Immortal Moon Chapter 340

Immortal Moon Chapter 340

"Are you certain that you will not return the Seal of Treasure Mountain? It will only bring you more trouble." The third elder asked Jian Chen once more for confirmation.

"Because you two are still here."

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. With his experience and judgment, he could easily see through Li Wu Ling. With Li Wu Ling's current situation, he couldn't even compare to those ordinary Heavenly Core warriors like Yin Zhong Cheng. Not to mention the inner circle disciples of all four big sects.

"Of course, it has always been my dream to be a part of the Black Sect!"

Right now, Wu Cong's face had turned extremely pale, and his arrogance was completely gone. Jiang Chen had just used action to tell him one thing; his status was useless in front of Jiang Chen! If Wu Lang hadn't stepped in and pushed the attack away, Wu Cong would have been killed by that terrifying sword!

Jiang Chen was calm. He closed his eyes slightly and crossed both of his hands in front of his chest. His two index fingers were shaking tremendously. Suddenly, Jiang Chen moved, a huge golden finger rushing out. Besides this huge golden finger, there was a shadow of another huge finger.

"This golden egg contains a massive amount of source energy. If I can completely absorb it, I will be able to form at least another 100 Dragon Marks and break through to the Late Heavenly Core realm. Firethorn Savage's complete bloodline is also within this egg, so I might be able to obtain Firethorn Savage's innate abilities."

"My lord, I concede. I cannot defend myself any longer." The blue sword holder cried out.

The three huge fingers immediately merged into one. The huge golden finger looked like it was capable of poking a hole through the skies, capable of destroying anything that was blocking its path. Its power was enough to destroy a mountain, and now it was about to clash with the Twisting Chaos Palm.

Ming Dong's mouth raised up by a small amount as he smiled, "My uncle Tian is extraordinarily strong. However strong he is, I don't know, but I did hear that 5000 years ago, uncle Tian was a Saint Ruler."

"Everyone bring this wild beast out and let's continue onward." Jian Chen spoke aloud.

The youth had a mild smile on his face as he heard those words, "This one is called Ming Dong, might I know how to call my benefactor?"

"Seniors are definitely welcome, please, come in." Jian Chen smiled cordially and led the two elders into the manor.

"Haha, all of you, die!"

Jiang Chen asked. He showed a great interest in those pirates of the Chaotic Ocean.

The giant bear let out another roar as it moved to slap the Great Saint Master with its paw. All of sudden, a silver light flew in between the bear and the Great Saint Master. Before the giant bear could even react, the silver light had immediately stabbed straight through its throat.

"Look! The Invincible Sect is here! That man is Ye Wuyou, Ye Hui's cousin. He is a rare genius of the Invincible Sect, and his overall strength is equal to that of the Eighth Tycoon."

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