The Forest Sprite who sought the Gods Chapter 178

The Forest Sprite who sought the Gods Chapter 178

"Senior An, don't bother, her temper is quite bad," Jian Chen smiled. Even he didn't know the girl's name other than the time when Shi Xiangran had called out to her as Luan Er.

Jian Chen was slightly startled. Staring in bewilderment at Tie Ta, he could sense that Tie Ta's fist had a strength that was far beyond what was to be expected. When Tie Ta's fist impacted against Ming Dong's palm, there had been a thunderous sound that penetrated the bones and organs with enough force to rupture them.

At this thought, the tension in the patriarch's heart began to dissipate.

In fact, Chang Qing's order was completely unnecessary, as it was just a joke two make two guards watch Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen really wanted to leave, even with both eyes wide open, those two guards would never be able to stop him.

"Are you crazy?! You're seeking death!"

"I didn't think that this place would be so lively. Every single faction within the Cloud Capital is here it seems." Suddenly, a loud but clear voice could be heard from the outside as several men and women suddenly came walking into view. They had an air of regalness to them that was unlike the ordinary air to most.

"Amitabha! I have sinned."

Right at this moment, Nan Bei Chao's expression changed dramatically. A surge of unreserved anger exploded out from his body, and two cold beams shot out from his eyes. He looked extremely terrifying.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. Both men covered themselves with a Yuan energy barrier, then they dived into the water. After spending some time swimming around the area, they were unable to find any signs of the Island of Ice.

The prime minister nodded his head, "That's correct. The king is adamant on having the princess marry Changyang Xiangtian. Even if I were to move the entire Heavenly Eagle Kingdom here, he would not budge an inch."

"What do you guys think of this Jian Chen. Why do you think he was the only one to escape the punishment even though he started the fight? Do you think it's because he's the King of Mercenaries, or that he has some sort of connections with the higher ups of the city?"

Jiang Chen's experience was vast, and he was able to precisely judge people. He knew that after bidding 80 million, Shangguan Chong would definitely stop following.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. He then flipped his palm, causing three demon souls to appear.Sorry for the late release! I will make up for it with a bonus chapter later this week, for a total of six chapters instead of five!

Seeing how Tian Zhou was so condescending to the others, the patriarch of the Tianqin clan narrowed his eyes. His chest began to heave heavily in anger, showing that he was not pleased at all.

At this moment, the five experts had all unleashed their attacks each with their own Ruler Armament. The only difference was that four experts along with the yellow clothed girl were fighting against one.

The wolf tilted its head and dodged Tie Ta's battleaxe. Bringing its head up towards the sky, it let out a great howl before launching itself at him.

A cold, unrestrained laughter rang out from the hall, "It's already been several centuries since outsiders have come to my Coiled Dragon Mountain and right now, the Tianqin clan has the greatest possibility of coming. I just never thought that this Tianqin clan would pluck up some courage and think that they can threaten my Coiled Dragon Mountain with just those three Heaven Saint Masters. Hmph, what a joke. Send a squad with the four Protectors of Heaven and Earth to smash them. Chase them out of my Coiled Dragon Mountain!"

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