Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine Chapter 2825

Lost in Character: Transmigration Chronicles of a Nameless Heroine Chapter 2825

The entire group was crying out in alarm. None of them could have guessed that they would actually have been selected by the Hall of Devil Slayers, and even as they trembled in terror, the hallmaster glared back and said, "Shut up, all of you!"

The visitors came in unbroken streams, and there were many good-looking people in the crowd as well. Qing Shui unblinkingly stared at the various types of beautiful girls. There were tall girls, short girls, fleshly girls, and slim girls. As for the men, he immediately eliminated them from his line of sight because there hadn't been someone of the younger generation who was stronger or as strong as him. At the very least, there were none in Cang Lang Country. That was why he couldn't be bothered and would rather spend his time gazing at the pretty girls instead.

Sure enough, the spirit automaton could see exactly what was going on. Drawing upon the power at his disposal, he quickly forced the Succubus Queens to start dancing again, which caused soul fluctuations to roll out in all directions.

In the end, she left the Central Continent in order to avoid the son of the Sky Tyrant Lord and she somehow ended up in the Greencloud Continent, she only wanted to find a quiet and peaceful place. When she discovered that Lin Yuchen was the guardian of Sword Tower, she immediately entered the Heavenly Palace without hesitation.?

"So low down...." he said. Then he took a deep breath and slapped his thigh. An unprecedentedly bright glow appeared in his eyes. The method described by Bai Xiaochun wasn't very complicated at all, and was in fact quite simple. It was merely a different way of thinking that, after being spoken out loud, was easy to understand. However, before being explained, it was actually the opposite of what everyone would have thought the idea to be.

But now, it was without hesitation that the sect handed them over.

It only served to increase his nervousness. He couldn't help but think back to everything that had happened, and how he had brazenly slapped the Giant Ghost King, not just once, but seven or eight times, until the man's face was completely swollen.

This youth was a killer. In fact they still did not know that Qing Shui had used weakening techniques when killing that Berserk Dragon King. For now, they were unable to determine the extent of Qing Shui's strength.

Qing Shui shook his head and did not continue the conversation. He did not request for Yuan Su to show him the medicinal pill which could clear meridians as it was useless. Even if it worked, it was not suitable for someone whose meridians were totally blocked.

More thunderous rumbling echoed out from the clouds, and huge raindrops began to fall, splashing down noisily onto the ship and the sea alike. Suddenly, huge waves appeared on the water, which was no longer calm at all....

Song Que didn't dare to do anything rash. Of course, he would go so far as to chat casually with Zhao Long, but when it came to a major general, he wouldn't do anything even remotely offensive. He was well aware that the cultivators of the five legions, who lived their lives to defend the Great Wall, were the most terrifying of individuals. That was especially true of their major generals, all of whom were exalted figures who could shake heaven and earth.

Even though he might've not had any hidden agendas, it didn't mean that others wouldn't misinterpret the meaning. Di Chen lowered her head, she felt a warmth in her heart. With what Qing Shui said, she realized the person who currently treated her the best was him. Most importantly, they understood each other and had travelled such a long distance together.

"Qing Shui..." Qing Yi looked at Qing Shui worriedly.

"Thank you, Old Master!" Qing Shui was not good with words so he could give his sincerest smile, but still he was not able to conceal the pleasant surprise on his face.

"En!" Canghai Mingyue couldn't bear it anymore as she let out a gasp. Her body squirmed, causing her soft, bouncy twin peaks to rub about on Qing Shui's chest!

Qing Shui recalled Shi Qingzhuang's parents, and the scene when he was headed for Shi Clan. He felt that there seemed to be some gaps between Shi Qingzhuang and her parents.

Nature Energy!

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