Reborn with 10 wish Chapter 974

Reborn with 10 wish Chapter 974

"Can't we be friends?" Gongsun Jianwu asked sadly. Her voice was not loud, but it was still audible to people around them.

Every time he thought of this problem, Qing Shui felt that it was inappropriate. Back then, when the Old Ancestor died, he told Qing Shui not to go to the Southern Viewing Ministry Continent to look for the Eastern Palace Clan before having the strength of a Grade 5 Martial Saint. During these few days, Qing Shui had done some investigation, the Eastern Palace Clan of the Southern Viewing Ministry Continent may not be the strongest but it was not a place a Grade 5 Martial Saint could simply enter.

There, far off in the distance, was a dot of white light!

He had been waiting for this day for some time. Before, when he was in the early Celestial Realm, he had always been forced to slink around with his tail between his legs, and rely on the Greatsword of the North to make himself seem threatening.

Seeing the look in his eye, Zhou Yixing knew that his life or death would be decided within the next few moments. Glaring back angrily at Bai Xiaochun, he snarled, "If you're gonna kill me, kill me!"

"Here, these are for you, find some time to take it, each pill can increase your strength by 1000 Jin, you may take 10 every year. Currently, I only have so many, after I refined more, I'll give them to you."

A wide smile broke out on Bai Xiaochun's face. He had been waiting for many years for this reunion, and the joy caused him to start laughing. Bai Hao's memories were still a bit of a jumble, but when he saw his Master, everything seemed fine, and he grew calm. After all, throughout all the years, his Master had been his only family.


Bai Xiaochun merely watched them leave. He wanted to say something, but in the end, was unsure of how to console them, and simply maintained silence.

This was already the eighth time and Qing Shui has long gotten numb to this. This was due to the seventh time leading to no results, as it was just a few small thieves who were trying out their luck.

Di Chen watched Qing Shui very calmly from the side, with a small smile gracing her lips.

Instead of leaving, Li Feng chose to stay in the Blackmountain Tribe, where he planted himself at Bai Xiaochun's side and leapt to meet his every demand, even if it meant going through hell and high water.

An unnatural smile broke across Ye Guyan's face as she averted her eyes from Qing Shui's gaze. She looked at the sky and excused herself before turning around to leave. This puzzled Qing Shui but he cast away all his distracting thoughts and adopted his Taichi stance, facing the East. The ¡®Minute Subtlety' had been gradually progressing. The progress was very slow but as time went on, its immense effect could be observed. This was a cultivation art that progressively grew stronger over a long period of time. There were little bits of improvement every day and although it was not very obvious, as time passed, one would suddenly discover that they had gone very far.

The determination in Bai Hao's eyes couldn't have been more intense. Waving both arms out in front of him, he caused the entire Underworld River to shudder from beginning to end.

Lastly, Ji Yunlang invited Qing Shui to the General Manor. However, Qing Shui declined politely. Ji Yunlang didn't force him either since he knew that Qing Shui still had other matters to attend to. Thus, he took his leave and left.

"The Middle Peak blood master has infinite magical powers! The Spirit Stream Heaven-Dao expert can shake the whole world!"

Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. After he witnessed the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's breakthrough, he felt even more secure with this big fellow around.?

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