Auction Chapter 1574

Auction Chapter 1574

This was a compulsory request, and no one were to disobey it; everyone had to wear mourning clothes.

The entire main hall was filled with a joyful atmosphere, and the roars of laughter didn't seem to stop sounding out. Previously, a shadow had been cast in everyone's minds because of the Dimensional Creatures, but now, that shadow was completely gone. With Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu arriving, everyone was excited.

A world-shaking explosive sound broke out in the silent valley. With that, a devastating energy swept across the entire valley, sending terrifying black smoke into the sky. This powerful attack instantly caused rows of buildings to collapse and turn into dust.

Jiang Chen shouted. He punched the Glory Lotus King, causing it to instantly shatter. After that, Jiang Chen devoured every single bit of it into his body in the blink of an eye.

"What the fuck?!"

One by one, men began to slowly move forward into the large ripple of energy that was the Space Gate. Just like that, each one disappeared from sight.

Right after Mao Sheng finished roaring, something happened once again. A deep explosive sound could be heard from the Island of Ice once again, and in the next second, a flaming object erupted from the island.

"Manager Liu, the reason why I came here is to exchange for some Heavenly Yuan Pills. Can we discuss this?"

If the Shangguan Clan saw it as an enemy attack, the people of the Yu family would see it as a rescue.

Within the short time span of a year, Ming Dong had made the breakthrough to become a Peak Earth Saint Master from a Great Saint Master. This rate of progression was practically impossible, and the most important fact was Ming Dong's age. From his appearance, Ming Dong wasn't much different from Qin Xiao in age. Ming Dong was thirty years old at the very most, for a youth like him to be a mere step away from the Heaven Saint Master realm, this couldn't be called talented anymore; this was the signs of a genius seen once every millenia. A genius that would make anyone else frightened.

Indignation flooded the Saint Ruler's eyes and Saint Force gathered in his right arm shortly afterward, restoring his right arm back to its original state. A fiery-red machete materialized in his right hand before it came arcing toward Jian Chen's head. As it traveled through the air, the machete left behind a fiery crack through the world space.

Even Chang Wuji had a flabbergasted look as he looked at Jian Chen, and the Changyang Hu with a skeptical look. He had no idea just what connection there was between these two in order for Jian Chen to be willing to risk his own life and brave a fight with these Heaven Saint Masters.

The entire room exploded in an instant! The explosion even shook Guo Shan's mountain, and the ice-cold energy covered both sky and ground. Within a few breaths time, the entire Black Sect was covered by this ice-cold energy! When those disciples who were in the middle of cultivating felt the drop in temperature, the expressions changed dramatically.

A Combat Soul Clan Elder angrily said.

Chang Bai laughed briefly, "My lord, those two servants have already long since been driven off. Although one of them was introduced by the first lady Ling Long, the other servant's older brother is the leader of one of the team captains of the patrol guards. But since they dared to bully the fourth master, they no longer have any reason to stay behind in this mansion. Otherwise, I would not dare to show face around the Changyang Mansion ever again."

When both fire red swords collided against each other, the two swords suddenly exploded with energy, causing an explosive bang to be heard as the entire sky washed over with flames. All around the two combatants, balls of fire could be seen flying everywhere at high speeds and high temperature.

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