The Military System : Alternative Chapter 1481

The Military System : Alternative Chapter 1481

As for the four peak lords, when they saw him beneath the statue, their eyes shone with anticipation.

"I know about it, but I still like him. Brother, am I foolish?" The girl murmured while looking towards the arena, her big eyes were filled with tears.

The captain pretended not to notice what had happened. Laughing, he said, "Alright, everyone's here, let's head in!"?

After saying this Young Master Tuoba saw that Qu Jiao was still looking at him. He chuckled and said, "We're just doing it for fun in our clan but there're still some people who could fight against it."

"Yes, sir!"

Had Gongsun Wan'er been aware that there was a wily old fox in Mistysea Prefecture plotting against her, she would have come after him and killed him, even if she died in the processˇ­.

The three of them suddenly stopped walking, and as they did, the sound of the other footsteps vanished.

"Can you introduce these two ladies to me?" the dark skinned strong man grinned. His pearly white teeth stood out against his dark skin.

At the instant that Wang Delong was about to make a move, Qing Shui suddenly threw out the Demon Binding Ropes and tightly confined Wang Delong, causing him to not be able to move.

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They were seated cross-legged in meditation, their faces ashen. Some were clearly putting up a fight, but some had already been reduced to skeletonsˇ­.

The meal the ladies had prepared was sumptuous. The spices, fruits, and seasonings were gathered from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal as fresh ingredients for the food. As long as they didn't add the salt to the ingredients, everything would be fine.

"Xiaochun, according to the deva patriarch, this Wildlands offensive is different from anything in the past. Although it might seem like they're on the run right now, the truth is that within the next few months, they will lead a charge greater than anything so far!

"What about the other 8 halls? Do you know what those halls are?" Qing Shui asked, embarrassed, after he had regained his senses.

The grand elder looked around furtively for a moment before continuing, "Did you ever hear about Blood Master Situ Hao from Lesser Marsh Peak? A few years ago, he harbored malicious intentions toward Song Junwan. She chased him all the way to Nameless Peak, and almost managed to gut him too!"

Although he had been made little more than a puppet by the Grand Heavenmaster, he was still the Arch-Emperor. The blood of the imperial clan ran in his veins, and as he sat there on the Dragon Throne in the imperial palace, he shivered.

Song Que said nothing in response, and a strange expression could be seen on Zhao Tianjiao's face. As for Bai Lin, he simply smiled wryly.

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