The Breach Chapter 1767

The Breach Chapter 1767

"Thank you, Great Master."

Wu Jiu bashfully cupped his fist toward Jiang Chen, then he brought Wu Lang and left the meeting hall.

The young master of Jiang's family had sent Mu Rong's family reputation down the drain.The once long parade of Mu Rong's family had now become the laughing stock of Fragrant Sky city.

Although Jian Chen had felt something coming toward his back, he was not able to do anything to dodge because the space around him had frozen for a moment. His body was stuck rigidly in place and was powerless to move in any direction.

"Nubis, let's go back."

Right afterward, several more blurs could be seen as more wolves surrounded Jian Chen. They were smaller in size compared to the first four wolves, signifying that they were Class 4 Magical Beasts.

Soon after Jian Chen had placed a couple handsful of monster cores onto the table, the big official table was filled with monster cores. Although they were all Class 1 Monster Cores, because they came from different species, the cores would not be the same size or shape. Small cores were almost the size of the big toe of a person, and the biggest cores were the size of a small child's fist.

"Yes!" A person volunteered as he charged at Ming Dong.

In the center of Mercenary City not too far away from the statue of Mo Tianyun, there was a giant palace that was established as the mansion of the city lord. But to uphold Mo Tianyun's sovereignty even after his departure, a second city lord was never declared and so the palace had been reformed to serve as a connection to the outside world.

"Let's go to the manor, we'll find a place to rest and just wait for the auction in two days."

"Monk, this Devil King is really amazing, it has formed its own Natal Devil Weapon. Looks like the real fight is beginning now."

Right at this moment, another palm dashed out from the side, instantly blocking Wu Cong's strike. The man who did this was none other than Wu Lang!

This mountain range was called the Black Mountains. Countless mountain peaks spread across the top of the Black Mountain.

"According to what you humans classify us as, I am indeed a Class 7 Magical Beast." The tiger's weak voice rang out once more as if it was whispering something private to Jian Chen so that only the two of them could hear.

This was because of the environment here. The Ice Demons must be born in this special environment. Right now, Jiang Chen only wished there weren't any Ice Demons too strong here.

Sniffing the area, the tiger cub began to growl out loud with an urgent tone as if it was crying with grief. Running with all of its might toward a large patch of dried blood, the ground even had bits and pieces of Jian Chen's body.

"Both of you have tried to kill me so many times, you even informed Liang Xiao from the Heavenly Sword Sect about my mission to kill all Blood Devils in Yellowstone, then you asked him to ambush me on my way back to the Black Sect! But too bad, my abilities are beyond your imagination, Liang Xiao is nothing in my eyes!"

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