Trinity Soul Path Of lightning Chapter 1265

Trinity Soul Path Of lightning Chapter 1265

The ancestor continued to speak, "The grievances between our Huang family and the Hongfu clan have long since reached a point of no return. They had started several thousand years ago, and up to even now, our Huang family and their Hongfu clan have been at equivalent strengths almost. Even now, our two families would suffer tremendous losses if we were to fight now. Thus, there has never been any conflicts between our two sides, but in private, there have been countless clashes that occur on a frequent basis. Even this old man has fought several times with the two Saint Ruler, but it has never been so serious yet."

Along the way, the trio bumped into some demons and devils, but none of them could withstand more than a single blow from Jiang Chen, and all of them were killed on the spot. Tian Yishan was really surprised by Jiang Chen's strength, he had never seen a Heavenly Core warrior that could be so powerful. If he hadn't witnessed it by himself, he never would have believed it, even if he was beaten to death.

"Tie Ta, how did your blood become like this?" Jian Chen asked in shock.

Jian Chen chuckled as he let out a huge breath of air in relief. At this, his plan was completed. Walking to where the four men were sitting twenty meters away, he smiled, "Fellow soldiers, how are you feeling right about now?"

"However, all these people are scattered around, and there are simply too many people involved. It's not an easy task to gather all of them together. Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu's hometown is really far away from here. Even if we go there at full speed, it will still take us at least one day to arrive. And, bringing them to the Martial Saint Dynasty will be extremely troublesome as well."

The guards at the palace had instantly recognized their group and saluted them straight away before running off to report to the king.

Shortly after that, Jian Chen and Chang Wuji entered the manor and headed straight for the main halls. On the way, plenty of guards saluted him while the maids and servants bowed down with the most respect they could muster.

Right at this moment, a massive amount of energy ripples swept across the place like a tsunami. In an instant, then entire skies above the stronghold were covered by energy ripples.

The monk appeared to be reciting something at Ruan Xiong's dead body in his hand. After that, he just casually threw away Ruan Xiong's body.

Big Yellow was puzzled.

Sensing the strong amount of Qi radiating from the King Tiger Squad, Jian Chen felt a little bit of shock in his heart. Each and every single one of these twenty members were at the very least as strong as a Saint Master.


"30,000 purple coins on Jian Chen, all of my personal wealth rests upon Jian Chen's shoulders." Qin Xiao spoke out in a grand voice.

Han Yan was amazed.

"Zi Yan, go back and rest, help me take good care of those girls we saved yesterday."

She made no move to stop him either and only stared blankly at the retreating back of Jian Chen. A soft look was in her eyes as tears slowly stole away from her eyelids and trailed down her beautiful face a face that could bring a kingdom to its knees.

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