A devil may cry fanfic Chapter 850

A devil may cry fanfic Chapter 850


Meanwhile, up in midair, Xuemei and Song Junwan saw what was happening. Song Junwan looked angry; she had seen what had happened with Bai Xiaochun earlier, and felt it was a true pity that he had passed up the first key. Now here he was flying along while the key chased him, refusing to grab it. Song Junwan was furious.

That realization caused fury to boil up in the hearts of the celestials, whose clans would definitely be affected negatively by this development. Important clans like theirs had huge operating expenses, and now, they would be losing out on a very important source of income.

Nian Feng waved from atop the Drunken Immortal Inn when Qing Shui flew by.?

This was their plan when they first came here. They didn't dare to be rash against them since they had the power to wipe out Zuoshi Clan. Moreover, after staying in Greencloud Continent for half a year, they realized that the place was much better than Central Continent. Therefore, their ambition to return to Central Continent had gradually dimmed. This place was very suitable for a clan like theirs, unlike how it was in Central Continent, where those with power would be able to gain more and it was dangerous for those without.

Zhu Qing's tone was very serene. Although she didn't say it out loud, Qing Shui had a feeling that she was bothered by her own age. Perhaps it was because she was a little older than him. She was even older than Yiye Jiange and Di Chen.

Chapter 383 I'll follow you to the Yan Clan, Elephant Form of the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique!.

"Do you think he'll be successful?"

In fact, he was convinced that if he unleashed it to full effect, he really could bash a hole into a gigantic mountain! When it came to bashing into people, well, it was obvious what fate they would meet.

The Spirit Advent King had no options at hand. He couldn't kill all of his children to save his own clan assetsĦ­. And therefore, he simply stared morosely in the direction of Arch-Emperor City.

Qing Shui took out the Crimson Dragon Bow which had been neglected for a long time and a lot of bone arrows which he just forged not so long ago. They were all made of beast bones at the Martial King grade. There were also a few which were made of Martial Saint grade beast bones.

"This Protector is so unfamiliar. Which peak is he from?"

When he reappeared, he was outside of Bai Xiaochun's secluded meditation chamber. After looking around, he snorted coldly, but refrained from doing what he had last time and simply entering unannounced.

As soon as the energy rolling off of the Giant Ghost King encountered that wood-type power, it melted as quickly as a snowflake fallen into boiling water!

Actually, this was only a portion of the stockpile he had. In order to be fully confident in his secret weapon, he had put together three full sets of the ingredients necessary to conjure eighteen-colored flame. That way, he could be confident in success even if some mishap occurred. Right now, it was without the slightest hesitation that he sent all ten of the seventeen-colored flames flying out. He also made sure to send the flames perilously close to Zhao Xionglin, Liu Yong, and some of the others who had been particularly vocal against him.

"Clan Chief Cai, I heard that your Cai ClanĦ­ has a spiritjade statueĦ­. I would very much like to take a look at it." An icy gleam ran through his eyes.

"Qing Shui, will you be representing Starmoon Hall in the competition between the various halls next year?"

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