Apocalyptic System : apocalypse/dimension travel Chapter 2657

Apocalyptic System : apocalypse/dimension travel Chapter 2657

The passageway within the cavern was quite long and curvacious. After walking about 300 meters, Jian Chen finally arrived at a dead end which was a single spacious cave around fifty meters in width. There wasn't any sources of light, but what should have been a dark cave somehow was bright. Similar to the light outside. But the source of this light could not be found, giving this cave another sense of mystery.

Hurriedly taking out an abacus, Ochire started to total up the sum of all the items. "My lord." She began. "Each of the twenty-eight heavenly resources have varying ages. Some are just a thousand years old, some are two or three thousand years old. Combined with the fact that some of them are of rare species, each one of the heavenly resources will be of different prices. As such, the cumulative price will be a million and thirty thousand purple coins. If my lord is willing to purchase them in bulk, then we will discount the remaining thirty thousand purple coins for a grand total of a million purple coins. Is that to your satisfaction?"

"Yes, your Majesty. Not only should we open our doors for them, we should personally greet them. After all, the people that are coming now are from the Qinhuang Kingdom as well."Chapter 488: Invasion of the Army (One)


"The men from the Lee family are gone££ Looks like there is a hidden Heavenly Core warrior hidden in the Jiang family."

Thinking of that moment, Jian Chen sprung into action, as the tree branch in his hand was sent flying towards Changyang Ke.



The Seventh and Tenth Emperor both cried out in shock at the same time. They were looking at the Ice Demon King as if they were looking at a ghost. A monster had resurrected itself immediately after being killed! This didn't make any sense, even with these two emperor's rich experience, this was the first time they had encountered such a weird situation.

The top four geniuses of the Qi Province; Liang Xiao from the Heavenly Sword Sect was killed by Jiang Chen, Guan Yiyun from the Black Sect had gone to Inferno Hell, Bai Huadie from the Valley of Happiness had broken through to the Divine Core realm. Nanbei Chao was the one with the most amazing progress. With only a mere Mid Divine Core cultivation base, he already had the ability to change the entire structure of the Qi Province. Only Nanbei Chao could achieve such mighty progress.

"Kid, I don't wish to harm you, just hand over your Space Ring and tell us just how you were able to be immune to the poison. Then we'll let you go." The man ordered.

"It seems that we were fated to meet. Fellow brothers, just what is your name?" The man began to smile in a seemingly harmless way.

In a split second, a few more Combat Soul warriors joined the battlefield. Once again, they surrounded Jiang Chen. Each of them had drawn their most powerful Combat Weapons, and most of those were Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapons. Some rogue warriors didn't have a lot of resources, so they could only use High-Ranked Combat Weapons. But, each of them were peak High-Ranked Combat Weapons, so they were still quite powerful.

After half a day, Jian Chen had finally began to calm down as he collected the rest of the spoils before continuing on the road on his mount.

It was an hour before noon, but the square was packed with people. It was bustling with noise and excitement.

Lord Nether said in a sarcastic manner.


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