Medical Master Chapter 275

Medical Master Chapter 275

"I said I wouldn't let you di here, and I will prove my words. Open up your mind and release your defense; let me help you get rid of all the poisonous miasma in your body."

"According to a trusted source, that bastard Nangong Yunzheng has roped in the Profound River Palace, and it's highly possible that he has leaked the family secret to them, and used that as a bait to get the Profound River Palace involved."

Uncle Tian continued to have that kind smile on his face as he turned toward Jian Chen. Suddenly, the light in his eyes concentrated heavily onto Jian Chen before turning resplendent. With a startled sound of surprise, the Saint Ruler's expression grew astonished. Shortly afterward, two bright golden rays of light shot out from his eyes and seemed to bath Jian Chen within their golden color.


More importantly, since all the poisonous miasma was gone, the old man felt extremely relaxed and comfortable, as if someone had just lifted a gigantic mountain that been weighing down on him for the last 10 years.

Hearing those words, looks of excitement immediately emerged on the faces of the Combat Soul warriors.

"Haha, kids, I will bury you all here today! You will know then that a Heavenly Core warrior is not someone you can fight!"

Jiang Zhen Hai told Jiang Chen.All their properties were sought by the Mu Rong family.Both families had been competing with each other for a long time.If they don't have anyone to guard those properties, then the Mu Rong family could just swoop in and take over.

"Compared to senior disciple Han, I think he is more deserving of the Little Devil King name! Guo Lei has offended someone he absolutely shouldn't have!"

Daoist Black immediately threw up all the wine he had drank. After violently coughing for some time, he angrily glared at Han Yan.

Big Yellow was unhappy about it.

Everyone watching had been stunned into a dumb silence, even Chang Wuji had his mouth wide open. The youth right in front of him was far too strong if he could easily destroy such a large stronghold. Although he was only a Heaven Saint Master, he had easily destroyed the building as easily as if he was knocking over a house of cards.Chapter 405: Strong Assisting Army (One)

"Pff!" A mouthful of blood splashed out from Jian Chen's mouth and formed a small bloody mist for a brief moment. As it escaped from his mouth, his face grew deathly pale.

"Imperial Emperor, I am the one who did all of this! If you want to kill someone, please kill me now! This matter has nothing to do with them!"

The soldiers of Fengyang City were the type who loved to bully, but couldn't stand to be bullied in return. Knowing that anyone who rode such beasts would not be of ordinary stature, the soldiers didn't dare trouble them. Hence, Jian Chen's group was easily able to enter the city without any hindrance.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow's speed was incredible. They soon arrived outside of Red Stun Town. Looking from afar, they found there was fire burning everywhere within the town, and a dark cloud hovering above.

"Jiang Chen, don't be so arrogant! I don't believe that worn down kettle can be used to attack once again!"

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