment cultivators, a middle-aged man with a long beard. Shockingly, he held an illusory stick of incense in his hand!

"This turtle looks just like that one. The style is exactly the same. That... was etched by a person!"

Qing Shui seemed to have sensed something as he looked at this lady who had led them up, feeling puzzled. She only seemed to be a Peak Martial King cultivator at most.

"What is Bai Hao doing?" The captain's heart was shaken, and as for Zhao Feng, he couldn't keep his expression still. As for the other nearby gray-robed prisoners, they were looking over in complete shock.

Not too far away, Song Que was in the middle of absorbing the bit of heavenstring energy that he'd snatched. But now, his mind was trembling. Earlier, he had intentionally split the heavenstring energy, hoping that while Bai Xiaochun and the others fought over the larger strand, he would be free to make away with the bit he had. But now, the fluctuations speeding out from Bai Xiaochun's location left him gasping.

He hesitated for a while before reaching out to touch her breasts that were soft and perky. Then he felt something about the size of a pigeon egg wedged in between those wonderful breasts. The numbing pleasure he could feel in his hands caused him to very quickly retract his arms as he realized that his heart was beating very fast¡­..

The three of them walked around the Starmoon Hall casually. Canghai Mingyue's and Huoyun Liu-Li's beauty managed to attract many people's attention.

Everyone was completely and utterly shocked by the motionless and aura-less Bai Xiaochun.

Breaking through to the Martial Saint Realm didn't only require luck, but also strength. It was a process of refining the physical body in all aspects. Even if it was only for a day, his body had reached the quality of a Martial Saint.

"Old Man Feng, aren't you close with Old Man Jin? Tell us, who do you think Old Ancestor will choose to take over his position. Actually, you should know about it. You seemed have forgotten about that young man," chuckled Xi Fatong.

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