The City of the Seventeen Kites Chapter 2215

The City of the Seventeen Kites Chapter 2215

"However, that Ferghana Stallion has never left the Sect Chief, so it'll be difficult for us to find an opportunity to capture it. Also, I heard that it's an Eighth Grade Demon King, or perhaps even a Ninth Grade Demon King. With our overall strength, I don't think it'll be easy for us to capture it."

"Haha, if senior disciple Jiang really kills a core disciple from the Heavenly Sword Sect, his fame will definitely grow exponentially, and it'll prove that he is able to fight Nanbei Chao!"

The next day!

After examining every part of Yan Chen Yu' s body, Jiang Chen' s expression changed dramatically.

With his speech, Jian Chen had managed to bring silence back down onto the courtyards.

Hearing this, Mu Jian had stopped for only a second, but he didn't say anything. Quickly after, he disappeared into the forest.

Bi Yuntian sighed. "Husband, I beg your forgiveness for hiding so many things from you. Long before, I was experiencing some sorrows, and the true events that happened to my Bi family was not an easy matter to talk about."

After they left, Jian Chen took the tiger cub who was rolling around on the bed into his arms and began to stroke its furry head as he started to think about what the next plan would be.

"Just keep watching! Senior disciple Jiang is going to destroy their synergy sooner or later, and he will kill them all!"

Jiang Chen said.

The elder gave a look of disdain as he heard those words, but he refused to say a word.

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward the three warriors.

The Seventh Emperor unleashed his energy and shouted at Wu Jiu. At the same time, what just happened brought a storm to those who were watching. Tearing an Imperial Decree to pieces was something that had never happened before. Perhaps in the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, Wu Jiu was the only one who could have done it, as this was a capital offense where death was the only punishment!

"Big brother, we'll stop here for now. As far as using and transforming your energy, you'll have to spend some time on getting it down. But when it comes to battle experience, you'll just have to fight with others to slowly improve, so there's no point in practicing by yourself so meticulously." Jian Chen said to his older brother. For the past few days, Jian Chen had spent his mornings teaching Changyang Hu various aspects of techniques and fighting.

After saying that, Big Yellow closed his eyes. All the men held their breath, and dared not speak a word. After three minutes, Big Yellow suddenly opened his eyes, then he turned around and gazed at the inner part of the palace.

The enemy was very strong. If Jiang Chen was still a loner, he would just go off somewhere far away where no one could really find him, where nobody was a threat to him. But now, he couldn't just do that anymore. If he left, all his friends and family would still be here. Therefore, he had to solve those resentments sooner or later.

Big Yellow said without turning his head back. As for Yan Chen Yu calling him a puppy dog, Big Yellow had finally, silently accepted it. There was a saying that if life gave you a lemon, and you couldn't reject it, just enjoy the lemon.

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