My depressing life Chapter 347

My depressing life Chapter 347

Right in the center of the Island of Ice, there was a tall and ancient pagoda. This pagoda had seven levels, and numerous mysterious runes were engraved onto its wall. The pagoda surface was rusty, and seemed old. Clearly, it had existed for quite a long period of time.

Tan Lang turned to Jiang Chen and asked. Since something huge had happened in the Chaotic Ocean, as one of the participants, Tan Lang had to go back and answer to his own sect.

"I'd hope so. Commander Duo Li, I will be heading back first then." With that, Jian Chen immediately left the mansion. For the past few days, many people had entered the mansion with news of the whereabouts of Kendall's family, but everyone had tried to be deceitful and told a bunch of nonsense without a single trace of truth.

"Chen'er, now that the Mu Rong family is destroyed, what are you going to do with these people?"

Jian Chen returned the glare at the elder patriarch before turning to look at the grand elder with a spike of killing intent. "I didn't think that I would see you here. Hmph, you didn't run away far enough. A few days ago, I didn't lay claim to your life, but let's see you run away from this calamity now."

Followed by a buzzing sound, the broken crystal pieces which were shattered around the place formed into a fist-sized crystal ball which floated in the middle of the air.

Firethorn Savage's body was covered in wounds, his brain was dug out, and cracks could be seen everywhere. A violent fight had obviously happened here.

"The rumors said that it was severely weak due to the wounds it has, is that why it didn't fight all of us?"

Suddenly, wave after wave of sounds could be heard as all of the leaves still floating around Jian Chen transformed into a blinding rays of light and shot outward. Spearing through anything in their path, the Sword Qi infused in the leaves had only disappeared after ten kilometers, causing the leaves to fall apart into dust.

The attack came too quickly, and it caused the Old Emperor's nerves to tense up. Without any hesitation, he raised the sword in his hand and swung it toward the Heavenly Saint Sword.

"Hahaha, the time for the Burning Sky Pavilion to rule the entire Qi Province is finally here, the structure of the Qi Province is going to completely change! That guy from the Black Sect, Jiang Chen, has challenged senior disciple's dignity, he has no idea what the consequences will be!"

But then now that he knew Jian Chen was alive, the man couldn't help but feel excited. Ever since Jian Chen's supposed death, they had never once stopped searching for the Ruler Armament. They had even spent countless of energy in order to use several secret methods to find the location of the Ruler Armament, but to no avail. And even worse, they had came out for the worse after it.


The condition he was in now, where his potential had awoken caused Jiang Chen to feel excited in both body and soul. This was a rare opportunity, and he needed to feed his body well. He needed more energy!

Suddenly, You Yue seemed to remember something. Her expression was full of surprise, and looked at Bi Hai with shock. She asked, "Perhaps this senior is the lost-lost ancestor of the Changyang clan?"

Jian Chen returned to Wake City. After resting there for 2 days, and hearing of no special news, he once again left. This time, he didn't return to his original location; instead, he arrived at the exact opposite location of where he had been previously. After advancing nearly 20 miles down a path, he finally found a desolate and safe area. He then once again removed the Silver Striped Golden Snake from his belt, and began dissecting the body.

"Palace Master, according to those demons who managed to escape, the reason why that young man could kill Third Palace Master is because he couldn't be hurt by his poison. The Third Palace Master's poison had no effect on him."

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