Hollywood Delight Chapter 2748

Hollywood Delight Chapter 2748

"It's a pity that Big Yellow is still in a coma. If not for him saving us at the most critical moment, we might all be dead by now."

This sword was once the ultimate Saint weapon, and although he had only found two parts of it so far, those two parts still contained some of the Great Saint Laws. However, the Great Saint realm was too far away from Jiang Chen, so even if there were some remaining Saint Laws, with Jiang Chen's current strength, he couldn't utilize them.

Letting out a breath of air, Jian Chen slowly calmed himself down and connected with the sword spirits.

Jiang Chen reminded.

Jian Chen slowly pulled out his Light Wind Sword. His brows knit together at the sight of the scorpion's bright green blood and white fluid covering his treasured sword. With a single thought, the green and white fluids covering his sword slid off the blade, and it instantly returned to its original appearance.


After reaching the Kai courtyards, Jian Chen found a few rooms for the nine to rest up in. He dabbed some medicinal herbs onto their wounds and gave them some panacea so their wounds would heal at a faster rate.

The reason why Jiang Chen showed them how he concocted pills was to show them his value.After all, the hidden£¦Heavenly Core'warrior in the Jiang family doesn't exist.If he could get the Yan family to help him, then the Lee family would not be a threat anymore.

"The patriarch of the Yan family is too polite. In the future, if Jian Chen has any areas that would require help, then I would have to trouble the Yan family." Jian Chen looked at the patriarch of the Yan family with a smile and his hands clasped. He did not turn down the patriarch's attempt to curry favor, as after all, the Yan family was a hermit family that possessed a powerful Saint Ruler and could not be so easily ignored. If he maintained a relationship with those types of families, no matter if it was for him, the Changyang clan or the Flame Mercenaries, it was definitely a good thing.

You Yue had her eyes closed, but she could sense a sharp ray of light shining through her closed eyelids. In curiosity, she slowly opened her eyes only to see the white light gathered in Jian Chen's hand.

From the outer region of Mount Wufu to the inner region of the Martial Palace, there was a bridge that stretched across the sky. When standing on top of it, one could glance at the entire landscape surrounding Mount Wufu. Right now, Jiang Chen and group were walking on top of it, and underneath them was an empty stretch filled with white fog. When they threw their glances into the horizon, they could see clear waters and green hills, waterfalls and green pine trees all over the place. Numerous palaces stood tall within the inner region, and finely built courtyards were scattered all over the place.

"The Blood Winged Hawk's Demon Soul is with you, hmph! I'll give you the time of three breaths to hand it over to me! If you don't, I'll kill everyone here!"


Gentle knocking could be heard from the courtyard's door. Jiang Chen opened the door and saw Xiao Wei smiling outside the door.

The Hua Yun Sect that were walking on horseback had only just arrived back home, therefore everyone was rushing to bring their items from the horses back inside the monastery. Right in front of the gates were a dozen soldiers standing guard, they were clearly the ones responsible for the gates.

"Left Wake City, is that true?" Jian Chen muttered with a glint of ice flashing through his eyes. "Everyone, with me!" Without informing Yun Li, Jian Chen began to leave the halls.

Right after Jiang Chen's words left his mouth, a dull knocking sound immediately sounded from the door. A split second later, it was smashed to pieces, and four men were revealed outside. Three of them were Early Combat Soul warriors, and the last one was Zhang Yuan, who had went for help.

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