Blood Creed Chapter 673

Blood Creed Chapter 673

The result quickly spread across the entire Eastern Continent. In fact, everyone had been paying close attention to this war, so it was impossible for it not to spread quickly. No doubt, the death of the Imperial Emperor and Old Emperor had caused a great storm to appear; a mighty uproar.

"You seek death!"

Shooting a glance at Wang Yufeng, Jian Chen shook his head, "I have plenty of enemies that are equally strong as I am in power. Following me would not be a good idea, or else you may find yourself stuck in a pit of eternal damnation."

After all the Nine Solar Holy Water entered Yan Chenyu's body, she started violently trembling, and a buzzing sound could be heard from within her body.

On the other side, Tyrant was attacking aggressively. He unleashed the Fudo Seal right when the battle started. The gigantic seal immediately transformed into a Buddha, and rammed into the Devil King with tremendous force. The Devil King let out a miserable cry as its body was sent flying.

"Hmph! I will kill you today, there is no way for you to run away!"

The Old Great Emperor's tone had clearly increased, and anyone could feel the anger that came together with his words. The Old Emperor and Imperial Emperor had both died, was this a joke? The Martial Saint Dynasty had ruled the Eastern Continent for so many years, and this was something that had never happened before. Furthermore, they were both Combat King warriors, and there had never been anyone capable of killing them in the Eastern Continent before.


At this moment, Qin Ji spoke, "Xiao Han, the princess of Funan speaks the truth. You are not an opponent for my brother, so save yourself the disgrace. You two take lord Xiao Han back." Qin Ji spoke flatly toward the maids. He too did not have a favorable impression of Xiao Han and didn't bother to honor him.

Jiang Zhen Hai and Mu Rong Zhan were baffled by what Jiang Chen said.Mu Rong Zhan moved his head towards Jiang Ru Long and started judging Jiang Ru Long.He couldn't stop himself from nodding his own head.£¦This is what we call a talented and good looking young man.At such a young age he has reached the ninth level of the Qi Jing Realm.'

Losing color in his face, Jian Chen hadn't thought that the elder's strength would be that strong. Even with the Origin energy, he had still been unable to get close to the elder. It was like he was an infant compared to elder Xiu. Even as he stood there, Jian Chen was unable to do a single iota of damage.

Even though there were many crossbolts firedÿabout several thousandÿthe area they had to cover was huge, so the arrows were scattered. Thus, the platoon of 500 elite soldiers wasn't affected in the slightest by this wave of crossbow bolts.

Afterwards, Jian Chen received the school medal and left with his older brother.

Following the traces of the Light Wind Sword, it flew toward the King Tiger Squad in a silver blur and slid across their throats, taking away their lives.

Jian Chen walked to Qin Xiao's side and inspected his wounds before taking the other two Radiant Saint Force filled pills to feed him.

"Fourth master, I'll notify the lord of your return. The lord and the fourth lady have been missing you dearly. They have been hoping for your return every day." Chang Wuji spoke as he turned around.

"Yes sir!" Bai En quickly left. At that moment, the only people left inside the office were Jian Chen and Kargath Academy's headmaster, as well as an elder in a blue/green robe.

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