The Empire Building System Chapter 2170

The Empire Building System Chapter 2170

The spiritjade statue caused blinding, colorful light to fill the area, as well as incredibly strong spiritual energy. In a barren place like the Wildlands, spiritual energy like that was an assault on the senses!

"No need to be envious, if you like, then we can also have one. The child would be equally cute and pretty! You seem to quite like kids, mmm, don't put down the curtains¡­"

"Yeah, that's why you are still alive," A teenager said in a joking manner.?

"We have to get rid of him as soon as possible. Between the Heavenly Palace and our Sword Tower, only one can survive. If we give him time to develop further, no one in the Greencloud Continent will be able to stop him." The Old Ancestor replied as he looked to the skies.?

"It's easy to get into trouble with clothes on! If not, shall your husband help you take them off?" Qing Shui liked the shy look Mingyue had whenever he teased her. It was very charming!

Before he could finish speaking, a whole group of snakes launched themselves into the air and then slammed into the shield right in front of him.

After two hours, people were starting to whisper back and forth to each other. Beihan Lie still stood there on the trial platform, trembling and twitching.

"Do you have any other things?" Qing Shui asked Qinghan Ye softly, seeing that she was looking at him in a daze.

Any changes in emotions, no matter how minor, would affect the functions of the internal organs. In every individual, there exists a source of latent energy that when utilized correctly, could make one feel awake and clear-headed, in contrast, when influenced negatively, would result in one being dispirited and listless. This source of latent energy, in chinese medicine was also known as the 5 emotions, but alternatively, when the 5 emotions intermixed, they are known by another name - spirit.

The aristocratic clans lived a luxurious life and this lifestyle was part of their identity, it was quite a normal showing. It was something achieved through strength, and it didn't matter where they were. Although Qing Shui was born to a relatively poor family, he had never despised the rich or blamed God for being unfair. He knew that the world had never been fair. If life was fair, then no one would be destined to live a life of luxury and spend their life in glory and splendor. And some others were destined to be beggars from birth and spend their life as people of the lowest standing on the social ladder.

Qing Shui released his spiritual sense and noticed that Old Lady Mo's meridians were bloated and red. It seemed like the symptoms of an overexertion of strength.

"You should go consult a good clinic. Your illness is quite serious!" The lady pointed at his head cutely, the delicate appearance was so charming and enticing that it tugged on his heartstrings.

"What, what do you mean by that? Am I that bad?" Xiang Bao stared angrily with her pair of pure looking eyes, and her small hands pinched Qing Shui on his arm. This cute little girl seemed to be very energetic today.

"Die!" Daoist Heavenspan said in a cold voice. The two balls of smoke pulsed with a voracious power that seemed to want to consume anything it touched. Upon seeing that, the eyes of both Song Que and the Saint-Emperor widened.

"Profound Stream Sect," he shrieked, "things aren't finished between us. Y-y-you... you people actually tried to ambush me again!?!?" Fear still throbbed in his heart. Despite having been saved by the turtle-wok, he was still convinced that he was about to die.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose. This was the first time she had shown such a big reaction to him. It seemed like the only way for her to open her heart completely to him would be to settle the matters with the Lion King's Ridge first.

"That's right!" He smacked his thigh excitedly, then rose to his feet and started pacing back and forth in his immortal's cave. After spending much time in thought, he produced one of his Fantasy Pills and looked it over carefully. After a moment, his brow furrowed as he thought of the very strange expressions that appeared on the faces of cultivators who took the pill, and then started to worry that he would look like them if he consumed it.

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